Baila von Barren Berg & Yak vom HagenBerg pups born 3/25/2010. 1 male and 2 females.  These pups wil be going to the vets on 5/14 and will be ready for pick up on 5/15.

Pups pictured at 7 weeks old.

Blue Ribbon Male "Treu" SOLD


 Just wanted tyo give you an update. I know it has only been a few hours, but Treu is amazing he has already gone to the bathroom outside several times and Jess has pretty much already taught him to sit on command. I'm sure as the weeks go on we will have challenges but he is truelly awesome.


Pink Ribbon Female "Danica" Kept
Yellow Ribbon Female "Frieda" SOLD


 Thanks again!  We are thrilled to have Frieda home!  She seems to be adjusting well.  She didn’t like the kennel at first, but Brian and I laid down on the floor and she settled right down and fell asleep.  She’s had a bath, a good dinner, and a nice nap… went visiting some friends who absolutely adored her too.   She seems to really like being outdoors, and sometimes doesn’t want to come back inside.  She’s only had one accident in the house so far, and has gone outside several times.  She is very smart and already seems to know her name.