Pembroke Welsh Corgi's

There are no Corgi pups available at this time. Check back this Winter.


Triple Tac's Glory Be

Glory is a nice red & white female out of Windyridges Radar at Triple Tac & Stewart Bristol Fox. She has an excellent temperament, good with kids and other dogs. She is very sweet and loves to sit with you for lots of petting & kisses. 


Glory & Mike pups arrived 4/28/20! 


2 weeks old

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4 Sail's Guess What Day It Is aka Mike

Mike has an excellent temperament and has big bones. His sire is OM Puri Sambatus and Dam is 4 Sail's Goodbye Ruby Tuesday.

Pups are pictured at 7 weeks old. These pups have all gone to their new homes.


Blue collar red & white male "Owain" 


Green collar red & white male "Poki" 


Pink collar black tri female "Mitzi" 

So far, so good here.  She is absolutely adorable. 
Duncan is coexisting.  He lets her jump on him now.  ��
Here’s her latest glamour shot.  BTW, guess who lives a few blocks away??? Pebbles!!  We’re having a play date on Saturday!!  We found each other on a Corgi FaceBook group.  I’m going to surprise Olivia.
Hope your house is a bit more quiet now that the last pup left the nest.
Be well,


Purple collar black tri female "Violet" 


Red collar red & white female "Molly" 


Yellow collar red & white female "Pebbles"