Rio & Sam pups


Red Ribbon "Brynn"

 Hi, Cathy:

 Just thought I would check in and tell you that all is tremendously well and we are loving our pups.  Brynn and Stella are together often as we coordinate playtimes for them to run together.  They are also in puppy class with our local trainer, Elise McMahon at Canine Headstart.  I have attached a couple of pics we took this weekend. I see you have some of the pictures we sent Terri.  I spoke to her about a week ago and she sent me a picture of Rio when she was the same age as the pups are now.  I was astounded at how much Brynn looks like Rio at that age.  My sister and I have had all our vet checks with them and immunizations are ongoing.  Both dogs are now a healthy 23+ (Brynn) and 26+ (Stella) lbs.

 Hope all is well with you,


Lime Ribbon "Stella"

HI, Cathy:

 Just thought I would check in and send you an update on our girls.  Brynn and Stella are happy, beautiful dogs and we (my sister and I with our partners) are loving every minute with them.  They are wonderful dogs and have fabulous dispositions.  

 Hope all is well with you and good luck on your next litter.


Orange Ribbon "Nikki"

Hi Cathy,
We just wanted to check in and say hi! Nikki is doing great! We can't believe she's going to be 2 years old in a month! We cannot thank you enough for giving us such an amazing dog. She is intelligent, gentle with kids, and has a phenomenal temperament.
Have a wonderful summer!
The Burns Family

Hi Cathy!

We just wanted to send you some family pictures! Nikki is doing great. Such a sweetheart. Thanks again and Merry Christmas!!

The Burns Family

Hi Cathy!

Nikki is the best! Here's a few pictures of her with her mini owner :)

Hi there,

We just had to send these pictures showing the great relationship between Nikki and Kaylee. Nikki is so patient and loving with our daughter. We are very lucky to have such a sweet pup! Thank you!

Ashley and Joe Burns 

Hi Cathy,

I wanted to share these pictures of Nikki with my daughter. Nikki is so patient, loving, and protective of Kaylee. They are the sweetest together.

We just wanted to give you an update on Nikki ("orange" from the Rio and Sam litter). She is thriving in our home, and has begun her obedience training with my husband, Joe. She is an extremely smart and loyal pup. We are highly impressed with her natural instinct to protect our young daughter, Kaylee. They have an amazing bond. Thank you so much for giving us such a intelligent, beautiful, and simply perfect German Shepherd.


Ashley and Joe Burns

Green Ribbon "Cassie"

Pink Ribbon "Nava"

Teal Ribbon "Maggie"


Blue Ribbon "Newman"

Hi Teri and Cathy,

I wanted  to share the latest picture- Newman found his ears- or should I say his ears found him!  Lol

He is doing awesome!  Love him to pieces!  We have a vet apt tomorrow- I'm curious as to his weight. He seems to be getting bigger each day.

I'll send more pictures soon!
Take care,

 Hi Cathy and Teri,

I wanted to give you a little update on Newman "blue ribbon" from Rio and Sam's litter.   We are so happy to have him in our family.  He is a great puppy!  We are having so much fun with him- and he is loved so much.  He is extremely curious and very busy- which can be a bit challenging.  We've started training him at home and he is doing very well. We will probably start some puppy classes soon as well.  I finally got a picture of him- he seems to run when I take the camera out. I guess he's a bit shy!   I'll continue to give updates as he gets older. 
Take care,
Marianne Monaco

Rio von NordOsten OFA Good

Samson vom Birken Wald Hip prelim normal, DM clear

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Rio & Sam pups 6 weeks old

Rio & Sam pups 3 weeks old

3 weeks old

Rio & Sam pups 2 weeks old

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