Nova & Sam pups were born July 21st, 2014.


Red ribbon sable male "Zamper"

Zampa has been a great companion, couldn't be happier with him!


Purple ribbon male "Max"

Hi Cathy,

Max is becoming quite famous. He was featured on the Just dogs of newburyport Facebook page yesterday and last week he made it to the front page of Instagram.  Such a little ham! Jane

Blue ribbon "Kaiser"

Just realized we never sent u an updated Kaiser picture. He has turned out great , terrific temperament and very calm most of the time, unless there if food around . 

Green ribbon "Charlie"

Black ribbon "Jack"

Hi Cathy!

 I hope all is well. 

I wanted to share some more recent pictures of Jack from over the holidays.  Katie and I love him so much and we can’t thank you enough for such a wonderful pup.

 We also have a couple of videos from his agility classes. I will try and get those to you as well at some point soon.


Jonathan Tosi

Hi Cathy,

 Jack is doing great!  He just graduated puppy kindergarten this past Saturday and will be starting puppy agility on Monday.  He is attending doggy day care 2 – 3 days a week at Happy Tails in Franklin, MA.  It has been instrumental in socializing him and he is exhausted by the end of the day, which is great for us.  He never ceases to impress everyone he meets.

 Hope all is well!


Jonathan Tosi


Hi Cathy,

 Just checking in to give you an update on Jack! (Nova/Sam. 11 week old pictures and others attached) 

 The car ride home was great, he slept and held his bladder the entire way home.  Jack has been a wonderful new addition to our family.  His personality is one of a kind and he is extremely smart.  Katie stayed home from work one day and he learned 4 tricks (Spin, shake, high five, and kiss at 9 weeks of age).  He had “sit” down within the first few days we had him. Aside from the occasional mouthing/biting spurts, which we can attribute to standard puppy behavior, he has been such a good boy.  Thank you so much for breeding such a quality dog.

 He received a Bordetella and another dose of Strongid shot on September 20th.  He got his second round of shots (DHPP) on October 4th, which works out perfectly since he starts Puppy Kindergarten this Saturday the 11th. After he completes this 6 week course we have him lined up to begin puppy agility, nose work and a real world skills class in the coming months, so he will be busy.  All of these classes will lead to a canine good citizenship prep class.  That is our ultimate goal for him. 

 This past weekend we took him to our town’s fall harvest festival and he was the star of the show.  He was so well mannered around children and other dogs.  Everyone wanted to stop and talk with us and commented on how well behaved and cute he was.

 Thank you again!


Jonathan Tosi


Pink ribbon female "Zoey"

Hi Cathy,

I am sorry for not getting an update to you sooner, especially since I left you hanging about the CGC test last time! Zoey is doing very well, & did in fact earn her CGC in Feb. She is a good girl & we love her! She loves to swim! She did have a few hot spots this summer, but we discovered that the slicker brush we were using was not at all effective at getting out excess undercoat, so we got a rake & wow, got out ALOT of undercoat, so this seems to do the trick. We made sure she didn't have fleas as I know those can cause hot spots too. I don't  feel like any photo I take does her justice, she is such a beautiful dog. Just looked at your website & see Zoey's brothers are quite handsome as well!

I also noticed on your website mention of a family emergency, I hope that everything worked out ok & that everyone is well.

Warmly, Erin, Tim & Zoey

P.S. Very early spring we took Zoey to the beach for the first time & when driving through Newburyport stopped to admire a very fine looking black male shepherd, the guy who had him said he was your cousin & that the dog was in your breeding program. I thought that was such a funny coincidence! 

Hi Cathy,

I do apologize for taking so long to send an update on Zoey! She is doing very well. She graduated from puppy kindergarten in Nov. & is currently in the midst of a 12 week obedience course at All Breeds Canine Training Center here in Pelham which will conclude with the Canine Good Citizen Test. She is very smart! She is a very social & sweet girl, & still thinks she should be able to sit in laps despite being not exactly lap dog sized ( she is now 61 plus pounds ). She is quite goofy & funny as well, one of her favorite games is " The Red Dot " one of those laser cat toys, she asks to play this game by looking at us & then, looking all around to see if the dot will appear...then she will sit...this makes good things happen...or perhaps a down will bring it out? So funny! She has learned to be respectful to our cats, & dreams they will one day want to play with her. She did get used to sleeping in her crate at night, but finally outgrew the largest crate that worked in our kitchen, & as she is housebroken she now has a bed instead of a crate. She loves the snow! We love her & enjoy her so much, & you will certainly hear from us again at the completion of her obedience classes & hopefully CGC. Her biggest challenge will be showing only casual interest in another dog...can't these humans get that when dogs meet it should be PLAY time? Lol.

Hope all is going great for you & will continue to do so. 

Warmly, Erin, Tim, & Zoey

P.S. As you can see in the pics, Zoey is one beautiful dog!

Nova von NordOsten

Nova & Sam pups have arrived!  Nova is a pretty sable out of Thelma & Dohate. She has excellent drive and good temperament. She is owned by the Manchester family, litter will be whelped at NordOsten. There is 1 sable female and 5 sable males. These pups have gone to their new homes.

Samson vom Birken Wald Hip prelim normal, DM clear

6 weeks old

Nova & Sam pups 6 weeks old

Nova & Sam pups 5 weeks old

3 weeks old

Nova & Sam pups 1 week old

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