Zima & Bob pups were born 9/28/13. 4 females and 3 males.  These pups have gone to their new homes.


Red ribbon black & tan female "Shchuka"



Shchuka is smart and a good girl...for the most part.  She likes her crate and knows commands to go to the crate, to sit, lay down, stay, come and jump.  Very few accidents and always right at the back door.  She is much improved with the leash since we introduced the pinch collar.  She often lets us pet her and even rub her belly.  She is very social with neighbors and neighborhood dogs.  The only issue is when she turns into a little demon and starts attacking us with nipping and biting.  She could care less if you yelp or turn away.  We are trying to teach her the command "out" to release what ever she has in her mouth.  We are hoping some puppy-to-puppy socialization might help.  Thank you for the other trainers links.  We will reach out to some of them.  At this point we are willing to travel.

Her name is Russian for pike.  The pike is a dog-faced fish with ferocious teeth.   According to Russian folklore, catching a pike brings lots of luck.  I guess she is living up to her namesake with her teeth at this point.  LOL!

Happy New Year to you too!


Yellow ribbon black female "Bailey"


Hi Cathy!  Ali and Mike Currie here just giving you an update on Bailey. (all black female from Zima and Bob's litter)  She is amazing.  She is gorgeous and growing like a weed!  Her 13 week checkup on Friday she was 28 lbs and very healthy.  We have found a great local Vet and she is right on track with all her shots. We absolutely love her.  She is doing great with Ali's parents 2 other Shepherd's and she does great around people and other dogs.  House breaking went fairly smooth and we found out that we also are HUGE fans of crate training.  We couldn't be more happy with Bailey, the dog that we received from NordOsten Kennels.  We will certainly keep you updated with Baileys progress, we will surely do business again with you and NordOsten Kennels!

- Mike and Ali Currie-

Pink ribbon black & tan female "Lexi"

 Hi Cathy

Lexi graduated from Puppy Kindergarten at PetsSmart. It was a good for Lexi, she got lots of socialization and received lots of attention from customers  wanted to see "that beautiful puppy".  Her paws and legs are now larger than Ursa's.  I think she will need a stall when she is all grown up!!
We have discovered a wonderful conservation area in Harwich (about 6 minutes from where we live)  where the girls can run off leash.  There are lots of other dogs to socialize with.  Lexi is comfortable approaching any dog not matter how large.
Next month she will be spending two and half weeks with The Dog Butler (Terry Haskins) for training while Linda and I travel to New Zealand.  Ursa will also be staying with Terry (she stayed and trained with Terry many years ago.  I expect Lexi will do very well she is a very smart determined pup.

All the best,


 Hi Cathy

Lexi has not had a house training incident for over week.  She is doing very well in puppy school (completed three weeks).  We found conservation land in Harwich which has many dogs (they are allowed to be off leash) with lovely trails and open fields.  She has been doing well socializing with the other dogs here and in her puppy class.  She is starting to learn about playing with  "chucket" with the tennis ball.
She likes to be with us particularly in the kitchen when we are preparing dinner.  She just sits and takes in the everything- very cute. She still gets into puppy mischief and can be a bit determined, but she is also very sweet.


Purple ribbon black & tan female "Zaide"


Green ribbon black & tan male "Bear"


Hi Cathy,
Writing to share an update on Bear from Zima and Bob's August 2013 litter.  Even before we picked up our puppy, we knew we would consult help from trainers to teach us how to work with our dog to have a happy life with him.  Bear is almost seven months, around 60 pounds plus, and super smart.  The trainer that came by last night has many years experience with dogs of all breeds including Eastern GSDs and could not stop commenting on what a great dog we have.  He said that Bear has the temperament of a 2 to 3 year old dog.  He said that we hit the Dog Jackpot and probably wouldn't find another dog like Bear in a million dogs.  He said that Bear will be super easy to train (which we already knew) and that we are some lucky dog owners.  Bear is great with all of our four young children and of course, handsome.  Thanks again.  Despite the three hour drive to your place, I have to say we will test our 'one in a million' odds for another awesome dog from you in a couple years!  Keep up the great work.
Sasha and Toby
Cheshire, CT


Doing great!
Bear (green pup) is the love of my husbands life. Lol! He is a fast learner. Already settling into routines. Starting puppy classes in a few weeks. Trying to get out and meet people and places for a well rounded pup. Keeping him busy. How big is Bob?  Bear's big paws make us wonder what to expect. My husband has started scent games for fun with Bear and he's already catching on. 
Lots of work to do it right, but we are enjoying him very much.  Vet thinks he has a good temperament too.
Thanks so much! 
Sasha Richard 

Blue ribbon black & tan male "Ruger"

Thanx again for Ruger , he is almost at the year and one half point and he is outstanding . He is eager to work in training , hard driving , and great temperament . I have had G.S.D’s my entire life and hard pressed to remember a better all around dog , and there were some pretty big paws to fill .                 Thank you Jack Costello

Just wanted to send along Rugers 1st birthday picture.  We can't believe he is a year old.  Time flies and we still could not be any happier.  Ruger has certainly been a perfect addition to our family, and as you can see in the picture king of the castle.  Thank you again for such a wonderful dog, he is truly loved.
Lorri and Jack


Hi Cathy
Just wanted to send along pictures of Ruger at nine months. He is such a fantastic dog.  His awesome good looks, his intelligence ( so easy to train) and his great personality make for one special dog.  We have been so blessed to have him be a part of our family.  We love and spoil him everyday.  Thank you so much

Lorri and Jack Costello

P.s. His favorite thing in the whole world....chasing a hockey puck :)

Hi Cathy
Attached are a couple pictures of our "Ruger" formally known as blue ribbon boy.  He has been the perfect puppy.  His personality and intelligence is unbelievable.  We could not love him more, already an important part of our family.  We could not be any happier he truly has been a blessing.  I hope you know that he will be loved more than you could imagine (meaning yes he is already spoiled).  Thank you so much for allowing us the opportunity to add him to our lives.
Thank you so much
Lorri and Jack Costello

Orange ribbon black & tan male "Jax"

 Hi Cathy,

Merry Christmas!! 

I'm sorry we haven't contacted you sooner.  It's funny in all the research
Justin and I have done about training and raising a German Shepherd puppy,
it said, "You need to make time to play with your puppy every day."  Well,
that's all we do when we are not working!?  It's so hard to leave him

I cannot begin to tell you how much we love Jaxon. Aside from the fact that
he's a beautiful dog......he attracts attention everywhere we go......he's
sweet and so much fun to hang out with. 

We have enrolled him at a local dog training center called "Pack of Paws"
and he's learning a lot for only three months old.  He's very intelligent
and learns quickly.  He mastered crate training in a week, which we thought
was amazing. 

I see you're very busy with Lita's little ones.  They are beautiful, too. I
really like the dark coats on them. 

We will be keeping an eye on your website, as Justin and I are entertaining
the idea of getting another German Shepherd from you.

Take good care and I wish you all the best in the new year.


Zima & Bob vom Parchimer Land pups arrived 9/28/13!  Zima is a standard size female, strong build and solid nerves. Good drive and excellent temperament. 

Zima von Barren Berg

Bob vom Parchimer Land

Bob is a solid built typical east male with big bone and head. He has an excellent temperament, very strong, 100% East, OFA good.

Zima & Bob pups

Zima & Bob pups 1 week old

Zima & Bob pups 4 weeks old

Diner time! 6 weeks old

Zima & Bob pups 7 weeks old

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