Zita & Tiberius pups born August 24th. 3 females and 3 males. These pups have all gone to their new homes!


3 Females


Red ribbon sable "Autumn" 


Pink ribbon black & tan "Journey" (left)

Hi Cathy,

I thought you and the owners of Journey’s siblings might like to see a picture of her as she turned one year old yesterday.  I loved seeing Burt!  He is gorgeous!
I was drawn to Zita’s litter last year when you described her as a dream dog.  I’m so glad I was because Journey takes after her mom!  I could not have dreamed of a better dog!  I wanted a dog I could take everywhere with me and that could join me on adventures and Journey is perfect!  She loves people (the Fed Ex woman is a favorite!) and other dogs and riding in the car and going hiking and to the dog park.  I just signed her up for a nose work class.  I know she will love it and do great!  
I truly don’t know how I would have gotten through the past year without her.  She is my constant companion and best friend.  She has my husband wrapped around her paw. We both love her so very much.  She gets so many compliments every where we go and the police In town are enamored with her.
We hope you and Zita and all of Journey’s siblings and families are well and surviving these crazy times!
Thank you for making our dream come true!
Donna, Bernie & Journey

Happy Holidays from Journey. She is doing awesome!  Well except for eating everything and I
mean everything which is very nerve racking. But she had a blast this week with my daughter’s dog who was here for the week. They got along great. We are in our second puppy class and she rocks. She is so intelligent and picks up things so quickly. I think she looks a lot like her beautiful mom. She is funny and mischievous and we just love her so much. She loves her West Paw frozen treats (they are like Kongs) and afterwards she comes and acts like she is giving you lovings but she is really using you as a napkin as she wipes her face on your clothes. Lol
Hope you had a wonderful holiday season!
(Here is a picture of Journey with her best friend, my daughter’s dog Nymeria.)

Hi Cathy,
Just wanted to let you know that Journey is doing great!  She has started puppy school and loves it.  She knows sit, down, stay and come.  She loves learning new things with the clicker. She is an outdoor girl and loves running through the leaves and playing in the woods and digging in the dirt.  She is very brave and daring.  She climbs on everything!  She loves meeting new people.  The only thing that seems to scare her is bigger dogs barking.  It was any barking but we have some barking puppies in puppy class so she got used to them.  She is always wanting to play with the other puppies.  I try to stick around a bit when the older dogs come in for the class after us so she can see them barking and find out all is ok.  My daughter is coming for the weekend with her 3 year old German Shepherd mix dog so that should be fun.  She is growing like a weed. She is very mischievous and funny.  Every once in a while when she is not being a shark she will be a cuddle bug.  We try to do or go some place new every day like the other day we walked around the private school right near us and she saw lots of high school kids and a field hockey game and people walking around with blankets wrapped around them and hoods and hats on.  Everyone loves her.  We love her and we are so happy with her.  We are really bonding and she is making a wonderful new best friend.  Thank you!
Oh and the instructor at puppy school asked me where I got her because she said she wasn’t whiny like many GSDs.  I think she meant it as a big compliment.  Lol 

Hi Cathy,

Just wanted to send you a quick update on Journey.  She did great on the ride home.  She conked out and slept most of the way.  No whining or car sickness.  After we got home she did find her voice.  She is a vocal young lady!  I also found out she was strong willed and determined.  Obviously she was missing her siblings and mom and it was an exhausting first 24 hours for us both which was to be expected of course.  She started settling in some yesterday.  She loves our kitties and is dying to get to know them better but they are taking a bit more time.  Potty training is coming along.  A few times I wasn’t quick enough but I’m getting better.  She was a trooper last night having to go out in that storm.  Plus we have a bear in the neighborhood the last few days and Journey already likes a spot over by the woods to do her business which makes it a bit nerve racking for me but it is a great spot.  She loves everyone she has met and gives nice kisses.  She does love to grab bare feet!  Lol She is very brave.  She has already experienced so much - a washing machine on the spin cycle, my hairdryer, the recycle barrel being brought back from the curb by my husband, umbrellas etc.  We let her go up and check these things out and then she’s just like - oh yeah, no big deal.  :) She likes to go out about every two hours at night but last night she slept pretty well in between which was nice.  I know she will be a great addition to our family and bring so much love and joy.  I will send more updates soon.  


Purple ribbon black & tan "Vita" 

Hi Cathy,
I hope you and your family had a most fabulous and delicious Thanksgiving and that you’re all ready for this lovely bright holiday season!
We are very happy to get to spend it with our little Vita who is growing fast and brings us immense joy.
I dare to say she has been completely potty trained as the only accidents occur when she hasn’t seen my daughter for a long time and gets overexcited. Vita absolutely adores kids!
At home she’s a ball full of energy and a lovely addition to our family. Thankfully she has not chewed anything in the house she’s been really good of sticking to her toys although the Christmas tree branches are incredibly tempting....
She is still crated during working hours but grandpa spoils her rotten by taking her on long walks during that time.
The snow is her new favourite thing! she loves the cold and would stay out in the backyard for hours if we didn’t call her back in.
She’s getting her last set of shots next week and will then start puppy classes, although she is really pretty good already on: sitting, staying,  giving paw, going down and waiting off leash. We’ve been training her in the fenced in backyard.
If she continues this nice scented will have plenty of yummy gifts for her!
I wish you and your family all the best
Leo, Licia, Kira and Vita.

Good morning Cathy
I just wanted to give you a little update on how Vita is doing.
she is absolutely fabulous what a joy to have around!
She is growing fast and is now 22 lb!,
has lots of energy, is definitely teething and still working on potty training, but I would say we are 98% there.
Next week we take her to the vet for her first visit and shots and will start introducing her to other puppies.
She has been really good with children and adults alike and enjoys playing in the yard very much.
I hope all the other pups are doing just as well and wish you a fabulous rest of the week.
All the best

3 Males


Blue ribbon black & tan "Bronze" 

Doing great! Love him!!

Hi Cathy, Bronze is totally amazing and doing great! Here are a few pics of him from today. Thank you so much! Justin


Orange ribbon black & tan "Bullet" 

Hi there! Went to the vet on Thursday and weighs 28 lbs! All good!

Bullet is doing awesome! House breaking coming pretty good, hopefully won't take him long. Fast learner, sitting, coming in & out, and working feeding, what a beast when eating, trying to slow him down, eats so fast then hiccups. Will send more pics soon. Again thank you! Gary


Green ribbon sable "Burt" 

Hi Cathy,
Just popping in to say hi, it’s this little guys birth month �� I tell Kyle everyday I love him more than anything. He has changed our world. He’s smart and learns commands quick, his nose never fails to find the stick or toy we hide and he is the sweetest welcome home I’ve ever had. Greets us excitedly no matter how much time has lapsed in between. He is still crate trained when we aren’t home with him, and I have to say it’s the best thing we ever could have done for him since he was a little pup. He has grown into a great dog, loyal and obedient and independent when he needs to be. One of the few best things in both of our lives. During all the chaos in the world it’s easy to stress about the things out of our control, but he has kept us sane and given us purpose. Want you to know he is doing well! Hope you are taking care ! Love The Jorges

Hi Cathy! Just wanted to let you know our boy is doing great and getting bigger everyday! He says hi! Hope all is well
Lindsey, Kyle, and Burt 

Hi Cathy,
I hope all is well. Just popping in with Burt for ya on this Saturday. He had his first day of class last Tuesday and we’ll be bringing him every week from now on. He interacts well with other dogs and expends a lot of energy through play. He’s been eating the Fromm puppy food but his taste buds seem to be developing and he’s becoming a picky pup. We mix it with yogurt or cottage cheese which seems to help with his appetite. He knows how to sit on command, responds to his name, and walks with us on the leash without falling behind. Every morning when he sees us for the first time he gets so excited he can hardly contain it. He’s a very active pup, goes to the door for potty and has few accidents now. He did well with the vet a couple weeks ago  and everyone he meets is smitten by him.  Just wanted to let you know he’s doing so well and at three months old it feels like he’s always been a part of our family. We hope you had a happy thanksgiving!
Lindsey, Kyle and Burt 

Hi Cathy! Burt is doing awesome! Hes learning come, sit, go to bed and is doing great. He only whines a little when we put him in and then he settled down! He’s doing pretty well with the potty training! He’s starting to go to the door and whining when he needs to go! Has had a few accidents in the crate but he is noticeably getting better! He’s starting puppy obedience class on Saturday! And he is getting big!!!! 
-Kyle and Lindsey

Hi Cathy!
Just wanted to update you with photos on Burt. We are so in love with him, took some family photos in the park yesterday and he enjoyed the park(photos not so much haha). He’s been doing so good with the crate-sometimes he doesn’t even whine and goes right to sleep. We’re still working on potty training but hes good at holding his bladder since the crate is just big enough for him to comfortably turn around and lay down. we toilet him every couple hours but no more than 3 at a time, as soon as we open the crate. We’re watching him constantly when he’s out of the crate so when he starts to chew things he shouldn’t, we’re able to correct him right away. He loves the kong with yogurt, peanut butter and frozen cottage cheese which we put in his crate so that one day soon he’ll be comfortable with retreating into it associating it with positive time. He also enjoys the treats we give him when he does something desirable like”go potty” and “sit”. To give him exercise I run a short distance across our yard and before I can even say “Burt, Come” he’s already following suit full speed. He’s really such a good natured pup! Easily entertained. My family dog passed away last week and my mom was devastated, I brought him over to see her and he made her feel a little better as he brought a distraction to the void she has been feeling. He’s doing good right now, we gave him all the supplements you included (I’m going to order more) he’s drinking lots of water and we’ve been feeding him with some dry food mixed in with the meat patties as you had explained. He’s almost done with them and I’ll be continuing the Fromm Gold puppy food when he is. I just wanted to thank you again for bringing him into our lives-we couldn’t imagine life without him. I joke that he’s the only baby I’ll ever need. (Partially joking anyways) he’s got a lot of energy and with his intelligence I’m sure the learning will be quicker than most. Between the information you included in his folder and the instructions I’m getting from my sister in law who’s a dog trainer, he’s going to be so obedient and independent in no time. I’ll update you again soon! I give you so much credit for how well groomed and smart he already has become. Happy OctoBurt! 


Zita von NordOsten

Zita is a nice bi-color out of Lita vom Sucherquelle & Zee von Hena-C. She has been a dream, very smart, excellent temperament & solid nerves. OFA prelim Hips Excellent, Elbows clear, DM clear by parentage.


Tiberius von NordOsten OFA Good Hips, elbows clear

Tiberius is a nice male out of Samson (Sam) von Birken Wald and Halmi Apanta rei (Thelma). He has an excellent temperament, good drive and protective intincts. Very good with kids and other dogs/pets. 






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