Heika & Mayhem pups were born July 16th 2020. 8 females and 3 males. 

These pups have all gone to their new homes!

8 Females


Pink ribbon sable "Amber" 


Red ribbon black & tan "Billie" 


Purple ribbon sable "Nala" 

In addition to saying how beautiful she is , everyone that meets her all say the same thing. Look at those paws ! She’s going to be a beast lol.

Just loving her !
Call me crazy , however we already see a size difference !! 

Hi Cathy I hope all is well. We’re loving our new addition Nala. She’s a breath of fresh air ! Chris  


Brown ribbon black & tan "Sadie" 

Hey Cathy: 
Sadie is doing really well and has great fun with her boyfriend Ulie!  She is really sweet, smart and such a joyful addition to our family!  She just graduated from puppy class with high honors!!!Hope you are well!  Best, Helen 

Sadie is doing really well!  She is very sweet and snuggly.  talk to you soon! Helen


Yellow ribbon sable "Ava" 

Hey Cathy, Ava is doing amazing! She is for sure high energy! She is very smart, can learn new things in 5 repetitions, is fully house broken, and uses a bell! Slept through the night in the first week. She's just an overall amazing dog. Very friendly with people and other dogs and with the right training, will be a super dog. She starts training next month. Thanks so much for all your help! Cory & Ava


Grey ribbon sable "Mable" 

Hi Cathy!
 Here's a few pictures of Mabel at about 4 months. She is doing great! She is playful and funny and very cuddly. She loves any type of ball, but her favorite is the soccer ball. I am also including a couple pictures of her with our older dogs, Greta (Chevelle/Onyx 2009) and Penelope (Havanese).  
Thank you for the information on the dog food as well!
Have a good holiday season.

Hi Cathy,
I wanted to send a couple photos of Grey Puppy, and let you know that her name is Mable. She is adjusting well to living with our two other dogs - Greta and Penelope (havanese). Here's a picture of Mable with Greta (a pup from Chevelle and Onyx in 2009). Greta has been very comforting and patient with Mable, and Mable follows Greta everywhere. She is a very loving, gentle, and sweet puppy. 
Thank you so much! 
Have a good evening.


L.Green ribbon sable "Honey" 


Orange ribbon sable "Finn" 

Hi Cathy!
I wanted to send along a message with the picture I sent of Finn. She is such a love! She is doing great in her crate, minimal accidents (one in the past week I think). She sleeps in her crate from about 9:30/9:45 every night until about 5:30/6 when she needs to go out! I usually leave her crate door open when we’re hanging out and she will sometimes go in and nap on her own. Also I crate her while we’re eating dinner and I feed the cats at the same time, and usually for a bit in the morning because I want her to be really used to it and comfortable being crated when we’re home. She seems to know sit really well! We’re working on stay. She loves balls, and her favorite activity is running around the back yard playing “soccer” with the kids, and she loves to go to the playground with us and for walks. We’ve noticed that sometimes she doesn’t want to leave our yard (she kind of whines and digs her heels in) but once we encourage her to cross the street she’s fine, but always super happy to be back in her yard. She does a lot of trying to eat rocks too so that we are watching really closely! After she finishes eating she usually brings her empty bowl to me and leaves it at my feet! She loves to visit Rowley PD and my elderly grandmother and great aunt, and when any of us get up in the morning she can hardly contain her excitement! She’s a joy! Still eating Fromm and her next vet visit is Monday!
Thanks again for everything!

Finn has eaten great, she took her medicine like a pro with no treat needed, and she did finally poop! She’s doing great! She just returned from her after dinner walk and is getting ready for story time- HAHA! Thanks again for everything, she is awesome!

3 Males


Blue ribbon black & tan "Max" 


Green ribbon sable "Rowley" 

Hi Cathy,

Just wanted to tell you how awesome Bailey and Rowley are getting along. They are so funny to watch together! A lot of laughs. I thought I’d send you a few pictures (like always lol) since I’ve taken a million by now :-)

Not a bad life for Wolf! We love him, he's a great dog! Susan


Navy ribbon sable "Wolf" 

Not a bad life for Wolf! We love him, he's a great dog! Susan


Heika is a nice sable female out of Tinka vom Alt ostland and Samson vom Birken Wald. She is an easy going girl, excellent temperament, good with everything. DM clear, Hip prelim Fair, Elbows clear.

Heika's Pedigree



Mayhem von NordOsten OFA  good hips, clear elbows (prelim), DM clear.

Mayhem's Pedigree

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