Halmi Apanta rei (Thelma)

Thelma & Sam pups born 4/1/11. 5 sable males, 2 sable females. These pups have gone to their new homes.

Click here for Thelma & Samson pups pedigree

Pink collar female "Strudel"


Hi Cathy,
It's been a year since we've moved from Rowley, and I thought I would give you a quick update.  I continue to get a lot of compliments on Strudel.  When I lived in the area, folks would ask if she was "one of Cathy's".  Now they just tell me she's beautiful. 

Our home here has a much bigger yard on dead end street, so we're able to get in a ton of exercise.  I think the realtor thought we we nuts, since we seemed to be more concerned about the lot for the sake of the dog, than for our daughter- who will also benefit I'm sure. 

Strudel has been SPECTACULAR with our daughter.  She continues to have a high drive (I use her to wear out the dogs of other friends and family) but she remains patient and gentle with the baby.  I attached a picture.  Strudel was lying down, so Margaret tucked her in and gave her a kiss. 

I hope this finds you and yours well!
Heather Lucek

Just a quick update!

She was a little reserved when we got home but has since broken out of her shell!
I think we're still leaning towards the name Strudel, but are pulsing our friends/family for alternatives.
She is pretty laid back and doesn't seem to be phased by loud noises- my husband mowing the lawn yesterday, neighbors setting off fire works.... last night we debated on if we should move her before installing a shelf as she was napping nearby, but she didn't flinch at the sound of the power drill. She does however, know the sound of food going in her bowl. Shes a good eater, although maybe too good as she eats so fast she gives herself the hiccups. I tried giving her carrots when she was getting restless before dinner time, and she loves them. She carries them in her mouth before eating them and it looks like shes sticking out a little orange tongue.
I plan to make the appointment for her second shots later today.
Hope this finds you well, and we'll see you for socialization on Saturday!


Strudel is doing really well. We're practicing the basic commands (sit, down, wait, stay, come) and working on some others (drop it, leave it, get your ball, shake...), and she continues to impress us with how smart she is. I attached a photo from a couple of weeks ago where she was sitting nicely and looking particularly charming!

Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday for more obedience training!


Green collar male "Theo"

Hi Cathy,
(Please note this is written tongue and cheek - but it is all true.)

First, we adore our Theo. He is big and goofy, laid back and fun to be with. He loves to "read" his newspaper in his outdoor lounge chair. We noticed on your website that many people have written to you - bragging about what a good dog they have, etc. No one ever says anything bad - why would you - because your dog is the "number one in the world." So we decided to write you a letter telling what having Theo has "really" been like: While he is 6 months old he has accomplished a lot!

He has:

dug three holes in the backyard

pulled over the gas grill (which is held down with a cinder block)

eaten his own poop and that of the other dog in the house

chewed the bottom of a cabinet

chewed the down spouts on the gutters

leveled the perrenial garden

upended the landscape lights

chewed the mortar from the cement steps

humped a 21 year old cat

destroyed/shredded the other dog's bed

peed in the kitchen 3 times

peed on his own leg numerous times

Chewed the insulation on the air conditioner (outside)

And his favorite TV show is Jersey Shore!

 We've attached a picture of Theo in his favorite patio chair - of course, since the photo, he made a big hole in it so now it is really his and he still has a spot to read his newspaper.

Thanks - Theo's moms,
Sue and Maureen

Blue collar male "Blue"

Brown collar male "Jax"

Hi Cathy,

I wanted to let you know that Jax had a great first night at his new home – he even slept through the night (10:30-6!!) without crying or any incidents in his crate. We were shocked! I’ll send more updates (with photos) later! I’m sure Josh will have some good stories from his first full day with us.


I cannot begin to tell you how many compliments we continue to get about Jax – from our dog walker raving what a good puppy he is and friends amazed at how quickly he’s grown up, to strangers stopping us on the street to pet the handsome dog (and comment on his BIG paws). So, thank you!   Below is a recent picture from the park J Best,Katelyn

Red collar female "Greta"

Hi Cathy! I haven't sent you a email or updated picture in a while. I know you see all the girls (Greta, Kirsa and Una) on facebook and I message you. Greta has been a great addition to our fur family. I am so thrilled to have found you and your pups. I can't believe it will be 7 years soon that this smart, loyal, loving, sweet and energetic girl came into our lives. Thank you for doing what you do and always being their when I have questions!! LOL she is always so photogenic in the fall it seems! Or its just to darn hard to get a good picture in the winter she is moving to quick because winter is her favorite season! Sent a few pictures for you to pick from to post. 


Hi Cathy! Hope all is well with you. Think it's been 6-9 months since I sent any pictures of the girls (Greta Lrg lighter sable and Kirsa sm dark sable). I Love my girls to pieces. They are like Velcro!!  They both love to play fetch and play around in the yard with each other. They have new sisters...11 hens...I think the girls think they are chickens ....Some like running with the bulls girls like running with chickens! LOL! The girls have been great with them since the chicks came. My dad still can't believe that they don't try to eat them!  The girls love to eat the left over broccoli and cabbage in the garden with the chickens. Hope you enjoy the pictures! If I find anymore I will send them your way. 

The Frohnhoefer's

Hi Cathy, just checking in with you. Just wanted to let you know Greta is doing very well. Greta has learned a lot of commands and is adjusting great. Greta has been exploring the bike trail as well as the fishing dock at Ballston Lake.

The Frohnhoefer's

Hi, Cathy! I have not updated Greta's picture in a long time. It seems like I am always sending you her picture with Kirsa. Greta is doing great! Her training is moving right along. The only thing we need to work on is walking with all the dogs together. Greta loves to play fetch and tug. I think she could play fetch all day long. The girls (Greta and Kirsa) also love to play tug together. Greta and her little sis (Kirsa) are getting along wonderfully. I am so impressed by Greta's patients with Kirsa. Kirsa is always in play mode......... even when Greta is at rest! (Greta just gets up and rolls with it!) Hope all is well!

The Frohnhoefers

Happy Spring! These pictures are from the 1st day of Spring in Upstate New York. And our last snow storm of they year...WOW! Wanted to update you on Greta and Kirsa. All is well with them......they both went in heat together. I was a little nervous that they would be out of character. They both got along well. I have to say I couldn't have asked for anything more from my girls! They are GREAT!!!! Their recent vet check went very good. They both are in good health and they both have a very energetic sounding heart is what the vet said! Greta is more attached to my husband!! (since Kirsa joined the family) When she see's him she does a little wiggle worm dance. All in all she loves everyone......just Daddy more!! (LOL) Kirsa is doing very well with her training. Kirsa has such an easy going personality. Greta is great she has a little more drive and energy. We all spend a lot of time outside playing fetch and releasing energy! Greta acts like Kirsa's mom. If Kirsa is slow on a command during training..... Greta will poke her with her nose ( to say listen up!) They both love the outdoors, to play with each other, play fetch and they both like to dig. We made them a sand box they can dig around in and find buried toys. They are pretty good about digging only in the sand box. And Greta will dig on command! (LOL) There is so many things you can teach them! It take time with them and the training you do with them daily. Hope all is well! Thank you very much for my girls they are the BEST EVER!!

Black collar male "Tiberius"

I promise I won't flood your email with daily updates, lol, but wanted to do one more...

Jimmy asked me tonight if you had done any potty training with them and I said I highly doubted it...he cries when he has to go out! Every single time. No surprise accidents. He must be quite brilliant. ;-) Slept through the night, (well, from 9-4 so pretty close!). Did a great family walk this morning and evening- he likes to follow Balian, hehe, its like a mini-me, plus we all had a blast in the yard, splashing in the water bowl (arwen included) and chasing flower petals. Met our dog walkers today. Everyone is in love. Arwen is hand feeding him treats and handing him toys and he has been a little gentleman so far. He played crazier with the ferrets tonight- you can tell he is getting more confident, and they all had a great time. They are great because they will self-correct...wont' hurt the pup but will let him know if he crosses a line. He will sit before he eats and before I put a leash on him. He is also over his nervousness of the leash itself. He is submissive but confident...perfect personality for our family. I'm sure we'll hit our bumps in the road and I'm sure he'll challenge us, especially as he becomes a teenager. But I also can tell he was meant to be a part of our family. He just fits right in. We currently just got through our first crate hissy fit, ha. I think it was a little harder for him to go "bedtime" tonight now that he is realizing who is pack is and how much fun we are. But we let him howl for 15 minutes since he had recently peed and popped, had water, etc, and now he is fast asleep. :-) I am exhausted! Started teaching a new class today. And spent a lot of time chasing down the pup and the kid. But its good for me!! Thank you again!!!!

Orange collar male "Ace"

Baila von Barren Berg CGC

Baila & Joseph puppies born 4/2/2011. 4 sable males, 3 sable females. These pups have gone to their new homes.

Click here for Baila & Joseph pups pedigree.


Zeus is about 55 lbs has a great disposition towards everyone as well as other dogs.He walks very well on the leash .We walk him at a state park in Worcester so there is always plenty of other dogs to mingle with.He is always one of best behaved and pleasant dogs there, we have had numerous compliments both looks and behavior.But sometimes he could qualify for a ride on the short bus, he is a character.

We do have quite a few pictures that I will send, they will confirm the great disposition and the ride on the bus.

Brett C.


Hi Cathy,
Yesterday was a very tough day for "Zoey" and for us! She wanted no part of "crate training " and cried and howled for hours on end! She wanted to be right next to us at all times. Late into the evening we let her lye next to the couch and that calmed her down quite a bit. We were all able to sneak in a few moments sleep during the night. One eye always open...
Today Zoey slept in her crate and we all got a much needed afternoon nap. She was introduced to neighbors and immediate family and everyone comments on how pretty she is. Her energy levels were higher this afternoon and she is getting comfortable with not being in direct contact with someone all the time; willing to investigate on her own a little further each time before returning. She loves being outdoors. Zoey has not had any potty accidents!
In short she is acclimating to her new enviroment very well. We look forward to seeing Zoey finally accepting her new enviroment as home.


Hi Cathy – Happy New Year. I thought to send you some pictures of Zoey. She is a healthy, happy big girl now weighing 70 lbs. last check and the Vet would not be surprised if she reaches 80.
Her favorite game is “tug” and she really enjoys playing in the snow. She is still very friendly with everyone she meets in public and is always greeted with compliments. At home she is lovable, energetic, playful and protective. The past few months we have seen a big increase in her desire to protect her territory. A good thing!
Hope you enjoy the pictures. –Tim

Hi Cathy, Hope your doing well.
I just wanted to update you on Zoey and send a few pictures.
She has been maintaining excellent health and a weight around 65-70lbs. Her coat seems to be getting more silver and overall she looks more wolf like. We still receive an array of compliments on her looks, temperament and intelligence from whom ever she meets. I personally like how symmetrical her coloring is. She is very loving and well behaved on the majority. She still has her “puppy” moments but it’s really minor things like breaking a heel when a leaf blows buy (excitement of the hunt). On whole she is an excellent learner and has trained very well. Her hips are planned to be certified soon after her 2nd birthday. She is currently in her second heat.
My Cathy asked me to pass along this:
“When we picked up Zoey you said she was a very sweet girl. You were right!“
That is true Cathy. I have never met a shepherd affectionate as Zoey. Cathy originally disliked the breed and it took me three months to even get her to look at your puppies. I knew once she got close with one her mind would change and it did. The two are like best friends now. I even got her to admit Zoey is her favorite dog ever!
I hope you enjoy the pictures although they do not do her justice.


Hi Cathy,
I just wanted to let you know Kasch is doing great, very respectful and appropriate with the other dogs. He likes to be with us outside and inside and usually when I loose sight of him it’s because he’s right between my feet! He loves to eat, no problem there-training will be easy because he’s so food-driven. Kasch also loves to be patted and told how handsome he is. I really like how happy and interested he is to meet new people, no fears about that. This heat has been hard on him though, he just sleeps through hot days in the coolest shade he can find. Puppy class starts June 23rd up here and he will have had his next set of shots by then so he will be going! Hope all is well-Laurie Box and family

Hi Cathy,
I took Kasch to the vets this week and wanted to pass along a complement to you. The vet saw the folder you put together to send along with your puppies and was very impressed. He really liked all the information you provided and was in agreement with your training theories and methods. As for Kasch, he has doubled in size since we got him, and is just a healthy and happy as can be. He really is something, I think my daughter picked out the best one! Have a good weekend-Laurie Box

Hi Cathy-It’s so nice that you check in with your puppies!! Kasch is doing just fine. We did the Star puppy program and then the next level of puppy class, now we’re taking a break. Jan thinks Kasch is going to be a really good agility dog and wants to start training him soon on the basic, safe things the younger dogs can do like tunnels and see-saw. Kasch likes to swim and will leap into the water off the rocks, he swims out to the kayak and I drag him in, then he just settles down and sleeps while we paddle around. He rides nicely in the car and if I take him to Joshua’s soccer games he settles right down and behaves himself, putting up patiently with all the attention he gets. He’s not a small Shepherd, the vet thinks he will be around 90 lbs. Altogether he is just what I wanted-smart and very loyal , sweet but brave...
I hope all is well with you and that you’ve had a good summer. -Laurie
p.s.-That picture of him on the couch-don’t worry, it’s the only piece of furniture he’s allowed on, it’s our special”sit together at the end of the day” spot.


Hi Cathy hope all is well. Just wanted to stop by and send you the latest picture of Hooper (Reifen von Nordosten) born 4/02/11. He's doing great. Couldn't be happier with him.
                                           Take care
                                                             Chris, Shannon & family.

Hi Cathy just an update on Hooper. He seems to be adapting well with everything, our yellow lab was very happy to see him like I thought she would be. He is eating and drinking well, loves to sleep but when he’s awake he’s a trip! Already comes when called, lets us know when he has to go out to do his business. All I have gotten from whoever sees him is great compliments, he’s already socializing with people, and is not one bit scared of anything, sounds, and sites ect. Had a visit with his new Vet this morning and was given an A1 health evaluation which did not surprise me, he said he will be a big dog when he’s older. Loved how his color patterns are all symmetrical, all in all he is a great dog and my kids can’t love him enough! Will keep you updated on his training and will send pictures when I can. Already registered him with the AKC as Reifen von NordOsten, Reifen is German for Hoop : ) Have a great weekend, and thanks for everything.

Chris & Shannon

Here's the latest picture of Hooper. He's just plain GREAT! Can't believe how intelligent he is, already understands most common commands and has gained 5 1/2 lbs. He started his puppy foundation training and has been socializing with everything and everyone we meet. Our trainers love him and complemented you on everything about him from the NuVet vitamins to his color and disposition. They took one of your cards too. Thank you again Cathy, will keep you informed as always.
Chris and Shannon

Just wanted to give you an update on Hooper.
Hooper is an amazing puppy! He really impressed us this weekend up in Vermont playing search. I’ve been around hunting dogs a lot and have seen some amazing things from older more experienced dogs but nothing like what Hooper did at four months of age. First let me say that it had rained heavy all night into the early morning and it was also Hooper’s very first time in Vermont.

My daughter and I were going for a walk and I left before her with Hooper, I was on a dirt/tall grass trail about 200 yards from my daughter. She called for Hooper and I let him go to her, he did it at a shorter distance the night before during a short break in the weather so I knew he could find his way back. When I heard her say good boy I walked about 20 more yards and turned into the woods and sat down 30ft or so in. Not hiding but not really in plain sight.

I heard them coming and could tell Hooper was out in front, sure enough he went trotting by me and stopped about 5-6ft from where I went into the woods. He starting sniffing around in a kind of circle heading back the way he came, he stopped when he got to the spot I turned into the woods and sniffed his way to me, and although he spotted me he still kept his nose to the ground.

What was kind of cool was his reaction, he didn’t act like “yippee its dad”, he just stood in front of me wagging his tail while I petted him and sat down facing the trail waiting for my daughter. He knew it was me but didn’t act like it, if you know what I mean. Until my daughter came and told him what a good boy he was. Then he acted like he always does when he gets praise for doing something, like he’s the champ. It was real special.

He then did it two more times with my daughter being the person to find at farther distances, think we might be on to something here : )

He is doing great with his training and starts distraction class soon, he loves to work! Can’t believe how much his color has changed, people are amazed at how symmetrical it is even on his legs, feet and toes. Pictures soon I promise. We’ll have to bring him up to see you on our way to Maine in a couple of months. Hope your summer is going as planned, take care and thank you.

Chris, Shannon, Scott, Mary

Hi Cathy, haven’t sent you a picture of Hooper in a while. He’s doing great and is one heck of a dog to say the least. Loyal, obedient, trust worthy are some words to explain him, can’t say enough about him. Trainer said he would be great at Schutzhund, he has a lot of drive and is not afraid of much, very brave. No girlfriend yet : ) Hope all is well with you and your family, take care.

Chris & Shannon


Dear Cathy,
I know its been a long time but I just thought I would check in and send another picture.
Yogi is still doing great he is a real character. He howls like a wolf when you leave him or if you sing. He's a real mush. Loves to lay his head in your lap. Hope all is well with you and when someone ask were we bought him I am sending them to your web site. Thanks again for a wonderful and very loving dog. He has brought alot of happiness to our family
Roseann Rocchio/New Jersey
PS I have enclosed some pictures (2 yrs old) and videos but it is not the best quality.

He is alot of fun. He is meeting lots of people and some other dogs that we know (2 dashunds-1 westie/goldens).
We went thru alot of names and came up with Yogi( for yogi bear) he looks like a bear.
Talk soon and I'll let you know how much he is. He is not so rolly any more but getting longer.


Hi Cathy,
John and I just wanted to let you know how much we've enjoyed pepper the past 2 weeks. She is absolutely adorable! We enjoyed watching her personality develop at her new home. She has been great with both dogs and children. She is hardly afraid of anything. She started going up and down our stairs by the second day. She loves the water, she's Been in the ocean and the lake. She'd like you to know that she is almost completely house-trained! If you notice in the picture, her ears came up about a week ago. She didn't like her small crate, but does great in the bigger one. Thank you for such a great puppy! We'll keep you posted on pepper!

Amanda & John

Hi Cathy,
Thanks for keeping in touch. Pepper had been an absolute joy. It's amazing how smart dogs can be. She's been great with other dogs and kids. We haven't done any training classes but we work with her a lot in our yard. We get lots of compliments about her so we'll surely be sending any interested your way.

Amanda & John

Josie von NordOsten 95% East

Josie was held back for my breed program. She is very intelligent, with nice drive and trainability. Good with kids and other dogs. Pictured at 1 years old.

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