NordOsten Kennel will be offering breed quality pups or young adults to approved homes for fostering. 
If a family qualifies as a foster home, they are given the puppy or young adult to live with them for life. The foster home is responsible for the vet care, training, feeding & grooming. Any breeding costs will be paid for by NordOsten Kennel. The dog will remain intact until NordOsten Kennel is done breeding them, females up until 7 years, males 9 years, unless health proves otherwise. The foster dog will return to the kennel to breed and then live with their foster family during pregnancy unless other arrangements are made. One to two weeks before they are due to give birth, they will return to NordOsten Kennel and stay until the pups are fully weaned. The males will come to the kennel and stay for 7-14 days for breeding when needed, then return to their foster homes.
We care about our dogs and want them in safe homes with responsible people where they will be well taken care of and not allowed to run free unattended. We expect the dogs to be family dogs and raised in the home. We prefer people who are experienced dog owners who will socialize & train their dog and raise them to be good canine citizens. Must be willing to drive to and from our kennel in Rowley to drop off and pick up when needed. Dogs must be fed good quality food, stay current with vaccinations, heartworm year round and be kept free of parasites. Must stay in touch with NordOsten Kennel and give progress reports.
Once the dog is no longer needed for the breed program, the foster family must have them spayed or neutered. We do offer the foster family a pup from the last litter if the dog has been fostered with them for more than 3 years.
If for any reason the foster family can no longer keep the dog, the dog must be returned to NordOsten Kennel at no charge


I have no dogs available to foster at this time.

Ruhler von NordOsten 100% East, DM Clear

Thanks to my cousin Bruce and his gf Nina for fostering Rue for me! 

Zima (left) & Kasch

 (Kasch has been retired)

Those of you who know me and know Kasch are probably wondering why I fostered Kasch out. Let me tell you why....

I have known Teresa for many years. Teresa and her son Joey owned Ben Von Barren Berg, Zella's brother (a year older, 11). Ben was Kasch's uncle. Teresa and I had been talking about when the time came, when Ben was no longer with us, and when Kasch would be ready for retirement. We were thinking a few years from now. Well, unfortunately Ben was put to rest late October. It was sudden and unexpected and very sad for everyone who knew Ben. Teresa called me very upset and said she needed a dog, she could not sleep or eat with Ben being gone. She was not looking to replace Ben, just needs a dog for support and companionship. She asked if I would be willing to foster Kasch out to her until she was ready for retirement. I did not have the heart to say no and I knew Kasch would be in very good hands. So, there you have it! Kasch has adjusted nicely and is very happy being the only dog and getting loads of attention. She will be back in the Summer to be bred. We all miss Kasch, but knowing she is happy and being well cared for makes me happy.

Kasch update: 

Hi Cathy,
     Kasch is doing great, she has made herself right at home here and also at Joeys. He had us over tonite and she walked in and laid right down in his kitchen as though it was her house! she is awesome, very easy to fall in love with! I cant believe she has only been her a little over 24 hours and she already cant take her eyes off me. She loves John too, she seems to really like men, she followed Joey around his place like she knows him, she is definitely growing on him. Call or email anytime for an update. Teresa


Zima, left & Kasch

Zima is now foster living with her sister Kasch at Teresa & John's home in Danvers, Ma. Zima will be back for her Spring breeding.
Zima & Kasch update:
Hi Cathy,
Just wanted to let you know that Kasch and Zima love living together! They never get mad at each other, they eat together without any problems,they each know their own dinner bowl. Kasch is forever cleaning Zimas legs for her, and Zima just lays there! They are so fun to watch and they have settled in nicely. They are a breeze to walk together and love riding in the truck. Tonite they saw the Danvers Christmas Tree being lit and Santa Claus coming in by a fire truck. I think they thought the crowd was for them, they got a lot of compliments and pats, as they always act like perfect angels!! We are having a lot of fun with them.
Ttyl, Teresa

Bianka von NordOsten

Bianka is out of the Raina von Barren Berg  & Dohate vom Braun. She has good drive, excellent temperament, loves people & other dogs. Pretty sable with good bone substance.

Thanks Kay Daly & family for giving Bianka an awesome home!!

Tiberius von NordOsten

Tiberius is fostered by Marissa Elliott of Topsfield, Ma. Tiberius lives among their 2 small children, cats, ferrets and their other dog Balian. He has an excellent temperament, they couldn't be happier with him.  Tiberius is out of Thelma & Sam. Pictures at 3 yrs old. Thanks Elliott family!!