"The Almighty, who gave the dog to be companion of our pleasures and our toils, hath invested him with a nature noble and incapable of deceit." (Sir Walter Scott)

These are pups & young adults who will be available for my breed program.

Click on pictures for pedigrees.


Nora von NordOsten

Nora is a pretty sable female out of Josie & Norm von NordOsten. She has a great personality and very smart girl with a little sass!


Quinn von NordOsten


Mason is my new male pup who was sired by Nicklaus vom Oelmansdorf. He is 100% east, excellent temperament, very smart, quick learner. Hips & elbows normal, DM clear. More info on him to come.

Click here for Mason's pedigree


Autumn von NordOsten

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