Indigo & Norm pups were born 8/5/17, 3 males & 2 females.



Purple ribbon solid black 


Pink ribbon black & tan "Dakota"

Hi Cathy,
Hope all is well!  I just wanted to send you a quick email.  We got Dakota from you in 2017. She is a pup from Indigo and Norm born 8/5/ dog ever!! I have attached a picture of Dakota hanging with our cat Maya:)  As you can see, she is beautiful and so sweet. Ann

Hi Cathy,

Happy New Year! I have been trying to get a good pic of Kota to send you.  Got this one yesterday on the beach.  She is gorgeous and doing great!!

Hi Cathy, Just wanted to send you a quick email to let you know that Dakota ( "Kota") is doing great!!  We are so crazy about her already...both ears are up this week, she is a ball of energy but doing great in her crate too.  All is going well!I will keep you updated. Thank you!! Ann



Blue ribbon black & tan "Buck" 


Green ribbon solid black "Chief"

Hi Cathy! I just wanted to show you how big Chief is getting! Just celebrated his1st birthday Augaust 5th! Anyone who meets him thinks he’s so smart and beautiful Thankyou again for my amazing boy! 

Hi Cathy! I just figured I should send you an update on Chief especially sense he's gotten huge!! Already! (Tends to trip over his own paws)   His ears went up a couple weeks ago and he really looks like a little handsome shepherd now! My whole family is so impressed by how smart he is! Already knows all his basic commands and potty trained! He loves other dogs (he hugs all the pretty girls and kisses their faces) and cats, him and our kitty Felix like to wrestle! He  loves the beach (even though he eats the sand) and going on walks in the woods with us! But his favorite place to be is at home with his best friend Baily! My mom and I were talking and he's just so smart we don't want it to go to waste, definitely thinking about therapy dog training! I'll send you another update next month so you can see how handsome he's growing up to be! Thank you again Cathy! Chief really is part of our family now and we love him so much, we couldn't thank you and Indigo enough for our handsome boy! 

Hi Cathy! I thought I just tell you how Chiefs first night at home went! My mom doesn't know how she likes the name but I'm gonna try and convince her! He is the sweetest puppy ever!! So gentle and calm, even when he's playing he nips his toys and then kisses for everyone else! I'm making my whole family read the papers you gave me, because everyone feels bad when he's in the crate for the night and starts crying! (My mom took him and out and slept with him) But we will get there ! He's such a thinker, just like you said! Old lady Baily looks like she's 2 again playing with him! (Our 13 year old pit lab mix) I'll keep in touch so you can watch him grow or if I have any questions! Thank you so much again for the newest addition to our family! 


Orange ribbon black & tan "Loki"

Loki is getting bigger by the second and at 6.5 months he is 72 lbs.  He and Jack are inseparable best friends. Loki has a great temperament. Stephanie

 These pups have all gone to their new homes.

Indigo von NordOsten 96.5% East (DDR)

Indigo is a large solid black girl, excellent temperament, fearless, outgoing, happy, gets along with everyone. 


Norm von NordOsten, OFA Fair, Elbows Clear, DM Clear

 Norm is a nice black & tan male out of our Sam & Lita. He has an excellent temperament, very intelligent with a great personality. Great with kids and other dogs of all breeds. 


1 week old


3 weeks old



5 weeks old


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