Pembroke Welsh Corgi's


Triple Tac's Glory Be

Glory is a nice red & white female out of Windyridges Radar at Triple Tac & Stewart Bristol Fox. She has an excellent temperament, good with kids and other dogs. She is very sweet and loves to sit with you for lots of petting & kisses. 


Glory & Mike pups arrived 4/28/20! 


2 weeks old


4 Sail's Guess What Day It Is aka Mike

Mike has an excellent temperament and has big bones. His sire is OM Puri Sambatus and Dam is 4 Sail's Goodbye Ruby Tuesday.

Pups are pictured at 7 weeks old. These pups have all gone to their new homes.


Blue collar red & white male "Owain" 


Green collar red & white male "Poki" 

Hi Cathy,
Hope all is well!  Poki is doing great!  He is having his third shot tmr and we are planning to take him to obedience class soon after to socialize with other pups . Attached some of his pictures  :)
Take care,


Pink collar black tri female "Mitzi" 

So far, so good here.  She is absolutely adorable. 
Duncan is coexisting.  He lets her jump on him now.  ��
Here’s her latest glamour shot.  BTW, guess who lives a few blocks away??? Pebbles!!  We’re having a play date on Saturday!!  We found each other on a Corgi FaceBook group.  I’m going to surprise Olivia.
Hope your house is a bit more quiet now that the last pup left the nest.
Be well,


Purple collar black tri female "Violet" 


Red collar red & white female "Molly" 


Yellow collar red & white female "Pebbles"