Josie & Zampa pups born 11/4/16. 6 males and 3 females. These pups have gone to their new homes.



Blue ribbon sable male "Maximus" 


I'd like to start with a thank you. Its been almost a year since we have had Max, and we can't imagine life without him. He has brought our family closer together; he is the biggest sweetheart.
At first thought it was going to be tough keeping up with a German Shepherd, but now I cant wait to come home and take him outside to play Frisbee, or fetch, or just take him for a walk. I'm pretty sure Max will be responsible for increasing my lifespan.
Our love for him is immeasurable. He brings smiles to strangers faces. He is admired and adored by everyone who meets him.
He is extremely intelligent. He's so smart that I think our trainer is jealous!
Sheryl, Tony, Sofia, and Max

Hi Cathy,

Max is really loving his new food (Inukshuk)!
Also, just wanted to thank you, and let you know that you breed the most beautiful German Shepherd dogs anywhere!!!


We met Joe...he's great! Max can sit lay down stay give kisses and of course be super cute!!! We adore him!!!


Gold ribbon sable male "Fin" 


Green ribbon sable male "Zeus" 

Zeus is amazing, i cant believe my baby is 1yrs old today! thank you very much for Zeus!

hi cathy, i want to share pictures of my baby zeus, he is absolutely the best!  he is friendly loveable and loyal, his favorite thing is sleeping with mommy and tennis balls. i cant believe in a few days he will be 9 months! 

hi cathy i wanted to thank you for zeus he is my love he is so lovable and a wonderful addition to our  family he brings joy everyday he just loves to go for walks everyday everywhere we go people tell me how perfect he is  so i tell everyone about how wonderful you are so a big thank you 


Grey ribbon sable male "Bucho" 

Hi Cathy - I just wanted to check in, say hi, and give you an update on our boy Bucho!  He is growing  into  an amazing pooch and is such a good boy!  He really is a member of our family; he and our daughter are best buds.  We get so many compliments about him when we're out on walks.  We'll definitely have to bring him up at some point for a visit.  I've attached a couple of recent pics.
Hope all is well!
All the best,

Hi Cathy - Great news!  Thanks for letting me know...I'll keep an eye out for the papers in the mail.  Bucho is doing great!  He's about 65 pounds right now and still growing.  He has the best demeanor.  He's so incredible with kids of all ages, and is just a love!  We'll have to bring him up for a visit at some point.  In the meantime, I've attached a couple of recent pics of him! Hope all is well!--Christy

Hi Cathy - I just wanted to check in and give you an update on our boy Bucho....he is settling in really well!  He's such a good pup!  We're training with him now and he is doing really well.  Just a smart dog, eager to please.   Attached are a couple recent pictures of him.  He's so dang cute! Thanks, Christy


Navy ribbon sable male "Kilo" 

Hello Cathy-

 Elliot and Kilo are bonding well!  Everything is going well. He's a smart boy and catching onto housebreaking fast. 


Orange ribbon sable male "Hermes" 



Pink ribbon sable female "Mookie" 

Hi Cathy,  Just wanted you to know that we named our pup Mookie and she is doing great.  She is so gentle and such a love.  I will send more later.  She is settling into her crate.  The worst was the 20 minutes after I left you, it was heartwrenching.  But she now knows how much love we can give.  What is your recommendation on puppy training?  What age to start?  Thank You.  Leigh


Purple ribbon sable female "Kaia" 

Hi Cathy,
Kaia is doing AMAZING!! She is absolutely gorgeous, just like her mama. She just turned 7 months old and continues to grow!! At her last vet visit she weighed 60lbs. Training has been awesome! She is about to start her 3rd training session. She is always the star of her class and loves getting all of the attention! She is truly the love of our lives and is everything and more then we wanted! We would love to bring her out for a visit some time. Talk to you soon! :)
Take care,
Glenn, Brittany, Alex , & Nicole 

Hi Cathy,

Hope you had a good Christmas and New Years. We certainly did with our new bundle of joy!! Kaia is doing great! She is growing so fast. I have already seen a difference in her size in the 2 weeks we have had her. Her training has been awesome! Potty and crate training have been good and she already has most of the basic commands down (sit, stay, down, etc). She has her first visit to the vet this coming Friday and hopefully we are going to have her start puppy training in the next couple weeks. She has been socialized with family and other dogs over the holidays and loved all the attention and all her doggy cousins. I have attached some pictures for you. I will make sure to keep you posted with all of her progress. Thank you for everything.

The Langlois Family


Red ribbon black & tan female "Aura" 

She's doing really well. She and I have been running at night so she has a good nights sleep. Dannys been working on training her. She knows the common commands and she loves playing with our neighbors dog. She's a bit head strong but nothing that can't be handled properly.



We LOVE her! She is doing extremely well! She's a quick learner and eager to learn!


Josie von NordOsten DM Clear, Hip & elbow prelims look good


Zampa von NordOsten OFA fair, elbows clear






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