Green ribbon "Kona"


Just a quick note to say hello and Happy New Year! Kona is just perfect.   She has really calmed down in the past month and become accustomed to the madness that is living with a 3 year old and 7 year old!.  We are completely in love and she is just the sweetest thing.

Thank you again



Hi Cathy:

Just wanted to give you a quick update on Kona. She is doing so well and adjusting nicely here.  The kids love her and are putting up with her puppy antics. I get compliments daily on how gorgeous she is.

Thank you again for such a great dog


Purple ribbon black & tan "Gina"

Red ribbon solid black "Makena"

Hi Cathy,

Hope you are weathering this winter ok! I can only imagine how tough it is getting the dogs out with all the snow.

Thought I'd send a current photo of Makena, Halle and Bob's pup with the red ribbon.

At about 8 months, she's now 70 pounds, and LOVES the snow. She's a very good girl, working hard on her AKC CGC skills, and she enjoys learning tricks. Also attached is a little video of what happens when there's too much indoor time, and you tell Makena "music".

She's amazingly strong, and strong willed - has gotten a bit bossy with some other dogs, but is generally mellow and attentive - I'm thrilled to have her with me as much of the day as I can.

Stay warm!

 Hi Cathy,

Have been meaning to send some photos, but Makena keeps me busy!
I've attached a couple photos - she is a gorgeous girl, full of love, and not surprisingly, very active.
We are just finishing our first puppy class, and gearing up for the next, and she's a quick learner.
As of this morning, she is almost 37 pounds.
She's with me just about everywhere I go - and has a blast playing with several puppy friends, as well as our cat and kids.
While walking her through town, I have literally had people pull over in their cars to inquire about her, and gush about how beautiful she is - most are surprised to learn that she is a pure bred shepherd.

We will look forward to perhaps seeing you sometime up in Newburyport - we are often there, either walking the boardwalk, or through town.



 Hi Cathy,

Everything is well with my pup. Her name is Kikka Von Nordsten. She is very smart and a great faithful companion. Its Kikka and I against the world. The only thing that still bothers me is that she still hides like the day I picked her up. I knew this wouldn't fade away as you suggested, as I myself have been raising dogs since I was a boy. Either something happened during her weaning process or its genetic? I work with her everyday and she is unsure but is coming along slowly. She gets along with other dogs so far and is a great dog! We are enrolled in a spring training coarse which will benefit her as well. 
Attached are some pictures of her first snow at my cabin in Maine and others. Scott


Blue ribbon solid black "Blue"

 Hi Cathy,

Funny my mom is Kathy. Anyway, Blue is amazing!! Thank you for being such a great breeder.

Halle & Bob pups were born June 29th, 2014.  These pups have gone to their new homes.

Halle von NordOsten 100% East

Bob vom Parchimer Land 100% East

click here for Halle & Bob pups pedigree

Halle & Bob pups 4 days old

Halle & Bob pups 2 weeks old

Halle & Bob pups 4 weeks

Halle & Bob pups 5 weeks old

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