Josie & Dyno pups were born 11/30/17. 4 females and 3 males. These pups have all gone to their new homes.



Purple ribbon black female "Demi" held back for breed program


Yellow ribbon sable female "Etta" 


Pink ribbon black female "Laces" 

Hi Cathy
Tim and I were just saying we should send you and update!  Laces is doing great!  28 lbs at the vet last weeks..  Growing into her ears and paws!  

Hi Cathy!
Pink ribbon is now Laces! on shoes.   Noone can confuse her with anyone else and its fun to call "Laces out".....especially being a football family :) She's having lots of fun and behaving well!!   


Red ribbon black female "Athena"

Athena is awsome, her and Zeus (Josie x Zampa) are so much fun. Thank you so much. She is going to be longer than Zeus.

She is amazing and Zeus just loves her!  We named her Athena. Cheryl



Blue ribbon sable male "Audie" 

Hi Cathy,
This is Audie and Riley (Josie x Sam) after a fun day.  They get a long really well.  Audie has been through puppy training which went well.  Right now Audie has discovered his voice so he is barking a lot.  All and all he is fitting in great.  Thank you for another great puppy.


Green ribbon sable male "Memphis"

Hi Cathy, I just wanted to send you a little note & attach a picture, thanking you for another perfect animal We ended up naming him Memphis. Everyone loves him and I can’t wait for him and Rocco to be buddies. Rocco (Mesa x Kane)  currently is busy putting him in his place. His ears are almost there! Thank you, Erin & family


Orange ribbon black male "Mayhem" 

These pups have been eating Holistic Select large breed puppy food and are on the Nuvet Plus supplement. They will be going to the vets on 1/20/18 for their 1st shots and health check-up. They are ready for pick up after that appointment. 


Josie von NordOsten, 87% East, DM Clear


Dyno von Hena-C, OFA Good Hips, Elbows Normal, DM Clear





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