Thelma & Bullet Puppy Pictures. 

Teal Collar Female "Maia"

Hi Cathy!  The puppy is awesome!  We are so in love it's ridiculous!  She seems to be just about completely housebroken right now.  We taught her to sit already.  We love her!  We are calling her Maia.  Mai means little wolf or coyote in some native american language so we added an a to the end.  She is awesome and we will be coming to some puppy socials, but probably not until the week after next.  She is such a good dog.  Thank you so much!  She's just awesome!  I will try to send you some pictures soon, but I'm not all that tech savvy so if you don't get them in a little while just email me back and I can mail them to you instead.  Thanks again!  Maia is fabulous!


Black Collar Female "Summit"

Hi Cathy!

Black collar is now known as Summit! We love her and so does our other Shepherd. Thanks so much for breeding such a wonderful puppy. Also, we're proud to report that she slept through the night very quietly in her crate. I got up at 3am to take her and Bear out and she went back to sleep until 6. She's so good! She's already mastered going up and down the front stairs and we're working on sit.

Jillian and Brian

Pink Collar Female "Neely"
Purple Collar Female
Red Collar Female "Sacha"

Hi Cathy,
 This is Mikael and Danielle, Red's parents! We just wanted to tell you what a joy she has been. She seriously is the best puppy ever. She is already so well behaved and gets along great with our other dog. The crate training is going great. No accidents at all in the crate and she cries when she needs to go, it is so wonderful. We decided to name her Sacha. We want to thank you so much once again for this great puppy. We look forward to seeing you at puppy class soon. Thanks!
-Mikael and Danielle

Lt.Green Collar Female "Lucy"

Hello Cathy,
We are enclosing recent pictures of Lucy ( daughter of Thelma and Bullet – green collar ) and her family ( Lucky, Gerda and Bruce).
Lucy and Lucky (our 11 month old male GSD) are great friends and enjoy the freedom of  playing in our fenced in three acres. We take our dogs for two good walks every day, sometimes on our own property but usually on one of the dog friendly beaches. There Lucy and Lucky have the chance to meet and play with many other dogs.
Lucy is such a happy puppy.  Lucy insists on sleeping in her crate at night but most of the rest of the time she and Lucky are inseparable. Lucy weighs about 28 lbs and enjoys both meeting people and other dogs.  Lucy starts puppy class this week.
Lucy has been a great addition to our family and a perfect companion for us and for Lucky. German Shepherds are such great dogs.
Bruce and Gerda Reid 

Green Collar Male "Oakley"

Hi, its Brian Duggans daughter Maddie, and the puppy is doing great! His name ended up being Oakley and he is just an awesome dog. He gets along great with our other dog Micky, and he made himself right at home. He loves the snow and the toys we got him. He's very smart and playful as can be. Here are some pictures of him -

Blue Collar Male "Bosun"

Hi Cathy,

Just wanted to update you on Bosun! He's doing really well and is coming out of his shell more and more :) After a full day on his new schedule he seems to be getting the play/nap/outside/repeat pattern down really well with minimal accidents. He's getting more and more comfortable with his crate and he's venturing there on his own when he's ready for naptime. Our husky Rio and he get along great! They play together a lot under our close watch. Rio is playing the mom role and is gently teaching him to respect other dogs' space when she doesn't want to play. When he's crying in his crate she even howls softly at him and it actually quiets him down.  He has learned a lot really fast and we're very happy with him!
We will keep you posted on his progress and send pictures as he grows :)
Thanks so much for breeding us a fantastic dog! We have already passed on your name to two families we know who are going to be interested in shepherd pups in the future.


Black Collar Male "Damek"

Hi Cathy,
Just wanted to let you know that Damek is doing good, he knows the commands sit, down, off, no, leave it, and working on a few other ones right now. We have been so busy going back and forth between here and South Carolina. I will upload some pics of him for you, he does ssssooooo good with our daughter, she is walking and he has never knocked her over or jumped on her, they get along awesome. Thank you for selling us such a great dog.
                                                                     Jeff & Jenn