Lita & Sam pups were born 12/22/14.  

6 Males

Blue ribbon male "Bailey"

Hi Cathy, 

Nice to hear from you, thanks for the note.
Bailey is doing great.  Puppy kindergarten is going well and Bailey is quickly learning basic commands.  He's up to 30 pounds!  Wonderful personality too - doesn't leave my side at all except for when he's in his crate.  He's not too interested in going for walks - he would much rather play ball or frisbee in the yard.  He's also very content with just sitting in the yard and watching the girls play in our driveway.  Does this sound like Sam and/or Lita?  - here's our 30 lb. puppy taking a rest after some play time earlier today. :)
Hope everything is well in Rowley!

Tyler Bradshaw

Orange ribbon male "Koko"

Hi Cathy,
All is great with the pup. He is full of energy, he has great drives, and is very persistent! This is exactly what I was looking for in a pup. ( and he's handsome) Scott

Green ribbon male "Max"

Hi Cathy,  I hope all is well.  Wanted to check in with some updated pictures of Max.  He’s doing great! Still in advanced obedience once a week and learning new things. Best, Jonathan

Hi Cathy,

 I hope all is well!

I wanted to send you a few updated pictures of Max.  He is doing great!  He passed his CGC last weekend and we couldn’t be prouder of him.  We have him in an advanced obedience boot camp, which is essentially training him for companion dog competition.  He’s got a good grasp on sit/stand/down in motion, figure 8’s, recall, and his healing patterns are very good.  We may never enter a competition with him, but it’s a great skill set for him to have.  Katie also likes to work with him on random tasks like cleaning up his toys which is pretty funny.

 I hope you and your family have had a great start to the new year.



Hi Cathy,

 I hope all is well!  Max is doing great. We have had him in canine good citizen training, nose work, and advanced obedience. He’s been doing fantastic.  I’ll let you know when he passes the CGC.During the summer we took him swimming for the first time up at Lake Winnipesaukee and he loved it.  He also came down the cape with us and he loves the beach/ocean just as much. The Fall has been just as much fun with all the hikes we’ve been going on.   

 Thanks again and hope you have a great Thanksgiving!

 Best, Jonathan

Hi Cathy,

 I hope all is well.

 Max is doing great. We introduced him to water and pools and he loves it. He’ll be coming with us to my friends lake house in a couple of weeks so he’ll be getting his first experience with deeper water.  The other day we took him to Fenway Park and he got to walk around the field and go in the dug outs.  We are waiting for our trainer to start up her canine good citizenship class, which should be soon.  I’ll keep you posted on how he does.

 Best, Jonathan

Hi Cathy,
Max has been fantastic in his first week.  We do plan on getting him into the same classes that Jack was ASAP after we get the vet papers, but we decided to give him a little head start.  He has a good grasp on: shake, high five, wait (for food and treats), through (we have him weave between our legs as we walk), spin, down (still needs some fine tuning).  We are working on his crate training as well. Haven't really left him alone for a long period of time yet, but we will be easing him into it. 
He is incredibly fast and agile, terrific on the leash so far, and doesn't pull for the most part.  Here are a few pictures from last week.

Brown ribbon male

Hello, Just sending some updated photos! We're starting to practice using the harness for hiking so we can go this summer. He's doing really well and we just started advanced obedience class. Norm met a couple male Maltese dogs at the field this morning, played very well with them. No problems with fetch with them either. Chased them and got chased and had a blast. Norm has such a solid temperament, it's fantastic. Plus his handsome good looks are a nice bonus! Thanks again!

Katie (& Norm)

Just wanted to send over some new pics since he'll be a year old tomorrow!

He's doing very well. Gets along with everyone, dogs and people. I've been taking him to stores too help get him ready for his CGC test (by spring hopefully) and eventually the therapy dog test. I'm working on what I call his "Walmart greeter syndrome", he's so happy to greet everyone he meets. Which is awesome, and he's learning how to turn down the dial.
His favorite place is the playgrounds we go to. Norm's a pro on the slides.

I hope your family has a wonderful holiday! We look forward to visiting in 2016!

Katie (& Norm) 

Norm is doing awesome. He just keeps getting better every month. He's 85 lbs and I think 26" at the shoulder. He's been amazing with kids, it's very cool to see. Even people who are afraid of dogs end up petting Norm.
I'm still planning on doing therapy work with him, I'm hoping to take the canine good citizens test by spring. I've been working with one of the trainers you recommended that is a gsd guy and what a difference! So helpful to be familiar with the breed. I've learned a ton.
I still want to get down there to visit. Norm's gorgeous and I'd love for you to see him in person. Hope everything is going well for you guys. I'm in love with Sam and Josie's latest litter. Maybe #2 will be a Josie pup.

Thanks again,
Katie (& Norm)


I had to share these, Norm is gorgeous. Like all of the owners of your dogs I get stopped all the time to ask where I got him and to be told how gorgeous he is. He's a training class star, never jumps, and is fantastic with kids. My friends two kids were with us at the lake for a couple days, he sat, laid down, waited for the signal to eat the treats on his paws and played fetch and dropped it when told, all from commands given by an almost 4 year old! I knew he was good but even I was impressed.
Norm loves the water but is skeptical about swimming still. But he LOVES the boat. Smiles the entire time. It's hilarious.
He weighed in at 64 lbs yesterday. I plan to continue the training classes right up through canine good citizens and therapy dog testing.

Thanks again and I'll try and visit with him soon!

Katie (& Norm)

Sorry for sending so many pictures but I couldn't decide which ones to share! He's having a great summer! 


Jon mentioned your husband had surgery, I hope he's recovering quickly.

Norm is awesome. People stop to tell him how gorgeous he is all the time. He's starting to look like a dog instead of a puppy lately. He's 51 lbs. I think he's looking a bit more like Lita as he gets older. Not sure, you'll have to let me know what you think!

Thanks again, I'm already thinking about adding a second one in a year or so!


Happy Spring finally!
I think Norm is the only one who will miss the snow. He's doing fantastic. You were so right that a Sam puppy would make a great therapy dog. He's amazingly calm, especially for a puppy, learns so fast and is great with kids and elderly. I've brought him to visit my grandmother at her assisted living and he's met a bunch of my friends and family's kids. I can't wait to get him in the water.
I get compliments on him pretty much wherever I go and get asked what breeder I got him from. You've got great dogs. Norm is a great match for me. We will try and come visit before summer craziness starts!

Enjoy the great weather,
Katie and Norm

Hi Cathy!

Norm is awesome. I'm so glad you called me about him. He's fun to train, just started ringing the bell to go out! Which is making house training much easier. He's been awesome with any dog or child he's met so far. He has a lot of his father in him I think! Last time I weighed him he was 23 lbs. Gaining about 2 pounds a week. Puppy class starts soon, I can't wait. I think he'll love it. I attached a picture from St Patrick's day for you. Everyone that meets him tells him how handsome he is, I think he's got a healthy ego!

Have a great week,

Norm was great on the drive home. We've taken a bunch of short walks but no luck going outside. Not that I blame him, it's freezing! We'll work on it. He's gone right next to the pee pads a few times indoors.
Right now he's resting. He's done great so far. Hesitant with doorways but warming up.
Thanks again, I'll absolutely keep in touch.

Katie (and Norm)

Red ribbon Male "Jameson"

Jameson is doing great! He and Remington formed a bond very very quickly. They have been going to formal training every Sunday, and we work with them every day ourselves as well. They are super, super smart. They are also very excited for the end of the winter. Jameson has never known grass!
We all went on a four mile hike yesterday up through the Middleton reservoir and they do so well. They have great drive and are just the perfect shepherds for us.
Thank you so much for everything!

Matt and Dia

Black ribbon male

Koda is 14 months now and loves the snow!

 Hi Cathy - here is Koda at almost 12 months old! Hope you and your family are well ! 
He is beautiful - just stunning in person ,  you should breed him ! Actually getting him neutered this Wed . It has not been a cakewalk that's for sure -as Mike Citro put it : " he is a lot of dog for anyone " - we do constant training and its ongoing ... he is very strong and he would make a great police or search and rescue dog! Claudia and Ray

It is hard to get a picture of Koda standing still - because he never does! He loves running around in the backyard exploring and, for some reason, stops whatever he is doing when a plane goes by and watches it travel completely across the sky!  He is a handful and keeps us on our toes.  We have started puppy class at Maplewood in Sharon with a wonderful trainer and he is making slow, steady progress. 

2 females

Pink ribbon female "Becca"

I was trying to get the little Diva to pose for a photo challenge, but she wasn't cooperating!
Becca is doing great! I take her to K-9 Performance in Reading for training. Jan

Purple ribbon female "Shilo"

Hey u.. Happy Friday! Just wanted to check in and Letcha know how Shilo is doing... Greeaaat!!! She is so funny with Newman.. Follows him everywhere and licks on him like there's no tomorrow.. Just exactly what him and I needed!! We'll be by when all this white crap melts and let me know if u have those Sat classes coming up.. Would love to jump into those and have them both around their peeps!! Thanks so much and hope you guys have a great weekend!!! B..

Lita vom Sucherquelle 100% East, OFA Good, DM Clear

Lita & Sam pups arrived 12/22/14!  6 black & tan males and 2 black & tan females.  These pups have gone to their new homes.

Samson vom Birken Wald CGC, 93% East, DM clear

Sam is a large male with excellent temperament. He is a gentle giant, sweet disposition and very intelligent. He loves to play fetch and enjoys playing with all the girls & puppies. Hip prelims look good and DM clear.

Lita & Sam pups 7 weeks old

Lita & Sam pups 6 weeks old

Lita & Sam pups 3 weeks old

Lita & Sam pups 2 weeks old

Lita & Sam pups 5 days old

Lita & Sam pups newly born

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