Georgia & Ruhler pups were born 3/24/18. 3 females & 6 males. These pups have all gone to their new homes.



Pink ribbon black & tan female "Journey" 


Purple ribbon black female "Kineo" 


Red ribbon black & tan female "Denali" 

This Denali, born March 24,2018 her mother is Georgia, her last litter. Denali is everything we had hoped for and more. Thank you, Dick

Good morning, here’s a picture of Denali at just under 5 months, at 47 lbs. (Georgia’s last litter, red ribbon).
She growing like a weed, the vets and trainers keep telling us she’s going to be a “Big Girl”. I can’t imagine life without her, she doesn’t leave my side. Although she is like a child in the terrible 2’s I’m sure that will pass. We are in obeisance school at K9 Edge with her litter mate “Deacon”. They are crazy together.
Hope as is well, and I’ll try to keep you updated. My son wanted us to stop by so you could meet her.
Dick Beaulieu 



Blue ribbon black male "Fergus" 

Hi Cathy
I hope you and your family are all doing well with everything that is going on. I just wanted to give you an update on Fergus. He is such a great family dog. He is totally consumed with keeping an eye on all of his kids, one additional since Fergus came home! He is a very impressive boy, just over 90lbs, but by far the most friendly dog on the block. He is so excited to meet each person and dog we encounter while out walking.
We are planning to add another pup to the family once the baby is a little bigger, maybe next year!
Thank you for a wonderful dog!
Brian and Kerry

> Hi Cathy,
> Just wanted to give you an update on Fergus. He is transitioning very well to his new home and family. His first night was a little rough with crying in the crate as expected, but he is down to only about 15 minutes as of last night. We have been very vigilant with his potty training and he has been doing great, really only a few minor pee accidents that were purely our fault on not going directly outside.
> He is so happy with all of the attention and craziness that our kids provide. It is so cute to watch him wiggle and wag his tail as the kids talk to him and invent all kinds of games to play with him.  He has such a sweet disposition and wants to sit in your lap anytime you get on the floor with him.
> Thank you very much, we love him so much!
> Brian and Kerry


Brown ribbon black male "Deacon" (left) 

Hi Cathy,

We wanted to let you know Deacon is doing great.  He is growing like a weed. At last vet check he is up to 26 pounds.  We enrolled in a puppy class and he is progressing nicely with training. He is extremely food driven and loves any type of treats.  In the class not known to us at the time but his litter mate Denali is in the same class.  Not sure if they recognized one right away but they are getting along. 
Just wanted to let that Deacon has a small hernia but everything else health wise is fine.  I have attached a recent picture of him with Cyrus (who just loves having a playmate).
Happy 4th to you and your family~~
Lisa, Jim Cyrus & Deacon


Green ribbon black male "Harry" 


Navy ribbon black & tan male "Thor" 

Hello Cathy,

I am Vikki's daughter, and we just wanted to give you an update on how Thor is doing. He was great for the car ride home and everyone loved him as soon as he came through the door. He loves our dogs and the cat has warmed up to him as well. We hope to get him used to the farm animals as he grows up so that they are all comfortable around each other. We cannot thank you enough for such a great dog.


Orange ribbon black male "Cash" 

Hi Cathy,
I hope all is well and you are staying safe during these crazy times we are in. I realized that it’s been about a year and a half since I’ve sent you some updated photos. Ashely and I are also excited to tell you that Cash became a big brother at the end of August to his little brother Henry. He is doing very well with the baby and loves to give him kisses. We look forward to hearing back!

He is doing well. I have been taking him to training a couple days a week when my work schedule permits. He picks up fast! Today is his 5 month birthday. He starting to lose a lot of teeth. I feel bad for him the days you can tell he’s in pain and I try and give him frozen Kong’s and chew toys.

Hi Cathy,

We’re fast approaching the 3 month old mark with Cash. They get big so fast! His second vet appointment he weighed in at 20.4 pounds. He just finished with his private lessons yesterday and we are looking to enroll him in more training in a group setting. He’s pretty much house trained and sits patiently by the door when he needs to go. As far as twice a day feedings, how much do I do when it’s only twice a day? I’ve been doing 3 times a day 3/4 cup. I have enclosed a few photos.



Green ribbon black & tan male "Indie" 

Georgia von NordOsten 96% East, DM Clear

Ruhler von NordOsten 100% East, DM clear, Hip & Elbows good


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