Live Simply, Love Generously, Care Deeply, Speak Kindly.........Leave the rest to GOD.

These dogs will always be forever in my heart. They were a big part of my life and I will never forget them and all that they gave to me.


Tula Von Barren Berg

 In Loving Memory
Tula was my first pure bred german shepherd. Tula is out of Elsa Von Barren Berg & Quax Vom Parchimer Land. She is the mother of Jada and grandmother of Baila. Tula was very loyal & intelligent, she had the makings of an S&R dog, but I never had the time to persue it. In her younger days she had excellent drive, no fear when it came to obstacles and loved to play "find it", "hide-n-go-seek" & fetch. She could also scale a 4' fence no problem! Hips OFA Fair. We will miss our faithful companion.
Our love and our spirits never die, even though our bodies may be gone.
We are as faithful to you in the afterlife as we were when we walked beside you on the earth.
Sit very still, close your eyes, and feel the touch of our heavenly kisses upon your cheek. We will never leave you.

Tula and her Orbee Ball
Jada Von Barren Berg

Jada is a nice saddled sable female out of Tula Von Barren Berg & Kliff Von Redifiner Land SchB. She has an excellent temperament, good with kids, love belly rubs and is very intelligent. Hips normal, elbows good. 90% East, 10% West working lines. Jada is the daughter of  Tula and mother to Baila Von Barren Berg.

Jada is now living with Santino Spinale in Lowell, Ma.. Santino tells me she is a dream girl! Jada is loving all the one on one attention and neighborhood walks. Thanks Santino, for giving Jada a great retirement home she so much deserves! Jada turned 11 years old on 12/7/12 and is doing great.

So sad to announce the passing of my beloved Jada 11/16/2015. She was 1 month shy of her 14th birthday. She was loved by everyone who knew her and has passed along some wonderful progeny. We will miss her terribly but she will remain in our hearts forever

Santino & Jada
Baila Von Barren Berg CGC (95% East)

We are deeply saddened by the loss of our beloved Baila this July 2015. She will always be remembered and will be with me always in heart & soul. 

Baila is a nice sable female out of Jada Von Barren Berg & Reiko Von Hena-C SchH1, CD, TT. She has an excellent temperament, loves agility and is doing good in obedience. She is very sweet & good with kids and earned her Canine Good Citizen. Hips normal, elbows good. Baila is approx. 95% East, 5% West working lines. Baila is officially retired as of 5/23/11, and enjoying it as seen in picture. She is the daughter of Jada von Barren Berg & grand-daughter of Tula von Barren Berg. Baila has given me Danica & Josie to carry on her lines. Baila is my special girl who I will always remember and hold dear to my heart. She is being retired by her foster mom, Ann Taylor of Windham, NH where she will be loved and spoiled until the end of her time. (pictured at 7 years old)

 Baila has been retired! Baila is enjoying her new home in New Hampshire. She loves the extra attention and enjoys her outings with her adoptive Mom, Ann and new "brother" Dillon and friend Jake. Thanks for giving Baila a great home Ann!


We are saddened by the loss of another amazing dog who brought much joy to me and her new family. Chevy will be missed but never forgotten.

Chevelle is a nice black sable female out of UKC CH/UCI INT CH V Heidi Vom Odland SchH1 & SG Iwo Vom Parchimer Land SchH3 (LGAX3) IPO3. Chevelle has excellent drive, loves frisbee & balls. She has an excellent temperament and is good with kids. She earned her CGC & TDI and is doing well in obedience. Hips are normal, elbows good. Chevelle is 100% East.
Chevelle has been retired and is residing with K9 Officer Patrick Silva & his family where she will get lot's of attention and further training. They plan to recertify her TDI. Their girls adore her and Chevelle takes care of them. Thank you Silva family!

Chevelle with her new girls
Diesel von Barren Berg

Diesel is a nice large sable male out of Jada von Barren Berg & V Reiko von Hena-C CGC, TT, CD, AD, HIC, SchH1. He has an excellent temperament with nice bone structure. Good with kids and other dogs and loves to play fetch.  (Diesel is Baila's brother). Diesel has been retired and is happily living with the McKeown  family. Sadley Diesel has passed away in December 2015,  he will be greatly missed, but never forgotten.

Maximus von Wispernden Kiefern CGC

Max is a nice dark sable male out of  Mesa von der Haus Gill & Panzer von Wispernden Kiefern CGC, TDI, RN, CD (aka Onyx). He has nice large bone structure, excellent temperament, and is doing well in obedience & protection. Hips OFA Good. We are saddened by the sudden loss of Max. He will be missed dearly by his family and those who knew him.

Buck vom GrimOrkie CGC,TDI, BH

NOTE: Buck was not owned or bred by NodrOsten Kennel.
Buck is a nice sable out of  To-Fast Enzo IPO3, BHP3 & v Jazzmine vom Ausland SCHH3. He has an excellent temperament, good with kids and other dogs. Belgium working lines, Hips OFA fair. Buck has been retired.

Yak vom Hagen Berg HIC

Yak is a nice Bi-Color East German Import out of V Sando Vom Haus Iris SCHH2 & V Wita Vom Hagenberg SCHH2 owned by Terri Townsend. He has an excellent temperament and great disposition. OFA Excellent, 80% East working lines. Yak has passed away and will be greatly missed. He has left us with some great progeny. (Yak was an Import and not owned by or bred by NordOsten Kennel)



Zima Von Barren Berg CGC 83% East (DDR)

We are very saddened by the loss of this wonderful girl. She was very much like her mother Zella, an amazing dog, who will be missed but never forgotten.

Zima is a nice solid black female out of Zella Von Barren Berg & Panzer Von Wispernden Kiefern CGC, TDI, HIC, RN, CD. She has an excellent temperament with a calm disposition like her half sister Kasch with good drive. Excellent with kids and other dogs. Zima earned her CGC and I am working toward her TDI. Hip prelims look good, DM Clear.  Zima has been retired and living with her sister Kasch.
Click for Zima's Page

Zella Von Barren Berg

2 years after Tula, came Zella. Zella is out of Dennie Von Barren Berg & Drago Vom Birken Wald. Zella turned 12 in April 2011. She is in good shape and still active, although likes to grab a ball and lay in the shade when possible. She has always been the "motherly" type, great with kids and puppies.  Zella is the mother of Kasch & Zima. Her hips are OFA Good.
We are deeply saddened for the loss of our beloved Zella this February 2012. I am grateful to Katie and her family for giving Zella the best retirement home. Zella spent her last few years traveling to Maine, climbing mountains, walking in parades and watching over her kids. We will miss her dearly, she was an amazing girl.

Zella von Barren Berg

Zella at 12 years old!

Resi & Zella

Resi, left & Zella. Resi turned 9 years old Oct.2011 and Zella would be turning 13 in April 2012.

Zella is now living with the Betts-Levine family of Strafford, NH. She is adjusting well to the life of being the only dog and adores their 2 children. They refer to her as "Queen" Zella and are amazed with her "motherly" instincts. Zella is a very special girl and I am happy that she is in a loving home where she can be pampered for the rest of her life. Thank you Katie!!

Resi Vom Grafental

Resi has been retired and is now living with the Betts-Levine family & Zella.  Katie has informed me that they are going to open a retirement home for all of my dogs! Can there be more than 1 Queen? We are sad to report the passing of Resi in August 2015, just shy of her 13th birthday. Resi was a wonderful dog, she will be missed by all who knew her.

Resi & Rex

Bullet von Schladebacher Waldchen CGC, TDI 100% East

 Bullet has been retired.
Bullet is a nice German import out of  v Dragon vom Felsenschloss SCHH2 & v Isa vom Redefiner Land SCHH3.  He has an excellent temperament, good with kids and other dogs. He has a long stock coat, dark sable, and large build. Hip prelims normal. He is owned by Rick Atwater of Hamilton, Ma. I am sad to announce the passing of our beloved Bullet on 6/1/16, just a month shy of his 13th birthday. Bullet had a wonderful life with Rick & Carol, I couldn't have asked for better people to love and care for him as much as I did. They went above & beyond my expectations and I am forever grateful. He will be missed dearly, but never forgotten. R.I P. sweet Wooly Bully....

Kane von Barren Berg (99% East)

Kane is out of Zella von Barren Berg & Axel vom BuckCreek. He has an excellent temperament, good with kids. 99% East, Hips OFA Fair, Elbows Normal. Kane is owned by Robert & Kristen Murphey of Danville, NH.
We are saddend by Kane's sudden death in July 2011. Kane was a loving family member of the Murphy family who will be greatly missed.

Axel Vom BuckCreek CGC (100% East)

Axel von Buckcreek CGC is a nice large 100% east  male with excellent bone & temperament. Hip prelim. xrays look good.  Axel is out of Onzo v Ravine S.A.R & Neiko v Ravine. Axel is now retired, but has left us with some nice progeny. He is owned by Marc Preston of Topsfield Ma. We are sad to say that Axel  passed away in March 2012. He will be greatly missed by all who knew him. I thank Marc and his family for giving Axel a loving home. (Axel was not bred by NordOsten Kennel)

Brady von Barren Berg CGC, 99% East
Brady is a nice large black & red male out of  Zella Von Barren Berg & Axel Von Buck Creek CGC.  He has an excellent temperament,  good with kids & other dogs.  Hip prelims look good.  (Brady is Kasch's brother) Owned by Dawn Costa of Easton, Ma. We are saddened by Brady's sudden death this early December 2011. He was a special guy who meant the world to his owner. He will be missed dearly.
Birken Wald Jacson v Konigsdorf HIC, 100% DDR

NOTE: Jacson was not owned or bred by NordOsten Kennel.
Jack is a nice solid black male out of Esmeralda von Schutzengel & UKC/INT CH (UCI) Eik vom Clausberg Sch3, IPO3, TD LBZ. He has an excellent temperament & drive,  earned his Herding Instict Certificate and will continue training in that field. OFA Excellent, elbows good & DM clear.  Jack is owned by Birken Wald Kennel but is being fostered by the Conley family in Topsfield, Ma. (Jack is Halle's brother) Sadly we lost Jacson this Fall 2015 due to an unforseen accident, he will be greatly missed but never forgotten.

In Loving Memory of Ben
Joey & Ben Von Barren Berg

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