Zahra & Mayhem pups were born on March 13th, 2020. There are 3 males and 4 females. These pups have all gone to their new homes.

Pups pictured at 7 weeks old.



Pink ribbon black & tan "Natia" 

Cathy, she is amazing! �� She is great with the kids and loves Cole. I am still working from home, so she is loving that too. We start a 6 week training class on Tuesday. Stacey


Red ribbon black & tan "Simone"


Yellow ribbon black & tan "Harley" 


Purple ribbon black "Elle" 

Hey Cathy!
     We have an updated picture of Elle. She is such a wonderful dog, loving, caring, and very rambunctious. She loves to play tug-of-war and can’t get enough of playing.
Thank you so much for such a wonderful dog,
Caforio Family.



Blue ribbon bi-color "Bear" 

Bear's doing great! He's adjusting very well. I don't know if i'm wearing him out or he's wearing me out..Lol!



Green ribbon black "Kaiser" 

Kaiser is doing great! Getting so big and so much fun!



Orange ribbon black "Colt" 

Hi Cathy,
This is Brittany and Anthony. Just wanted to send some updated pictures of Colt. He is doing awesome and is such a joy to have! We can’t believe how big he has gotten. Thank you again for everything! 

Hi Cathy,
Colt has been amazing so far. He is growing like crazy and is about 35 lbs now! He’s super energetic, loving, and fun. He’s a big people person- every person he meets you would think was his long lost best friend!
The bottom picture is of Colt and Sophie from Sam and Mesa’s liter in 2011. It was pretty cool to see them together and thought I would share.
Thanks for everything

The pups were eating Nutro Esentials large breed puppy lamb & rice. There was a death in my family and I forgot to order more food. So I had to switch to Fromm large breed puppy, where I could pick up at my local store. Either food is fine! They have also been started on the Nuvet Plus supplement. If you have any questions, you can email me. Thank you!

**The pups will be vet checked and 1st shots on May 2nd and ready to go after that. I will be conducting pick ups the same way I did visiting, outside. Thank you and stay safe!


Zahra von NordOsten

Zahra is a nice bi-color female out of Indigo & Zee. She has big bone & nice structure. Excellent temperament, outgoing. Hips OFA Good, DM clear

Zahra's pedigree



Mayhem von NordOsten OFA prelim good hips, clear elbows, DM clear.

Mayhem's Pedigree

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