NordOsten Kennel will be offering breed quality pups or young adults to approved homes for fostering. 
If a family qualifies as a foster home, they are given the puppy or young adult to live with them for life. The foster home is responsible for the vet care, training, feeding & grooming. Any breeding costs will be paid for by NordOsten Kennel. The dog will remain intact until NordOsten Kennel is done breeding them, females up until 7 years, males 9 years, unless health proves otherwise. The foster dog will return to the kennel to breed and then live with their foster family during pregnancy unless other arrangements are made. One to two weeks before they are due to give birth, they will return to NordOsten Kennel and stay until the pups are fully weaned. The males will come to the kennel and stay for 7-14 days for breeding when needed, then return to their foster homes.
We care about our dogs and want them in safe homes with responsible people where they will be well taken care of and not allowed to run free unattended. We expect the dogs to be family dogs and raised in the home. We prefer people who are experienced dog owners who will socialize & train their dog and raise them to be good canine citizens. Must be willing to drive to and from our kennel in Rowley to drop off and pick up when needed. Dogs must be fed good quality food, stay current with vaccinations, heartworm year round and be kept free of parasites. Must stay in touch with NordOsten Kennel and give progress reports.
Once the dog is no longer needed for the breed program, the foster family must have them spayed or neutered. We do offer the foster family a pup from the last litter if the dog has been fostered with them for more than 2 years.
If for any reason the foster family can no longer keep the dog, the dog must be returned to NordOsten Kennel at no charge


The 3 girls below are my dogs who are part of my breed program.

I am looking to get them in to a foster home, but will still be breeding them until retirement age (between 6 & 7 yrs old). My husband passed away in October '21 and my life has changed dramatically. As I approach my own retirement age, I am looking to down size and retire from breeding at some point. Anyone who knows me personally, knows how much I love my dogs and how difficult this is for me. I am hoping to find the best foster/retirement homes for my dogs, so only serious inquiries only and must be within reasonable driving distance to Rowley. Thank you 


Demi being the oldest is 5 years old, going on 6 in November '22.  Demi is good with other dogs and kids, still very active (mostly off leash active), loves to play fetch. She is very good on leash and non-reactive in public. Crate trained but not fully house trained. That will be easy to do once she acclimates to her new surroundings and you continue to use the crate. Demi is in a foster home.

Journey is 6 years old  Journey is good with other dogs and kids, loves to play fetch. Good on leash and non-reactive in public. Crate trained, but not fully house trained. Journey has been retired with her foster Mom.

Autumn is the youngest, 4 years old.  She is good with kids and other dogs, still active (mostly off leash active), loves to play fetch and is very good on leash. Crate trained but not fully house trained. Looking for a foster home.


Demi von NordOsten

Demi is a nice black female out of Josie von NordOsten & Dyno von Hena-C. She is very playful and active, with excellent leash manners. She is a very sweet girl. DM clear. Demi is living with one of Nora's sons! Thanks Jesse & Evelyn!


NordOsten's Chaos vom Konigsdorf OFA good hips, DM clear

We are happy to announce the arrival of our new stud prospect! Chaos is a gorgeous dark sable male out of Ziva vom Konigsdorf & Slobodan STASI. He is very smart, outgoing, friendly and solid nerves. Thank you Sarah Waldorf for this exceptional pup!

Chaos has been fostered out!

Chaos's pedigree

Chaos Has found a foster home! Thanks Joe & Kendra!  He will be 5 in August 2023. He is a busy boy, good at nose work. He is good on leash but can be a little reactive, but more out of excitement or if the other dog reacts first. He has had some basic obedience but will need a refresher. He is good around people and kids and female dogs. He is good in the yard and crate. Loves to go for car rides and walks


Autumn von NordOsten

Autumn is out of Zita and Tiberius von Nordosten. She is a sweet girl with decent ball drive, good on leash and in public. Looking for a foster home for Autumn. Must be within 1 hour driving distance to Rowley. Call for more info. 978-432-1235