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Training and (or) Boarding Facilities:
Sentinel Canine Academy (Training & Boarding): NH
Pack Perspective with Tracy Britt South Shore MA
 Miles River Training Kennel (Training & Boarding): MA
K9 Top Performance (Training & Boarding): MA

Olympia Kennel (Training & Boarding): NH
BayState K9 (Training & Boarding): MA
K9 Academy (Training & Boarding): MA
American Alpha K9 (Training): MA
K-9 Communication inc.(Training) MA
The Hydrant Regency (Day Care & Boarding): MA
Paws With Inn (Day Care & Boarding): MA

Chance To Run Doggie Day Care: MA
Ramson Kennel (Boarding): MA

K9 East- Woburn, Ma.

Bark-N-Roll in N.Reading, Ma.

The Compatible Canine Center in Brookline, Ma.

North Boston Dog Training

Dog Training Cape Cod

Diane DeNapoli, In-Home Dog Training. 978-771-5412

Brigitte Franko, Amesbury, Ma. 978-270-9200

The Pawsitive Dog Training Center

Professional Pet Services- puppy obedience training & socialization

PPS Training

CARES Quality services for persons with disabilities

My dogs are DM tested with DDC Vet

The German Shepherd Dog & Disease

Bits & Bytes GSD Pedigree Research

Massachusetts Vest-A-Dog

Dog Vaccination Protocols

Benefits of feeding RAW Goats Milk

DDC Veterinary: DNA Services for Animals- Offers DNA tests for canine and equine species. Services include parentage, DNA genotyping, DNA banking, disease screening, and coat color prediction.

The German Shepherd Dog & Disease

Bits & Bytes GSD Pedigree Research

Temperament Testing

Herding Instinct Tests

German Shepherd Dog History

Dog friendly places to walk.

Middlesex Fells Reservation

Breakheart Reservation

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Ground Transport Service for dogs

Registries & Clubs
American Kennel Club (AKC):
United Schutzhund Club of America:
German Shepherd Dog Club of America:
Therapy Dog International (TDI):
DVG America:
If you would like more info on Schutzhund seminars, click on the DVG America link above.
Herding Info:
Info on upcoming Seminars, Clinics, & Workshops: |

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PSA Trials-Massachusetts_ East Coast Regionals October 6th 2012

United Schutzhund Clubs of America Club Events

New England regional IPO Championship 9/28/12-9/30/12 Old Orchard Beach, ME.

Dog Walkers:
The Woof Walker
Professional Dog Walking & Pet Sitting Services. Danvers, Beverly & surrounding towns. Nancy Myerow 617-791-6500
Tess Lundberg
Jeanne Hartnett
Reading, Ma.

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Stable Hands Therapeutic Massage

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New England Equine Rescue...Help a Horse in need!

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Bike Springer

Here is a litte history for your reading.

German Shepherd Dog History in Czechoslovakia

1945, After World War II the "black market" was running wild throughout Eastern Europe. Poland and Czechoslovakia had a very profitable system of importing and exporting through the black market. The  border of the  country was closed so to be able to import or export without paying taxes the people must take the long journey over the mountains.

When police discovered how the smugglers were getting through, it was up to the dogs to literally hunt the people. Horses were and still are a great commodity in Slovakia. They were brought over from Poland and traded for sugar, chocolate and coffee.

1948, "Znarodenie" This is the day that the government took all businesses away from citizens.  This was a tragic day for all;  for our friend's the Mravik's it was completely devastating.  The newest technology and the most advanced in furniture manufacturing was a very profitable company in Zlate Moravce, Slovakia owned by Josef Mravik.

On Wednesday, July 1, 1948, Mr. Mravik was a rich, successful entrepreneur. On Thursday, July 2, 1948 he was poverty stricken with 2 children and cast out on the street. The police came to his factory with the dogs and confiscated the entire property.

1955, Communist money exchange. All people can make the same amount of money. In these 7 years Mr. Mravik had built up his furniture business in Bratislava. Again- Everything was taken from him but in a different way. He had $46,000 SK in the bank. On Monday, February 3, he had $1000 SK. The government decided that no one could have any more than anyone else. Work was 8 to 4 and only 1 job is allowed. No one could work after 4 or a 2nd job to make more money. This is when the private citizens started working dogs as a hobby to occupy time.

In the 1960's a Government organization was formed named Zvazarm. They began to see the value to the country of private citizens training working dogs. This originally was formed to promote working dog breeds and financially support clubs who trained the dogs. Sounds nice but here's the catch, if war broke out, your dog that you trained was taken  by soldiers to be used in the war. No exceptions. All dogs actually belonged to the government.

I can not imagine anything more painful than to watch my sweet Bruna drug away from me by a soldier to be used as a weapon for a country who had done me no favors. But, if I was a young man going to war - I would be taking my dog with me. Personally, I would rather leave my dog at home in the bed and take someone else's dog.!

The dogs were heavy, strong boned and had huge heads. They were slower but powerful. Obedience was a necessary evil. The dogs never looked at the handler with dancing footsteps. They did obedience because they had to but they were always watching for a bad guy.

For so many generations in the Eastern Block the dogs were made for war. There was no other motivation. The dogs must function on their own. They had to be able to work independently of the handler. They were expected to think for themselves in many situations. They were titled out in the forest, not in a stadium. The ZVV/SVV title is a "real-life" situation title.

Until 1989 there were no separate show and working lines. All German Shepherd Dogs were working dogs. When the border opened the German influence began and the breed began to be separated.

West Germans have always placed a lot of influence on Schutzhund. The dogs performed in a stadium not a train station. The extreme high nerves of the West German dogs can be attributed to the use of the dogs in sport. The dogs must not think for themselves. Their entire goal needs to be to please and work for the handlers. This is comparing apples to oranges

The traits that the Eastern block needed in the dog was considered stubborn or too independent and the West German dogs were considered nervous or needy.

The East German (DDR) dogs and  Czech dogs were interbred successfully because they were breeding for the same characteristics. Prior to 1989 the show line dog did not exist in Cechkoslovakia. There was one GSD and they worked or they were not bred. The dogs still were required to get a show rating and a black or sable dog could win just as easily as a black and tan dog.

Tremendous emphasis was/is put on the tracking ability of the dog. The dogs were used in rugged conditions in the snow and ice to find criminals hiding in the mountains. The dogs and handlers were out for days at a time tracking the smugglers. Dogs were not sold. Their work was essential to the survival and economy of the country. The dogs were not social to people outside their family unit. We must realize as people from North America that the social structure of a communist country is completely different than what we are familiar with. Lawsuits do not exist. If a dog bit someone, that person had no recourse to sue the individual who had the dog because they were owned by the government and the government cannot be sued. The dogs were always right and the bitten person just had tough luck!  So the dogs were treated with tremendous respect. North American Police dogs typically need to be openly social because of the demands put on the officers by our society.

Many old school breeders believe that this is leading to the demise of the true Police and Border Patrol dogs. Because North Americans will only purchase the social dogs for police work the old style tough Police dogs are not being used for breeding as much. It is all economics. So much of the old blood that made up the border patrol dogs has vanished.


Early Spay & Neuter info...Please read!

More Spay & Neuter Info

More Spay & Neuter Info



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Natural Flea & Tick Remedies


Buy Diatomaceous Earth

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         Choice Naturals

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Dog Food Advisor

Safety Alert on Jerky Treats for Pets

German Shepherd Stock Photography at Foto Search

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Herbal & Organic products for your pet

Spay & Neuter article

Importance of early socializing

Trupanion Pet Insurance

Medical Insurance for you pet

Hip Dysplasia

Panosteitis "Pano" in young dogs

Information on Giardia

Coccidia in Puppies

Giardia info

Seasonal Diarrhea article

A list of toxic plants, fruits & vegetables

Keep your pet safe during the holiday seasons

Evolution Explains: Why Dogs Eat Poop

Does your dog eat poop?

!Anesthetic-Ketamine Recall!

Help to develop genetic screens, diagnostic tests, and treatments for hereditary canine cancers as well as gain insight into the biology of human disease.

Fight Dog Cancer! A community driven information source

National Canine Cancer Foundation

Chase Away Canine Cancer Store

Current Vaccination Article

Vaccine Controversy

Hydrotherapy for Dogs

Are we over vaccinating our dogs?

NuVet Plus Supplements

Gastric Torsion in Dogs (Bloat)

Insurance, Liability & Dog Owners

Blue Buffalo Dog Food Recall

Schutzhund Training Info

More Schutzhund Training Info:

Working Dog Foundation:
War Dog Assoc.:
American Temperament Test Society, Inc:
German Shepherd Rescue of New England:

Strays In Need

Massachusetts Vest-A-Dog

Massachusetts Federation of Dog Clubs and Responsible Dog Owners:

Help equip fire departments with pet oxygen masks

Pet vehicle safety

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Dog Scooters

Sled Dog Central - Sled dog equipment & supplies

Black Ice Dog Sledding Equipment

Skijoring products and training tips

Celebrating Dogs, Skis & the Great Outdoors

k-9 Bike jogger

Cathy & Baila using the Walky Dog K9 Jogger

Good deals on e-collars and other training equipment:
Great training atricles, dvd's & more:

Great Gear For The Great Outdoors.

Great Dog Site

Articles & information written by veteranarians about pet health care.

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