Pink ribbon black "Nora" 


Purple ribbon black & tan "Lila" 

Hi Cathy,  I am constantly stopped at the Ski Area as people comment on how beautiful she is and how well behaved or how they want a dog like her.

Lila's 1st snow on West Mountain!

Great Dog Cathy,  We love her, drives Munch nuts though :)

Hi Cathy,
Lila is doing great and she and the kids are loving it. Here are a few pictures.
Thank you,


Red ribbon black & tan "Athena" 

Hi Cathy, iv been meaning to send you an updated photo and here is our beautiful baby. She is so amazing...lots of Drive and very loyal. Love her! Take care! 

Our baby girl is 6 months today ! She is soooo beautiful ;) we are very happy! Hope you are well ! Jeff  

Hi Cathy,

We settled on the name "Athena". Our rescue and her are amazing together...treats her like a protective big brother!! 

Hi Cathy, she is soooo playful, loving and super smart! She is best friends already with our rescue dog. Thank you again! 


Yellow ribbon black & tan "Cami" 

Hi Cathy, I can't believe she had her bday already either.
Here is our Cami, She is so smart and well trained and my dads Partner in crime, they go everywhere together.  She goes for a run everyday and loves the snow ! Renette 

Good morning Cathy,
I thought I would give u an update on Cami she is doing awesome such a love bug.  She is beautiful and so good natured.  My dad can’t stop talked about what a great job you do.  She is always getting complimented on her beautiful features.  Thanks and happy holidays

She is doing great a bit nippy bit we are working on that almost potty trained.. She she asked to go out.. Sleeps in crate like a charm ..although I thought we wouldn't make if through the 1st. 2 weeks ..she knows a few commands sit paw down almost stay she gets pretty excited when she sees the treat so stay is pretty hard she drops when I say drop (some time) ..she follows my dad around like his shadow.. She was approximately 13 1lbs last week I will have aore accurate weight at her 1st appt Thursday she is a beautiful puppy thanks so much! Renette

I thought I would give u a little update on Cami.  She didn't do well in the first heat wave so we bought her a pool and my dad took her to a local pond (browns pond in Peabody ) she had a blast cooling down.  She is over 20lbs now.. It was 20 last vet appointment and I do believe she sprouted up since then .  we have another on Wednesday for her Rabies .. She will be going to puppy school after that.. I am going with trina and her pups up near u .  thank u so much for a wonderful puppy.  



Blue ribbon black & tan "Bear" 

Hi Cathy, Bear is doing great! He is participating in obedient school with k-9 east. Sleeping in his crate at night. Very active! Current weight at almost 4 months=35lbs. Seeing vet tomorrow for 2nd rabies shot. Very loving but nippy at times. However, he is a quick learner. We will send more pics soon. (John, Kristine, & Sophie)


Green ribbon black "Smokey" 


I hope all is well with you and your dogs. I know I’ve been very bad about updates. I’m happy to report that early last year Smokey earned his Community Canine Good Citizen title. We continued to take all the pet obedience classes the facility offered and then moved on to Rally. This weekend we won all three legs to earn our Novice Rally title. Next month I’m hoping to move up to Advanced Rally. Smokey is very energetic and loves hiking, swimming, and being a barn dog. He’s getting good at protecting and herding the chickens in at night instead of trying to eat them. 
Thank you,

Hi Cathy , I hope all is well with you and your dogs.  Smokey is doing great.  He is growing up and getting more self control and focus every day.  I am pleased to tell you that he passed his Canine Good Citizen test last week.  I am looking into a Community Canine Good Citizen class starting at the end of January.  We did take a basic agility class, but the only obstacle he likes is the A-frame, the rest he could do without.  I still plan on doing some nose work next year which I think he’ll like much better. Happy New Year,

Carrie and Smokey

Smokey was a star for the vet. He was too busy chewing everything to care about what was going on. He's definitely got personality and will keep us all on our toes.


Grey ribbon black "Simba" 

Hi Cathy,

I hope you are doing well,
Simba is doing good,
He is arround 80to 85 lb now , 
Attached is a picture taken a while ago most recent,

Hey Cathy , 

I hope all is going well with you,
he is doing great we love him and very happy with him , 
He is close to 30 pounds and grwoing so fast .

Thank you Cathy for adding joy to our Life.. he is a great addition to our family :)


Navy ribbon black "Otto" 

Hi Cathy!
Otto is doing great, he's getting so big! Probably 40ish lbs now! He just went through his first obedience course and is doing great with recall, "place", sit & down! We are now working on waiting politely at the door when going in/out. You've breed an amazing dog! Our trainer even said he has great drive, very smart and has great body structure. He loves everyone and is just a super happy, goofy pup! Thank you again!
- Janna

Hi Cathy!
Otto is doing great here! He is sleeping through the night and Timber and him are best buds! They play tug-a-war all night long, well Otto holds on and lays on the floor while Timber drags him around haha. He goes to work with Graham everyday and he sets a pen up for him and he just loves being outside all the time! Thank you so much for a wonderful dog! Here are a couple pictures of Timber & his first couple days together.
- Janna & Graham


Orange ribbon black & tan "Opie" 

Opie is doing great...so smart and a lot of fun!

Hi Cathy,
 He's gaining weight - now weighs 14.4 pounds. Regular food hound - up to 1 cup per meal and always begging for more. Trying to keep him within normal amounts and not be fat. Tried him on a few kernels of Taste of the Wild mixed in with his Eagle Puppy Chow, but he always had soft/loose stools from it. So after 4 days gave up and our son donated it to a shelter for us. Just going to stick to Eagle Brand from now on. He woke up once to pee the first night, has slept through the night since then. Strong little tyke - capable of dragging us on the leash. Went down our porch stairs on the first day, went up them as well on the second day - 7 stairs from top to bottom. Having a terrible time teething, chew on everything including furniture even though we have enough toys to stock a pet store. Discovered he absolutely goes crazy over cold carrots, seems to help the biting/chewing. Crating is   an on-going process - still howls like a banshee for the first few minutes and then finally settles down. His favorite place seems to be laying at your feet whenever you're sitting somewhere - eating, computer, watching TV. He has become the "family dog" in that both our grown daughter and her kids and our grown son come over daily to visit and play with him. Our son even wants to be part of his training and found a training site called Trouwe Hond K-9 in Hanover, a town not far from us. The owner apparently has a lot of good reviews so will have to check it out as it is quite apparent that this little guy - for as sweet and precious as he is - has quite definitely got a mind of his own and will need consistent training. Working on the basic come, sit, down at this point and he seems to enjoy it as he loves doing anything for food.
If you have any thoughts as to something we should be doing differently, we'd love to hear them.

Deja & Hank pups were born 2/8/17, 4 females and 5 males. These pups have gone to their new homes.


Deja'Vu von NordOsten DM Clear

Deja is a nice solid built girl with excellent temperament & drive. She is good with kids and other dogs. She is very much like her mother Zima. She is out of Zima von NordOsten & Bob vom Parchimer Land. Deja's hips prelimed OFA Fair, elbows normal, and DM clear.


Hank von der Haus Freunde- DM clear, Hips OFA Good

Hank is a nice black & red male with an excellent temperament. He has been producing real nice pups with good bone substance. He is easy going, good drive and level headed. Looking forward to see what he produces with my girls. 


newly born


2 weeks old


3 weeks old


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