Nelli & Deke pups were born 11/18/19. 1 female and 2 males. These pups have all gone to their new homes.

2 Males


Blue ribbon sable male "Blu" 

Hi Cathy !
How are you?  I hope you and your family are doing well.  Blu is becoming a big boy !  We love him so much.  He is very strong- we are trying hard with the training.  Any advice we will take !   do you have any pictures of his of brothers or sisters?
He is so handsome !!!

Hi Cathy-
I hope you are well.  Blu is doing great... I look him to the vet he was up to 14 pounds !!  we are doing the honest food and some kibble-  so far so good !  He is a very good boy. Erica


Green ribbon sable male "Bow" 

Hi Cathy,
We FINALLY decided on the name, Bow for him.  He’s been perfect since we brought him home, first night he was very vocal but has slept through the night since.  No accidents in crate and very minimal in house!  He LOVES his big sister, Lillian, and try’s to snuggle with her every chance he gets.  He is very playful and smart, even knows some commands already.  I have never seen a pup share how he does, it makes me laugh, Bow will go to the toy bin, get toys, and lay them around Lillian until finally she gets up to play with him. 
Thank you for everything,
Mary & Paul

1 Female


Pink ribbon black & tan female "Ella" 

Hi Cathy,
I checked your site and you continue to be busy. That is good. I sent this out to my friends. I just  want to tell you she is fabulous. She remains long and very lean. At 10 months she was 71 pounds!! 

Hi Cathy,
Ella was six months on Monday. She is a gem. Remarkably smart, strong personality but remains well mannered 
(except for the occasional puppy psychosis when bored) but always beautiful. Looks like more tan is creeping in by the head. Interesting marking behind the ears. How long before one can actually see where all the changes will be?
Hope all is going well with you

Hi Cathy,
Ella was 11 weeks old on Monday. Thought you might like some pics. Potty training is going well. Not many mistakes. Most of them mine�� She is a wonderful creature. But OMG I forgot how draining puppies can be ��


Nelli von NordOsten OFA hips good, elbows clear, DM clear.


Deke von NordOsten OFA Good Hips, Elbows Clear, DM Clear

Deke is a nice solid black male out of our Indigo & Zee litter, he is Zahra's brother. He has an excellent temperament and a gorgeous head!







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