Gabi & Sam pups born 8/5/2015. 7 males and 2 females. These pups have gone to their new homes.



Blue ribbon "King Fido" 


Black ribbon "Koby" 

Koby loves the snow and sledding in our backyard. He even likes to pull the sled back up the hill.  He continues to be the best dog ever! He is so sweet, loveable, loyal and smart.  He is great with the kids and other dogs.  His obedience school is impressed with how well he listens to my 9-year-old. He also traveled to my mom's house for Christmas and was extremely well behaved - and charming!

Hope your New Year is off to a good start.

Hi Cathy - Koby is doing great. He's so sweet. We love him so much. Hope you have a great holiday. 

Hi Cathy - Koby is such a character. We've been having so much fun with him. He likes going on walks and chasing the blowing leaves. He already plays fetch with us.  He also loves his belly rubs. Here's a pic of him sitting in his toybox.  He's going to start his puppy classes in a couple of weeks. Thank you so much for such a wonderful puppy. Sue, Meagan and Marissa


Brown ribbon "Franz" 

 He is a beautiful and very intelligent animal. I am very pleased with Franz, and all you have done for us. Thank you again. He is a friend for life, we are getting along into our working relationship, just fine. He knows basic commands, knew them even earlier. Amazing, I have felt the love he brings, everyday. I try to even come close to the natural, sweet natured loving friend he always is everyday. I have learned a  lot from him. Thank you, Dave & Franz

Hi. Happy New Year. I called and sent a bunch of pictures, about three weeks ago. He is dong really well. Getting big!!! Love him. Thank you again so much for everything.  I hope all is well and you guys are all doing good.

   Franz is a beautifully, sweet, funny and loving, intelligent dog. Cathy and her family have shown the knowledge, love and time it takes to produce a dog with the right stuff. This is my new member of my family.  He is and has grown with me. I am learning from him the better qualities of what  a dog owner are  to be. I am so happy I met Cathy through a friend Tracy. If not I would have missed out on the best newest member of my family. 

Thank you so much, David and the Russell Family


Gold ribbon "Tuukka" 

Hi Cathy,
This is Tuukka at 7 months! The railing he is on is 42" high, he is turning into a monster! Still has a wonderful demeanor and loves to play with children and other dogs. He started to pull a bit on his walks so I got a prong collar and he learned real quick, within seconds!! I am still on the puppy food, 2 cups at 8am and 2 cups at 4pm. He is perfectly toned, absolutely no table or human food. He is really fantastic! Hope all is well.

Hi Cathy,
Here is a recent picture of Tuukka the proud owner of a new bone! Already jumping up on the couches and beds. Fully potty trained, extremely smart. Still loves his baby carrots!  Hope all is well. Bill A

Hi Cathy!

Tuukka is amazing!!  He is now 12 weeks, 30 lbs, almost sleeps through the night on a pillow next to my bed! Wakes me up when he needs to go out!  Always whines when he needs to potty. He loves baby carrots. Everyone he meets fall in love with him. Goes right into his crate and lays down when I tell him to which is when I go to work. Walks great on a leash, and even stays right by my side without one. Absolutely amazing!! I have referred several people to you, hopefully they contact you!

Thanks so much,
Bill A.


Green ribbon "Honor" 

Hi Cathy 
Here's Honor's 1 Year Birthday pictures. Trying to keep him still long enough is a workout. He's always moving. It was nice to visit and see you a couple of weeks ago with Honor. He had a good time chasing and playing with Fiona. We enjoyed talking with you to. He is doing great and hasn't changed at all. He's still the gentle giant. He does weigh 102 lbs. The vet says he looks great and doing great. He grew up to fast!!! ��
Take care. Looking forward to seeing pictures of Gabi's puppies after they are born. 
By the way, Zita is beautiful!!! ��

Hi Cathy,  Here's an updated picture of Honor. As you can see, he's getting so big. He's still the same lovable dog. His temperament and disposition has gotten more friendlier. He loves every one he sees and every dog he meets. People comment on how very handsome he is too. His training is going well too. He is doing better climbing up and going over the obstacles. Puppy class he didn't want any thing to do with them. He sits there and waits for his turn to go. He's very laid back in class. 
He's doing great. Wants to play all the time, but the girls don't want play all the time. So I have to. I don't mind, it tires him out. All and all, he's a fun and happy dog. We love him. Thank you again!!  Take care. Karen 

Hi Cathy 
Here's a updated picture of Honor. I can't believe he is 6 months old already. He is doing great. He wants to play all the time. He drives Coco crazy. He won't leave her alone. He's so happy all the time. Great with other dogs and people. Great personality and temperament still. I think it gets better as he is growing. He is so much fun. We love him. Him and Tar are getting along better now too. They still haven't played together yet, but they can be together in the same room without any problems. It's a slow process, but she's coming around. Sometime in the near future, on a weekend, we would like to drive up there for a visit with him for you to see him. If that's okay with you, you can let me know when it would be a good time to come up for a visit with him. Take care Cathy. Thanks again for such a wonderful puppy and pet. He's great!! Karen 

Hi Cathy 

Here's a updated picture of Honor. He's growing up so fast. As you can see, he loves the couch. He loves to sprawl out and go to sleep. He is doing great. He is so full of energy. Loves to play all the time. He drives Coco crazy. He's such a great dog. Great personality and very lovable. He loves people and other dogs. Take care. Karen 

Hi Cathy,
Just sending you an updated picture of Honor.  He's waiting for his lunch!! He is doing great. He is growing so fast and very playful. He loves to be outside all the time chasing the ball and Coco. 
He's a great puppy!!  Thank you!!  Karen 

Hi Cathy
Just wanted to send you a picture of Honor.  He is doing great.  He is getting big fast.  He is eating great now. He can't eat it fast enough. Potty training is going great. He is almost there. He is very smart. He loves his treats after he goes. We started puppy socialization classes Tuesday night. He was great. He loved being around the other puppies. He and Coco are great together. They play together in the yard all the time. They can't get enough of each other. Tar and him are working at it slowly. They are getting better with each other every day. They can be with each other out in the yard together. We are out there with them all the time watching them. He is so much fun. He loves to play. We are having so much fun with him. He has such a great temperament and very friendly. He loves every one he meets. He is such a great puppy. We just love him. We will send you more pictures of him soon. 

Thanks again. He is great!!!

Hi Cathy,

Honor at 2 months. He's fitting right in. Coco and Honor are doing great together.

Butch and Karen


Orange ribbon "Archie" 

Hi Cathy,
Hope all is well.  Just wanted to provide a brief update on Archie (litter between Gabi and Sam).  He just celebrated his birthday today.  He is doing well.  Loves being with people.  He is doing very well in his nosework training classes.  He has passed levels one (birch) and two (anise).
I've attached a photo of him taken a week or so ago during a walk we had.
Warmest regards,
Robin and Alex

Hi Cathy,
Just wanted to give an update on Archie.  Overall, he's been an awesome dog.  Very loyal, friendly, and playful.  He just completed his first set of nosework class!  He also has been hanging out with his best friend, another GSD named Max who is two weeks older than Archie.  Both Archie and Max had a special bond the moment they met.  His friend Max has some anxiety over strangers and other dogs.  However, when he is with Archie, his owners sees a dramatic change.  He becomes really calm and playful with Archie which includes walks in a public park. Max sees Archie as a big brother.  I've enclosed a picture of Archie at 6 months.  Until next time!
Thank you again for a wonderful dog.
-Alex and Robin

Hi Cathy,

Merry Christmas!  Just wanted to send you a recent picture of Archie. He's doing well. He is losing a majority of his baby teeth the past week or so. He also loves to go on walks and socializing with puppies of all sizes. We even signed him up for nose work classes starting in January. 

Have a wonderful new year!

Alex and Robin

Hi Cathy,

Training is going great! Archie will do anything for a carrot. He's growing so fast. :)

-Robin & Alex

Hi Cathy! Just wanted to let you know how Archie is doing. What a sweetheart! He communicates so well ("Let me outside!"), loves tackling toys, frolicking in the grass, and naps. :)

-Robin & Alex


Red ribbon "Jag" 

Hi Cathy,
Hope all is well! I ran into someone the other day who asked where I had gotten Jag and after I told them they had informed me they were on one of your waiting lists! Small world! Anyway I just wanted to send some updated photos, I know I have been slacking. Jag is a very healthy 88lbs and we love him to death. 

Hi Cathy,
Just wanted to say hello! Today is JAG's 1 year! Wow how fast time passes. Jag is a wonderful dog and can't go anywhere without anyone falling in love with him. I hope all is well with you, your family, and all of your pups. Here is a pic of JAG today, 1 year old.

He is a very happy dog.  I will always keep in touch and share pics!  Also, I second "Ziva's" parents and if you do ever organize a litter reunion, count Jag in!

Hi Cathy,
I hope all is well.  Today is JAG's 6month birthday!  Rachel and I could not be more happy with our pup.  I cannot walk down the street with him without getting stopped and complimented on him and asked where I got him.  He sure is a stud and we could not imagine life without him.  Here are some recent photos:
Thank you!!

Hi Cathy,

Hope all is well! Just wanted to wish you and your family happy holidays! Here are some
Pictures of Jag taken today. He is becoming such a handsome stud! I feel like he takes a nap and he grows. He is an unbelievable dog, Rachel and I could not be more happy.
 Maybe sometime next week if the weather stays this nice jag and I could stop by and say hi quickly.

Have a good night!

Hi Cathy,
Hope all is well! Just wanted to share a picture of JAG. He is getting so big already! We love our pup!


  Good morning!  I hope you are doing well. Just wanted to send some photos of Jag and give you an update on how he is doing since his arrival.
 He has been such an awesome little guy! He is very smart, lets us know when he needs to go out already. He has been eating well and has finished the pills you gave us with no problem. We took him to a marina down the street from us and he did so well walking on the lease and letting others pet him.  We are getting up with him about 3 to 4 times a night to let him go potty which he does almost every time. Night time has been a little testy as he does not like to sleep in the crate with the door shut, but will sleep in the crate with the door open, so that is something we are trying to work on.
 Jag seems very happy and he is very playful. He already loves Jason so much.
We are both beyond happy with Jag. He is the most perfect little pup and a great fit for Jason's first dog. We can't thank you enough for all the hard work you do. We will keep in touch and give you more updates along the way!

Take care,

Rachel and Jason



Pink ribbon "Ziva" 

Ziva's 1st Birthday!
Hi Cathy,
I hope all is well with yourself and your Family and all your Fur baby's,
Well it's been a year now since you gave us this precious little Girl����She has been such a Joy , We Love her so much and can't imagine life without her.
We have had an amazing year together
And I have enjoyed watching her grow and learning about life and everything in it.
Thank you again for breeding such Amazing Pups.
We will keep you posted along her journeys
Thanks Cathy

Hi Cathy,
Hope all is well with you and your Family.
Just thought I would shoot you an updated photo of Ziva
She is an amazing pup and we love her dearly it's hard to imagine life without this pup.
She is a smart,funny, energetic pup with so much personality .
With warm weather approaching it would be awesome to try to set up a litter reunion.
Let me know what you think.
Thanks Cathy
Lisa and Richard 

Hi Cathy,

I hope you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving.
Ziva is Doing great after such a rough start with blood transfusions then Pano 
She is such a fighter and such an Amazing pup, She is 30lbs of pure Joy.
She is so smart and her training is going great  she just gets it and will soon be able to wear her service vest.
We get so many compliments on her every where we go, And I give everyone that asks your information.
Thank-you again for all your support throughout that bump in the beginning,
And For breeding such Amazing and well balanced pups.
Have A Very Merry Christmas 
And We will update you more along our journey.
Thank-you Again
Lisa & Richard

Hi Cathy

Ziva's first night went as expected
She's not thrilled by the crate but she settled after about an hour of whine/ howling lol
But was in there from 10-2am when Mother Nature called
Hey who needs sleep anyways .
Thank-you again so much we Love her so and
We will keep you posted on her progress
Lisa and Richard 


Purple ribbon "Cali" 

Just came back from the groomer at Petco.  Ms. Cali prefers puddles. I hope you are doing well!  Your recent litter are beautiful and happy there are more on the way!
Take care,
Cali and sue

Hi Cathy!
Hope all is well!  Cali is doing great, she loves the tennis balls and snow❄❄
Cali is in training and one of Sam and Josie's pups, Duke, is the class!  Joe Ferraro is the trainer, Canine Academy New England.  Joe has a 6 year old nordosten boy too!
Take care, will send another update soon.
Warm Regards!

Merry Christmas!!  Love Cali❤

Hi Cathy,
Cali is just over 20 pounds!  She is doing so great!  We love her so much!
Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!
Maybe around Christmas - New Year, we will arrange to visit with you and Gabi and Sam, shucks, everyone, all for a little visit.
Sue, Nick and Mikaela��

Hi Cathy,
Cali 's first 24 hours has gone very well!  She had a very good first night in her new home!  She is very smart, and going outside to do her "business" has gone extremely well!  Today, she went to the soccer field and ran around and explored.  She also went to the pet store and is wearing a new purple collar.  She also climbed up a set of stairs with determination.��
She likes the sofa more than the crate, but   
we will work on that.  She will start puppy kindergarten in two weeks, very exciting!
I gave away two NordOsten cards at the pet store, as other customers were enchanted by Cali and wanted to know where we got her from.
She is eating well and she took her pill disguised in a treat very well and she likes the NuVet wafer.
Thank you so much for this wonderful pup!  We'll write again soon!
Warm Regards!
Sue, Nick and Mikaela

Samson vom Birken Wald CGC, 93% East, DM clear

Sam is a large male with excellent temperament. He is a gentle giant, sweet disposition and very intelligent. He loves to play fetch and enjoys playing with all the girls & puppies. Hip prelims look good and DM clear.

Gabi von NordOsten DM Clear





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