These are my pride & joy retirees

These dogs will always be in my heart. They are a big part of my life and I will never forget them. I do my best to find the perfect retirement home so they can live out the rest of their life with their new families and hope they give them as much love & joy as they have given to me.

These retired dogs are living out their best lives in their retirement homes. They are not available.


Journey von NordOsten 

Journey is out of Georgia & Ruhler von NordOsten. She is a sweet girl with a nice disposition and smart. OFA Hips Good, Elbows Clear (prelim) DM clear

Journey has been retired. Thanks Lisa, for giving Journey a loving retirement home!  


Liberty von NordOsten

Libby is out of Indigo & Honor von NordOsten. She is a sweet, silly, happy and smart girl with a great disposition. OFA Hips Fair, Elbows Clear (prelim) DM clear.


Zahra von NordOsten

Zahra is a nice bi-color female out of Indigo & Zee. She has big bone & nice structure. Excellent temperament, outgoing. Hips OFA Good, DM clear


Zampa von NordOsten, OFA hips Fair, elbows clear RETIRED


Zita von NordOsten has been retired

Zita is a nice bi-color out of Lita vom Sucherquelle & Zee von Hena-C. She has been a dream, very smart, excellent temperament & solid nerves. OFA prelim Hips Excellent, Elbows Normal, DM Clear by parentage.


NordOsten's Heika vom Birken Wald has been retired

Heika is a nice sable female out of Tinka vom Alt ostland and Samson vom Birken Wald. She is an easy going girl, excellent temperament, good with everything. DM clear, Hip prelim Fair, Elbows clear.

Ruhler von NordOsten 100% East, DM clear, Hip & Elbows good

Ruhler has been retired


Zaide has been retired 

Josie von NordOsten, 87% East, DM Clear


Josie is out of Baila von Barren Berg, CGC & Joseph vom Konigsdorf. She has an excellent temperament and good drive, very athletic. Good with kids and other dogs. Hip prelims look good. DM Clear. Josie has been retired and is living in a retirement home.


Deja'Vu von NordOsten DM Clear, 96.5% East

Deja is a nice solid built girl with excellent temperament & drive. She is good with kids and other dogs. She is very much like her mother Zima. She is out of Zima von NordOsten & Bob vom Parchimer Land. Deja's hips prelimed OFA Fair, elbows normal, and DM clear. Deja has been retired and is living in a retirement home.

Indigo von NordOsten 96.5% East (DDR)

Indigo has been retired and has a wonderful home and life, Thank you Sandi & Alexis!  Indigo "Indy" is a nice solid black female with excellent temperament and sweet disposition. She is a good size girl, excellent with kids and other dogs. OFA Hip prelim Fair, elbows normal.

Jr.CH. Nicklaus vom Oelmansdorf 100% East, DM Clear, OFA Good

Jr. CH Nicklaus vom Oelmansdorf  is a nice male with big bone & head. He is 100% east, Hips OFA Good,  DM clear.  He is out of Sorro von den Schwedenschanzen $ Dina vom Klodener Riss KKL1, SchH1. Nicklaus has been sold and is residing in Fla.

Gabi von NordOsten DM Clear, 96.5% East

Gabi has been retired. Gabi is a nice girl with good bone substance and excellent temperament. She has medium/high drive with a sweet disposition. Gabi is out of Sammi von NordOsten (Halle & Brady) & Bob vom Parchimer Land. Hip prelim's look good, elbows normal, DM Clear.

Bianka von NordOsten

Bianka is out of the Raina von Barren Berg  & Dohate vom Braun. She has good drive, excellent temperament, loves people & other dogs. Pretty sable with good bone substance.

Thanks Kay Daly & family for giving Bianka an awesome home!!


Dohate is a black sable with an excellent temperament. Dohate has solid nerves, calm, yet strong. Good play drives and good with kids and other dogs. He is mostly East with some Czech,  linebred 5-5 to SG Lord vom Gleisdreieck. Hip & elbow prelim's good. DM clear. Dohate has been retired.  

Dohate's page

Bob vom Parchimer Land 100% East, OFA Good, DM Clear

  Bob is a nice large  black & tan  East male out of SG Uncas vom Poppitz DJJM Sieger SCHH3 & SG Yina vom Parchimer Land SCHH1.  He has an excellent temperament with large head & bone. Hips OFA good, DM clear. Bob has been retired.

Lita vom Sucherquelle 100% East , DM Clear, OFA Good

Lita has been adopted and living the life of a retired dog. Lita will always be a special dog to me and has given me some wonderful progeny.

 Lita vom Sucherquelle is a nice solid black female 100% East. She is out of Atze vom Hardtnocken & Bora vom Haus Iris. Hips OFA Good, DM Clear

Rio von NordOsten

Rio is a nice female out of Halle & Brady. She has an excellent temperament, good with kids and other dogs. OFA Good hips & elbows. Rio is owned by Terri Nichols of Peabody, Ma. Rio has been retired from breeding.

Halle Von NordOsten CGC , 100% East, DM Clear

Halle is out of  Eik Vom Clausberg SCH3, IPO3, TD LBZ & Esmeralda Von Schutzengel.  Halle is a nice solid black,  with an excellent temperamen & drive. She is very social and good with kids & other dogs. Halle earned her CGC, Hips OFA Prelim Good, Elbows good & DM Clear.  Many thanks to Sarah & Teri for bringing this girl my way! 


Halle has been adopted!

Thank you Peter for allowing Halle to be a part of your family!

Halle is a 6 year young female in excellent health. Hips & elbows good, DM clear. Halle is energetic, loves to play fetch and go for long walks. She would make a great hiking/walking companion for a single person or couple who enjoy the outdoors. She has basic obedience, but a bit rusty, so could use some refreshing, her recall is good. She is good with kids, but with dogs she can be a little toy obssesive.  She would rather be with people than dogs. Halle is an easy keeper & crate trained. 

Frieda von den Wilden Teufeln BH, DM Clear, a-normal hips

Frieda has been retired.  She is a nice sable out of V Attila vom Gleisdreieck SchH3 & V Ayka vom Haus Iris SchH3, IPO3. She has a nice temperament and good drive and has her BH. Hips A-Normal, elbows normal, DM Clear. Thanks to my cousin Debbie and her husband Bruce for for giving Frieda a great home.

Raina Von Barren Berg CGC (Left)

Hi Cathy,
Just wanted to send a few pictures of Raina from this year. She's doing very well and still full of energy! She and Chief are always playing and live to chase each other around the yard. I also saw a recent breeding of Nicklaus and Georgia. I'm not ready just yet but was wondering if you might have any plans to breed them together again.
Rob Huseland


Hi Cathy,
So far so good! She was really good for me on the drive down Saturday morning. And then no problem introducing her to Chief as well as some of the other neighborhood dogs. She already has some favorite toys (basketball, soccer ball, and a kong toy), but my dads going to work with her on sharing. But really, she's doing great for only being here two days!
 We had her to the vet Saturday afternoon, everything is great! And we learned that she loves to play with the water coming from the garden hose! It has been really fun having her so far. I'll keep you updated with how she's doing as well as pictures

 Raina has been retired and sold to the Huseland family in Glen Gardner, NJ. Raina is adjusting nicely in her new home.
Raina is a nice dark sable female out of Resi Von Grafental & Bullet Vom Schladebacher Waldchen CGC, TDI
She has an excellent temperament & drive, good with kids & other dogs. Hips OFA Fair.  (Pictured at 5 yrs old)

Danica von NordOsten

Danica has become a real farm dog here so far. She hangs out with the lab here and they are always sneaking into the cow or bull pastures which makes me nervous but she is on her they are always finding dead calf skins or deer legs out there.ewwww..she is covered with ticks as well as I am ..I have done everything under the sun to keep them at bay.. they are just a season up here in the Dakotas and ppl just say give it another few weeks and they go away..the horses here are coverd..It breaks my heart. Im only here for two more months.thank GOD!! then we are both off to Sturgis to become bikers a I will be working on bikes there and she will be there under the tent or in her boarding home ! I had to tow my bike this year because my girl doesnt have a side car ...yet ..I cant wait to see how she makes out for three weeks there.. She is very smart as to where in the 5 acre barnyard she can go or stay..she knows when we go to check cattle she is not to go beyond the gate unless I call her.. she is the smartest dog I have ever owned.. I tell her all the time she is the best dog in the world.
We will be on to Wisconsin to meet up with a good vet friend of mine and then back to NY for my last semester of school. She is the only dog they permit to go to class ..the entire campus loves her. she has become a Mascot there..of course it helps that I am an older student and push the limits of what is accepted and the fact that she is so well behaved during class.
(I feel like I won the lottery with her) I have more pics in my phone but have no cell service here to send them to my computer yet.
If I ever settle down one day....Im coming back to you for a male..older..and hopefully her direct bloodline. Feel free to keep me posted ;) I will send along that big hug and kiss!

She (Danica)  is the love of my life. She loves my friends female.:) and she loves the woods. and she travels well! and has one hell of a nose on her..sometimes too good. She will be going to Texas with me for an internship on a huge Equine Embryo transplant ranch from January thru June.
Just thought Id update you.

Danica is a nice sable out of Baila von Barren Berg CGC & Yak vom Hagen Berg HIC. She has an excellent temperament, confidant, and good drive. Good with kids and other dogs. (pictured at 2.5 yrs.) Due to unfortunate emergency spay, Danica has been retired and happily living in New York with her new owner Teresa. Thank you Teresa for giving Danica a wonderful life with you. I know she will be well cared for and loved always.

R.I.P. Thelma 2/24/07-9/3/2018

Thelma is a nice sable female out of V Galant z Pohranicni Straze SCH1, IPO1, SVV3 & G Jalta Eqidius IPO2, SVV1. She has a good temperament with high drive. Hip prelims look good. Thelma is Czech, Slovak & East working lines. We decided to retire Thelma since she is going on 7 years of age in February 2014. We have a few of her offspring to carry on. Thelma will continue her Search & Rescue training as well as Therapy Dog with her foster/adoptive Mom, June. Thank you June!

 Thelma has been retired.
Thelma is being fostered by June Schott of Everett, Ma. Thelma will be in training for Search & Rescue prospect & Therapy Dog.
Thelma update:
Thelma is having fun playing with Chester (her Basset Hound room mate) who she adores and gives lot's of kisses. She enjoys her visits to the Middlesex Fells chasing balls or just exploring the woods with her pack friends. Of course Thelma loves being close to her human family as well. Starting this Saturday, Thelma will begin Search & Rescue training. With Thelma's sweet disposition, high drive & intelligence, she will make an excellent Search & Rescue team member with Chester and Ava (her Golden room mate).
Peace, Love, Drool,
June & Chester

Hi Cathy,
Trust all is well with you and the family. I just wanted to give you an update in the life of Ms. Thelma. Of course she continuous to be spoiled and enjoying her life at the Schott's residence with her favorite partner in crime, Chester. She loves playing chase the ball at the park with my son Ryan, as he throws the ball a country mile. Thelma happily gets a good work out when my son is around, Chester not so much, no interest in the ball chasing thing. Chester says it gets exhausting just watching Thelma chase balls.  
Chester is a certified therapy dog and a member of the Dog Bones Therapy Dog of Massachusetts organization. He had a meet and greet session at the Life Care Center in Stoneham. After Chester's successful session with the staff and director of social activities, I mentioned that I had a German Shepherd in the car named Thelma. Eventually in the near future I do plan to get her certified as a therapy dog. Well that is all the social activity director needed to hear, she wanted me to bring in Thelma to meet her and the director of the Life Care Center (who loves German Shepherds).  Well, Ms. Thelma was well behaved and adored by all she met, including some of the patients and their families in the lobby area. I had Thelma politely sit before I allowed anyone to approach her. Then, I took her into the conference room and gave the command down, she immediately responded, then couldn't resist rolling on her belly for some welcomed belly rubs by two directors.  No surprise that Thelma was an immediate hit with the two directors.  When Thelma becomes a certified therapy dog, I promised the two directors of Life Care Center (a rehab and long term care health center) that I would bring Thelma with Chester for visits.       
 Since Thelma doesn't get along with other dogs, she will go on therapy dog visits where she and Chester are the only dogs.  Although Thelma is improving when it comes to other dogs she doesn't know, I cannot control the actions of other dogs off leash or dog owners unable to control their dogs on leash, so I take Thelma to places where I know I won't run into off leash dogs and even dogs on leash.  
Thelma will resume her SAR training with Joe Ferraro starting next Saturday.  When available, I plan to sign up Thelma for classes with Dog Bones Therapy Dogs for certification.     
Sometime next week I will schedule the annual wellness appointment with the vet for Thelma, as she is due her rabies shot. After the visit, I will send you a copy of the updated shots.

Thelma Update 5/20/12

Hi Cathy,

Just wanted to let you know Thelma is doing well and had an outstanding tracking training session with Joe yesterday. To our surprise, after testing her, we discovered Thelma is advanced in tracking. She had no problem following the scent trail including off leash to find the human, be it me or someone else at night or day. This past Friday night, Nora and I were practicing article scenting at night with Chester and Ava. We decided to test Thelma. The distance tested was about the length of two football fields. After giving Thelma an article to scent, she immediately was all business, putting her nose to the ground, moving at a steady pace (not pulling on the leash) like a pro following the exact footprints of the trail to the human hidden behind the tree. Before the test, the handler (Nora) had no idea of my direction (I was the tracklayer) or location of the glove or hidden human, nor did I when it was my turn as the handler when Thelma had to track and find Nora's brother (a stranger to Thelma, we used one of his socks as a scent article).

At yesterday's tracking session, Joe was impressed and amazed at Thelma's advanced tracking skill. She is either a natural tracker or had professional tracking training overseas as a puppy. Joe believes tracking is in her bloodline. He decided to test Thelma off leash. No problem, after taking scent of the article, she was on the job, nose to the ground and off she went in a flash, found me deep in the woods hidden behind a tree. We anointed her as the super star tracking dog. However, Chester is takes issue at this title, he says he is just as good as Thelma, but uses a slower pace in his tracking approach. Seriously, Joe wants a video of Thelma tracking off leash, as he likes the way she gracefully runs like wind and while blending in with the colors of the woods, like a coyote or wolf.
It is quite humorous walking Thelma and Chester together to the tracking location. So many people smile/laugh at Chester wearing his search and rescue vest while admiring Thelma's beautiful markings, These two are like the beauty and the clown.
Almost forgot, Thelma's new friend is a seven month old 13 lb Manchester Terrier named Zoe. I dog sit Zoe three days a week and pleased to report that Thelma helps me a lot by playing/entertaining Zoe at the house. It is wonderful to watchThelma play with Zoe in such a gentle way. After Zoe plays with Thelma, she is one tired puppy. Chester doesn't like Zoe and usually hides behind the couch when Zoe wants to play with him. He is quite happy to delegate this job assignment to Thelma. Gigi the cat doesn't like Zoe either and won't come down stairs until Zoe leaves the premises, but Gigi sure likes Thelma ( I think more than Chester). Chester says that is fine with me, Thelma can be responsible for Gigi too. Chester is quite happy to rest on his Chester couch after his many city walks or visits to the Middlesex Fells.
Peace, Love and Drool,

Nadia vom Birken Wald (aka Emily)

Nadia (pictured left)  is out of Charlotte vom Birken Wald & Samson vom Birken Wald. Nadia has been retired. Cheri reports that Nadia is doing great, she is a smart, sweet little girl who she is enjoying very much.

Thanks Cheri for providing Nadia a loving home! 

Sammi von NordOsten

 Sammi  is out of Halle & Brady. She has an excellent temperament, good with kids and other dogs. Sammi is owned by Wendy Johnson of  Exeter, NH.

Sidra Von NordOsten (90% East)

Sidra is a nice black & tan female out of  Mesa Von Der Haus Gill & Yak Vom HagenBerg, HIC. Sidra is 90% East, 10% West.  She has an excellent temperament & good drive. Good with kids and other dogs.
 Sidra has been retired early do to complications leading to an early spay. 

Boulder von NordOsten

Boulder is a nice black & tan male out of Resi von Grafental & Bullet vom Schladebacher Waldchen CGC, TDI. He has an excellent temperament and takes after his dad in so many good ways. He is owned by Rick Atwater of  Hamilton, Ma.  (Pictured at 3 years old) Boulder has been retired and is happy being a house dog & companion.

Joseph vom Konigsdorf

Joseph is a large solid black East male out of SG Arco von Crinitzleithen SCHH3 & Emma aus dem Tempel der Ceres BH, AD. He has an excellent temperament & drive with good bone substance. Joseph has been retired and sold. (was NOT owned by NordOsten Kennel)

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