Mug Shots


Orange ribbon black male "Beau"

 Hi Cathy,

How are you? Sending a quick pic of Beau. He's awesome. Very sweet and smart and LOTS of energy :-).  Jodie


'Beau' is doing great.  He's such a sweet boy.  He hasn't met a dog or person yet that he doesn't like.  Everywhere we go, everyone comments both on how cute he is and how big he's going to be.  He has some big paws and and ears :-) As I'm sure you know, it's very hard to take a good pic of an all-black dog but I'm sending my most recent (a couple weeks ago).  We're looking forward to spring-making it easier to enjoy being outside.  We just adore him.  

I'll stay in touch!
P.S.  That's Beau with his brother Brody.  He loves him :-) 


Hi Cathy!

We are settling in over here although my little black bear still remains nameless...I'm making myself decide today: Gus, Finn, Kasch (thanks for the spelling), Duff (y) are the most likely outcomes :-)  I'm pretty sure he's the smartest little boy ever-he was doing the steps up and down to my front door within 2 hours of coming home and he's already doing 'sit'.  

Hope all is well there!  Thanks for breeding such an awesome boy.  

P.S.  I ran into a trainer in Petco who raved about you and your dogs.  (think her name was Charlotte?) 

Grey ribbon black male "Chase"

Hi Cathy!
Here's a pic of Chase coming up on a year old! Love him! Thank you so much!

 Hi Cathy,
Here's Chase at 7 months. Not a great pic but he was sitting still long enough for me to snap one. He's doing great! 70 lbs at last check and super smart. All in all he's a fantastic dog. Thanks again!


 Hi Cathy.... Chase is doing great. Here he is at 4 months. Happy, and healthy! Hope all is well.

 Hi Cathy,
Here is Chase on the 22nd of February. Exactly 3 months old and his first beach experience. He loved it. He's doing great! 32 lbs and growing fast! He's such a good boy and listens well. Already training him
On the basics.

 Hi Cathy,
So the little guys personality is slowly showing. Even though he seemed a bit tentative he definitely has nerves of steel, This one. He doesn't get worked up about anything new. Already is walking good on leash.. Can walk up and down a small stair case and he is DEFINITELY food driven thus far. I can't even get the bag out of the closet before he starts trying to climb in it to get to the food. He's awesome and I can't wait until he's older and I can start some training. Thanks again so much and I'll be in touch as he matures.

Blue ribbon sable male "Ransom"

Black ribbon sable male "Spirit"


Hi Cathy,

Spirit is doing great!!  His training is going well, he has been house broken for about 5 days now, thank goodness. He has been sleeping through the night in his crate since day 1. He weighs about 35 lbs now. He is growing fast! He loves to play fetch and can run like a deer.
He is very driven at whatever he does. We are waiting to here from John Horan to begin his formal trianing. He does well with sit, laying down, and stay. He does OK on the leash, but we are still working with him. He is a great dog! Very dedicated. We all love him.
Sorry it took so long to get back to you.

Thanks for everything!! Dawn, Kevin and Kyle Murphy.


Hi Cathy,

We named our sweet little guy Spirit.  He is doing great and is adjusting really well.  He has done very well crate training.  If he has an accident in the house he starts barking at it until we clean it up.  He is a character.  We enjoy having him with us.  He filled that empty spot in my heart that I have had since I lost my Shepherd 2 years ago.

I am going to start with puppy training with John Horan who has been training K9 dogs for years.

If we can get him to sit still we will get some good pics and I'll send them to you.

Thanks, Dawn

Green ribbon black male "Stryker" SOLD


Hi Cathy,

Stryker is great, he is highly intelligent and is extremely athletic.  He is eager to learn, and has already learned so many tricks.  He has high energy and loves to play.  Stryker is very quick and is already able to jump up over our furniture!  Thank you for our lovable new addition to our home.

Brian and Family


Pink ribbon black female "Delilah"


Hi Cathy,
Just checking in with you.  Delilah is a joy.  She is so smart and funny and were all really enjoying her!  She walks on a leash and does her business outside!  She goes to the door and cries when she has to go out! I am looking into fencing in my yard, she loves to run and LOVES the snow. Does not like night time to go to sleep  :)  She is trying to make friends with my cat but the cat is not having it right now.  She does not like the heat at all.  The first couple of nights I thought she was going to overheat, she panted all night long until we figured it out.  She is doing good in crate training...she knows "no"  "treat"  "outside" and "sit"  so smart.  I think she has grown already.  Her next Dr's apt is Feb for the second shot...I will let you know what her weight is.  She loves to play and "steals" whatever she can and puts it in her funny....anyway, talk to you soon.


Red ribbon sable female "Lucy"


Hi Cathy,

Girls are great. Lucy is a spitfire. She doesn't back down, all good. Luna puts her in her place when she's had enough. Lucy is a eating machine, no issues with holding food down, both Lucy and Luna are gaining weight and I think Lucy is good for Luna. Accident here and there but doing good with going potty outside ( at least for me :) ). Understand bed ( crate time ) because she gets a treat when she goes into crate. She is Luna's shadow. Always wants to be with her. Monday we are going to Peabody for 3rd round of puppy shots. We can't thank you enough. We love her!!!!

Anthony Puleio

Purple ribbon black female "Stella"

This is from Bob Simmons on Cape Cod  Stella is now about a year old and
very healthy  Matt White was doing some training with her last month and
he sent this film.

Bob Simmons



 Your dog, now named "Stella" is doing fine.  She weighs about 35 pounds and when I take her for walks in my neighborhood people stop their cars as they want to play with her.  On the beach (where we take limited walks due to the sloop of the sand) everyone (other dog owners) remark what a lovely dog she is.

we have not taken her to puppy socialization as a young woman, up the street, works at Pets Mart training dogs and trains ours; that coupled with a new neighborhood (we moved here December 31) and many taking their dogs for a walk Stella has lots of dog friends.

My granddaughter, Rachel, plays with Stella in the house for at least an hour a day.

 She is a very loving and smart dog...will get you some picutres.


Lita & Dohate pups were born November 22nd 2013.  These pups have gone to their new homes.

Lita vom Sucherquelle OFA Good

Dohate vom Braun

 Dohate is a large strong male with solid nerves and excellent disposition. Good bone and head, black sable. 

Lita & Dohate pups 7 weeks old

Lita & Dohate pups 3.5 weeks old

Lita & Dohate pups 3 weeks old

Lita & Dohate pups 2 weeks old

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