Mug Shots (pictured at 7 weeks old)


Pink ribbon "Bae"

Yellow ribbon "Lyla"

  Hey Cathy,
 Just sending an update about Lyla (zima & bob). First off let me tell you, we could not have imagined having a pup that is easier to train than Lyla; she has been house broken and crate trained since a week after having her home, she learns tricks faster than we can teach them to her!  She has the best temperament and we are constantly getting compliments about how great of a personality she has. We get stopped everywhere we go and get told how beautiful of a shepherd she is! She is growing like a weed, already about 35 pounds!  We cannot imagine not having this little pup in our lives, we cannot thank you enough for your amazing work! She loves her auntie Indy too (pup from Jada, 10 1/2 years ago). Laura & John

Red ribbon "Stella"

Purple ribbon NOK keeper "Deja'vu


Blue ribbon "Rigby"

 Hi Cathy,

I've been meaning to write for the past few weeks, but between the older kids schedules, the twins potty training, and the new puppy...well, it has been a tad busy around here!

Rigby (blue ribbon male out of Zima and Bob) is just amazing.  He is happy to run and play, but settles easily...even when there are four kids and all their friends running full-tilt around the house and yard.

He already knows how to sit, stay, and come (though he likes to be a bit stubborn about the latter lol), and he is doing quite well on the leash.

He is great with people and kids, and is doing beautifully at his once a week trip to doggy day care.

We are, simply put, completely in love with him.  Thank you for helping him into the world.

Hope all is well there!

Thanks Again,
Jen Sendling-Ortiz

Our pups are weaned from Mom to RAW Goats milk, then on to a quality natural kibble. I have chosen Fromm Family Gold Large Breed Puppy food. At 6 weeks old, I sometimes transition them to Inukshuk, all my adult dogs are fed Inukshuk. All my pups are given NuVet Plus supplement and will leave here with a sample. So please order your Nuvet Plus supplement before picking your new pup up. It is important to continue this supplement to boost their immune system so they can better handle the stress of a new environment and vaccinations.

Order your NuVet Plus here

Dog Vaccination Protocols

Benefits of feeding RAW Goats Milk

The German Shepherd Dog & Disease

6 weeks enjoying the outdoors

6 weeks enjoying the outdoors

6 weeks enjoying the outdoors

6 weeks enjoying the outdoors

Zima von Barren Berg & pups

 Zima & Bob pups have arrived on May 28th!  This is a repeat breeding. Expecting big block heads and nice bone. These pups have gone to their new homes.

Bob vom Parchimer Land 100% East

 Bob is a nice large  black & tan  East male out of SG Uncas vom Poppitz DJJM Sieger SCHH3 & SG Yina vom Parchimer Land SCHH1.  He has an excellent temperament & good bone substance. Hip's OFA Good, DM clear.

click here for Zima & Bob pups pedigree

1 week old

2 weeks old

3 weeks old

4 weeks old

5 weeks old

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