Halle & Brady pups were born 12/27/2010. These pups have gone to their new homes.

Blue collar black & tan Male "Bruno"

Green collar Male "Cooper"

Teal collar Male "Atlas"

Hey Cathy!
 I have an interesting Atlas update for you. We had been having a hard time with him in the last several months purely because he is so high drive. He is a fantastic dog, he just has A LOT of energy that never seems to get tapped out. I have tried exercise and he can go all day long. The dog daycare thing is fine but also has not been a remedy. We knew he needed more training to channel all this energy but weren't sure exactly what to focus on.
Anyhow, I found a trainer in Dover that I knew could help me because he specializes in working breeds. He met Atlas today and was absolutely blown away at his prey drive and the different aspects of his personality~ the fact that he is fearless, has good recovery and seems to be an overall outgoing, friendly dog. He said he would be perfect for PSA, the protection work-- can't quite remember exactly what it's called.
He said he would even be willing to take him to trials when we get there. For now, he is starting a 3 week, 5 days per week bootcamp and then on to more specialized training with me. I am really excited and feel like he will finally be working to his full potential. I showed this guy Halle's family lines of Schutzhund titles and again remembered just how much Atlas is just behaving as he was born to. He's a working guy. haha
Anyhow, I will keep you updated on his training. I feel like there are big things in his future.
Resi is doing great as well. Hope you are too!
Katie and the pooches

Black collar Male "Solo"

Pink collar Female "Sammie"

Red collar Female "Rio"

Purple collar Female "Zika"