Josie & Dohate pups were born on September 5th 2013.


Navy ribbon sable male "Marcus"

 Hi Cathy,

I have some updated pictures of Marcus. Three are from his first time at the ocean at Cranes. The picture of him sleeping was on the way back from a trip to Lake Winnipesaukee while we were checking things at our Summer place.Hopefully you get these pictures. The cut and paste on my email is acting a little weird.

He's still a handful. Lots of energy. The cold weather is finally breaking and it will be good to be outdoors more with him.

Thank you for keeping us in mind when Marcus came available. He is everything I wanted in a puppy.

Joe Chancler

Hi Cathy,

Sorry I haven't responded until now. I haven't been checking my emails over the last few days.

We named the puppy Marcus. Everything is going great. He has been completely  housebroken for about a week now. He has been to the vet and got a third round of shots.

Marcus is in puppy kindergarten and had his first class yesterday. He's definately the smartest puppy there and probably the smartest dog we have ever had. He loves everyone.

We are very lucky to have him. I'm glad we didn't wait until spring like we were planning.

I did have one question for you though. We are going to have him neutered, and was planning in March when he will be about 9 months old. The vet said that it's our choice but some people wait until the puppy is a year old so the puppy will be fully developed before neutering. I did a little research and a lot of people say to wait until the puppy has reached maturity at at least a year old. They say that neutering before the puppy has reached maturity can affect bone structure and can lead to some other health problems. Marcus will never be off leash or out of our fenced yard and never be with females that are not spayed. What do you think is the best age to neuter a male German Shepherd puppy?

I'll get a picture of Marcus to you over the next few days.

Thanks again for keepng us in mind when Marcus came available. We love him and look forward to a long happy life with him.

Joe Chancler

Grey ribbon black male

Thank you again for allowing  me the pleasure to have Mako part of my life.   We’ve had some small up’s and down’s but it’s all worth it. 
Here is a pick of him today on his 6th Birthday. 

 Hey Cathy, 

Thanks for the phone call last night, sorry I wasn’t able to chat with you.  Mako has been a dream.  He is very well behaved and had some minor puppy incidents around Christmas time with wires.  He is ok, he was smart enough to pull the plugs first, lol.  He enjoys everything.  From the moment we brought him home he has been the social butterfly.  He loves the dog park, but got into a little scruff with an aggressive one, to which he handles his own at 3 and a half months.  Not only at the dog park, but walking downtown and with the kids he’s been wonderful.  He is very playful and energetic.  We had a holiday party here at the house back in December.  Make was such a good boy.  He sniffs around and made his presence know, but he never begged.  He just got in the way by laying on the kitchen floor in the way of everyone.  He was a huge hit.  He loves toys, especially empty water bottles.  Also, the frozen carrot treat is a big winner and still enjoys them as treats up to 4 a day.  

As of last week, we have been giving he the opportunity to roam in the yard without a leash.  He does very well, and loves chasing a tree branch or a ball.  We think he is approaching the 70 pound mark, seeing as he was over 50 at the last vet visit in February.  He is all up to date and Dr. Kaser of the Brewster Animal Hospital loves him.  Make has yet to meet his step brother ASA with his daddy Lloyd Oja.  That will happen soon enough.  There is still a battle of wars between Mako and Sophia, my 13 yr old miniature schnauzer.  She keeps him in place, but she is teaching him a couple bad habits, such as barking and jumping, lol.  

In two weeks, Mako will start classes at the Ultimate Dog, with Matt, in Hyannis for commands.  He was recommended by Dr. Kaser.  

Thank you again, and they say good things come to those who wait.  I am glad Mako was the last one to go.  He is a great addition to our family.

Talk soon,
Glenn and John

Orange ribbon black male "Gunnar"



     I hope all is well. I have given out your information on a few occasions when people have inquired about my beautiful dog Gunnar. He is a holy terror! Exactly as he should be at this age. He is so bright I have to lock him out or in the house because he knows how to turn a knob! Otherwise he leaves the door wide open.

        Trying to wait till he's a year to neuter him. He's been a fast learner and he is so athletic its amazing. Can't wait for spring to try out what he can really do. 




We just adore this little guy. He is growing fast and is so bright, a true joy added to our life.


Thank you so much!


Michelle and Michael

Blue collar sable male "Roady"

  Roady is fantastic, the happiest gsd I have ever seen and so loyal and loving, he is my shadow.  He has nerves of steel, and just like he was when I met him he evaluates a situation before he reacts.  You can see him think and figure things out.  As he gets older and has more experiences he knows what is an appropriate reaction and what is not, he is amazing to watch and everything I hoped for.  Reminds me a lot of my boy we lost which I love!  I'll send a pic but will send another later in the week, he gets groomed on Thursday so the rest of his undercoat will come out.

Thanks again!!!

 Hi Cathy

Here are a few updated pictures of Roady at five months.  He is such a wonderful boy, well mannered, adjusts easily to new situations, loyal and has amazing instincts.  All the qualities we were hoping for! He's perfect!

Thank you!

Blue collar sable male "Roady"

 Just a cute pic, Roady helped out Todd and the troopers at the toys for tots drive.  Such a good boy!!

 Hi Cathy

Just wanted to drop a note to let you know how much we love Roady.  He is the perfect addition to our family and was absolutely worth the wait! My 3 year old gsd, Monty, is doing very well in the role of big brother.  He sleeps outside his crate when he cries and he keeps a close eye on him in the yard.  Roady is still a little to young for Monty to play with, which doesn't stop Monty from trying, but I can already tell they will be best friends.  My 12 year old lab is thrilled Monty has a new friend to focus on so he will leave him alone.  He so far has no interest in the bird which makes the bird happy and he met my horse and even kissed him.  Thank you so much for such a wonderful, well adjusted pup, we look forward to a long life ahead with him.

Kind regards
Veronica, Todd, Bailey, Monty, Roady, Lex and Birdie

Brown ribbon sable male "Zakim"

Green ribbon sable male "Jake"

Future SAR prospect

Hi Cathy,
Hope you are doing well. Thought you might like an update on Jake from Josie & Dohate's litter in 2013. I can't stress how great he has been for us. I've had trainers and folks who specialize in working shepherds comment on his focus, drive, and appearance. He is an ace at competitive nosework and tracking, both of which I have been doing with him since about 6 months of age. He loves hiking, playing ball and frisbee, and exploring as you can see in the photos. He is in line to go to work as a SAR K9 with a local volunteer organization once my training catches up with his! All in all he is the best dog I've had, I'll be back one day to get him a sibling.
Take care,


Hi Cathy,

Nice to hear from you. 
Jake is doing great. He flew through puppy obedience and is now enjoying his foundation nose work training. He is really athletic and loves to play ball, frisbee, tug, and hike in the woods. One of these days it will warm up and we can try swimming. He is super loyal, smart, and affectionate. We are very lucky to have him. 



Hi Cathy,

Thanks for the email. Jake is doing excellent, much better than I expected. 
He handled the 6+ hour ride home with minimal crying. He bonded with his new people and pet family really well (loves to follow the cat around). He took to the crate at home with no problem and has slept through the night from pretty much the beginning. House training was no problem either; It took him about 5 days to get the idea, now he goes to the back door and rings a bell to go out. Vet checks have all been good. 
I have been doing positive marker training with him which he enjoys. He loves to tug, run, and eat everything he can get his mouth on. He also has the appetite of a small horse so I can only imagine what you spend on food. 
He is in a little bit of a run away mode right now when we are out socializing, but I'm chalking that up to a passing fear period. Don't know if you've noticed that in any of your dogs as they were maturing but from what I read it is fairly common. We are looking forward to teething and what adventures that might bring. 
I attached a couple photos of Jake for you to see. 



Red ribbon black female "Kirra"

Hi Cathy, sending you a couple of updated pics of Kirra, 3 years old. She is doing well and just loving life. We love her to pieces.

Hi Cathy, look who is two today (Kirra). She has become a wonderful dog and a major part of our family. All the grand kids love her, now that she no longer has some of those puppy tendencies. (nipping and jumping). We could not be any happier, You will forever have our gratitude for making her available to us. Thanks Carlos and Cheryl.


Hi Cathy, just a little update on Kirra as she nears her first birthday.She is a wonderful dog i we could not be any happier. She is a ball of energy, just when we think she is getting tired she goes into another gear and sometimes we just can't keep up with her. We have her going into daycare a couple of days a week just so she can play with her dog friends without us slowing her down. She will  be going back to her training classes in September. They also have a nose class and we are thinking of giving it a try. I am enclosing a couple of pictures from today.


Hi Cathy,
Kirra is doing very well, she is getting big at six months she weighed 45lbs. She has the makings of a very good watchdog as nobody comes near the house without us knowing about it. We have her going to daycare a couple of times a week and enrolled her in group basic training to help her associate with other dogs and she is doing well there also. She is having an issue with motion sickness when we take her in the car. She seems to be getting slightly better we are hoping she grows out of it. (if you have any hints to help we would appreciate it.) We would like to  bring her up for you to see her when we resolve this. On the naughty side she stole a peanut butter sandwich out of my hand and jumped on top of the kitchen table to get a pair of gloves to chew on. She loves going for our walks in the morning, it's almost impossible to tire her out. I have enclosed a couple of pictures I took tonight. Cheryl says hi. Bye for now, I will try to update you a little more often.


A couple of picture of Kirra at 11 weeks old, from Josie and Dohate. She is doing great, and has pretty much wowed everyone she has met. She is a very strong willed puppy, but she is finally accepting and freely going in her crate which has made things a lot quieter around here. LOL. O Thanks again for all your help in setting us up with her. 
                          Carlos and Cheryl.

Pink ribbon sable female "Maia"

 Hi Cathy    Thought you might like to see how she's grown.  17 lbs. of love at her last vet check!

We're really enjoying her.  The Brides family

Josie & Dohate

Josie & Dohate pups have arrived 9/5/13!  These pups have gone to their new homes.
Josie is a standard size female, athletic, fun personality, good with kids and other dogs. She is a 4th generation, her great grandmother is Tula von Barren Berg and her lines go back to Rin Tin Tin the 4th.

Josie & Dohate pups 2 weeks old

3 weeks old

Josie's pups 4 weeks old

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