Georgia & Dohate pups were born August 19th, 2013. These pups have gone to their new homes.


Mint ribbon female "Fluffy"

 Hi Cathy.

Since it has been a year (which I can't believe!) I thought I should send some updated pics of Fluffy. She is still doing very well and no one can believe she was once the runt of the litter as she is already tipping the scales at 65 lbs.

She is a very energetic, well adjusted girl. Quite the smart cookie too! Our 7 yr old daughter Lilly who was once very scared of dogs now can't imagine life without our 'Fluffernutter.' Fluffy always keeps a watchful eye out for Lilly which is great.

I have attached a recent pic from her daycare. She loves the smaller dogs and has been known to even squish herself into the crate that the chihuahua and dachshund use!

 Hi Cathy.

Here are a few recent pics of Fluffy. Though I'm hoping for spring to come soon, Fluffy LOVES the snow. Rolls in it, lays in it, eats it, plays in it...she just can't get enough. We just have a little patch of snow left in the yard after the warm weather today and Fluffy looked so sad seeing it get smaller and smaller. Wait till summer though, we already talking about getting her a little plastic kiddy pool to romp in. (she loves water even more than the snow!)

-Vanessa Keefe


Hi Cathy. 

Fluffy is doing really well. Up to 50 lbs already and growing like a weed. She was just spayed a week ago and has recovered quite quickly. Training has been going well too and we are looking into AKC good citizenship classes as we want to keep her busy and learning. We learned the hard way that she is an incredibly smart dog and if we don't keep her busy, she will find something to entertain herself (namely pulling 5 feet of window trim off the bottom of the bay window in the kitchen and then proudly walking around the house with it taking out a shelf of wine glasses in the process). 

She also loves our cats but the feeling I can say is definitely not mutual for 2 out of 3 of the cats. 1 of the cats however has learned the secret - don't run. If she just sits there Fluffy doesn't quite know what to do so Fluffy moves on and leaves her alone. Our daughter Lilly has finally learned the same secret, don't scream and run and Fluffy won't chase you. The dog trainer actually ended up working more with our 6 year old daughter Lilly than he did with Fluffy (who is very food motivated and quick to train). I am pleased to say that Lilly and Fluffy are quickly becoming friends...though we won't let Lilly walk with Fluffy as she is incredibly strong. She wiped my 260 lb husband off his feet the other day when she bolted a wee bit too fast down the front steps for her morning walk. 

I will send some pics shortly (can't figure out how to attach them via my iPad). We were just looking last weekend at some of the pics when we brought her home for the first time - she was so tiny it's hard to believe she's the same dog! 

She is so sweet and loving, we can't thank you enough for breeding such a great dog!

Vanessa Keefe 

 Hi Cathy.

Just wanted to drop you a note to say hi. Fluffy is doing great and is starting to tip the scales at almost 28 lbs! She has developed an absolute love of leaf piles...hopping into them, rolling in them and falling asleep in them (which she did shortly after I took this picture of her).

She has been a fantastic addition to our family. Just wanted to say thank you again!

-Vanessa Keefe


Hi Cathy. 
She is doing very well. We did decide to name her Fluffy after all and she is already coming when we call her. She truly is one adorable little ball of fluff! 
We are very impressed at how well she took to the crate and made it her home. Plus she has been so quick to learn to do her business outside. She is incredibly well behaved too!
Here are a few pics and I will send a few more next week. 
Thank you for everything!

Red ribbon sable female "Bella"

 Hi Cathy,

She is doing great.  She is a wonderful addition to our family.  She is so patient and kind to my three girls.  I am pretty sure she thinks she is a 7 year old girl :)
She has a very sensitive and loving way about her.  She is getting very big.  She is about 70 lbs now.


Hi Cathy,
Just wanted to let you know that Bella is doing great!  The girls adore her and she is such a good puppy!!  She slept through the first night and is great about letting us know when she needs to go out.
We will send more pictures soon.
The Mara Family

Yellow ribbon black female "Willow"

 Hi Cathy, I brought Willow to the vet the other day for more heartworm meds and she weighed 73lbs. She doesn't look that heavy. She is still a little monster to Wyatt, but we love her anyway.

 Hi Cathy,  You were right about the puppy--- She is cute and cuddly and she is also a spitfire.  Crate training is going well.(compared to Wyatt) She only goes in the crate at night. She wakes up twice a night yelling and we take her out and she does her business. She has only had one accident in the house so far. We have a double flap doggie door for dogs up to 150 lbs. that she mastered the first night home. She is SO damn smart! Today she climbed up the six ft. retaining stone wall in my garden like a little black mountain goat. She is fearless. Wyatt and her are already chasing each other around the house and outside. It is like they were always together. That alone makes getting through puppyhood worth it. I included a picture of Wyatt and how much he likes her.  Daryl

Purple ribbon black & tan female "Kikka"

Hi Cathy,

How are you? 

Well, Kikka is almost 8 months old and now has her period.  I knew no more females!!!!!  Kuno  is going crazy, trying to keep them separated, he's still in tact.  One in a crate, one out, and vice versa.  Any other suggestions?  How long does this heat last???

Also below, Kikka ate the basket I had for the outside toys.  Then she ate the large plastic bowl, now I bought a large wire container and everyday she tips it over to get her toys out.  However, she really prefers the plastic watering can, the pool hose, the door mat and ate the handle off the jolly ball.  This is a calm morning with her.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

Best to you,


Hi Cathy,

Just want to let you know we made it back safe. 

Purple did very well.  Going through security she went crazy barking and drew lots of attention.  That was exciting!!

On plane she started out doing the same, I wanted to crawl under the seat myself, but then I let her have her head out of the bag with it staying zipped around her so she couldn't get out and she was fine.  She just wanted to see what was going on.  She drank water from a plastic cup and ate her dinner out of it also.  She waited to poop until we arrived home.  All good, even the flight attendants said she was a pleasure and so cute and sweet.

Purple and Kuno have made friends today and when she went for his food, he gave her one large bark, scared all of us and she went scurrying over to the Sherpa bag and crawled in whining.  Now as you can see in the pictures they're playing.

I'll send more pictures as I get them.  Many, many thanks again for our little purple darling!!!  Still working on name.

Back to you later,
Best Regards,

Pink ribbon black & tan female "Zoey"

 Hi Cathy,

Here are a few pics of Zoey I took today in our front yard.  She is
doing great.  She travels with me where ever I go, even to work.  She is
a loyal companion and does not stray too far from me.  She is a real


Zoey is doing awesome! She just passed her puppy class. We will be moving onto the next class soon. We have to download pictures from our camera. David promises to send a picture this week! She is about 60 LBS. and a total love! The whole extended family loves her too! My cat... not so much! Thank you for her. She is a wonderful addition to the family. I just bought her a bunch of toys this weekend.

Take care,



Brown ribbon black & tan male "Beck"

 Hi Cathy,
Oh my gosh, Beck is huge.  I think he skipped over the puppy stage (minus the chewing).  He's about 7-8 months old now and we are really enjoying him.  The weather is getting better now so we are taking him for long walks and have found a spot in the woods where we can let him run free and throw the frisbee.  We, of course, went through about 4 plastic ones until we came across a non-toxic rubber frisbee that appears to be BECK proof. 
We are really enjoying him and look forward to many more years to come.
Pics attached.
Thanks again,
Terri Mitchell

 Hi Cathy,
Just checking in with you in regards to the pup I purchased from you 3 weeks ago.
Well, you were absolutely right.  He is just the best dog ever.  We named him Beck.  We wanted a good German name. :-)
Beck has seen the vet and he is in excellent health.  He is already potty trained with only one accident a few days ago.  He enjoys the kids and I take him every where I can to get him exposed to other people and other dogs.  So far he is adjusting just fine.  I have found myself in the alpha momma role as he follows me all over the house.  He has a wonderful disposition and I know he's going to be very happy here.  We are still working on the relationship between him and the cat.  My cat is tolerating him for now but sends him a few corrections (swats) here and there.  He just wants to play with her and she has no patience for that.  I see that she relates to him much like she did with our other dogs so I'm confident that they will be the best of friends once he matures. 
I have attached a few snapshot of Beck.  He is growing every day and he's well on his way to be a big boy.  A big boy with a gentle heart.  I am so excited and happy with my choice and I am so relieved that I did business with such a wonderful breeder. 
Thank you so much!!
Terri Mitchell
and my girls (Jayme and Emily)

Green ribbon black male "Kingston" (right)


Hi Cathy –

Hope all is well!

I wanted to chime in with you with an update on my boy!  He is super smart and we continue to go to school for training every other Thursday.  My dog trainer is amazing and teaches me so much (as well as Kingston)!

 He is just a love bug and makes me laugh every day.  Continues to get along with everybody 2 and 4 legged that we meet!  I am waiting until he is about 20 months (1 year 8 months) old before I start to take him jogging with me (so around April / May next year).  

His girlfriend is Lucia who is a Boxer mix.  She is my neighbor’s dog and when he sees her outside in the field he starts crying to go outside to play!  They adore each other and play so well together.

 His big bro Benson still tolerates him J.  I think Benson would actually be sad if King wasn’t around.  My mom adores him and asks me all the time to take him for a few days!  She literally drives an hour to grab him and take him to New Hampshire.  He does love it up there with all the open fields and brooks.  He is great company for long walks!  I was finally able to take him to Malibu Beach in Dorchester.  He absolutely LOVES the water!  I would throw his chuck it ball and he would dive in for it and swim back waiting for me to throw it again!  (I attached a video as well – hope you are able to view it)

 I last weighed him about 3-4 weeks ago and he was a lean mean 88 lbs.  Happy and Healthy and I cannot believe he is over 1 year now.  I am not sure what I would do without him!  Thank you again – he is the best dog ever!

Attached are a few pics!

Enjoy and I will be in touch again soon!



Hi Cathy –

Hope all is great with you!

I wanted to send an update on my baby boy!  Kingston is still the best!  We continue go to training every other Thursday and he is thriving!  Such a smart boy!

He loves loves loves to play ball!  We play every day!  He can hold 3 orange Chuck It Balls in his mouth at once and run around!  Crazy dog!  J

I have not been able to get to the beach with him so I haven’t tested out his swimming skills.  I hope to get there at some point this summer.


Whenever I walk around Dorchester people stop to tell me how gorgeous he is!  He loves the attention!  He plays so well with all dogs we meet in the park and is super friendly with adults and children – although we are working on receiving treats in a more gentle manner!!  I still feel like he is going to take off my hand sometimes. (haha) – so I don’t allow kids to give him treats yet.  We will get there.

 Here is a picture taken on Memorial Day.  He is with my sisters dog Benny.  They are good friends – but sometimes King likes to invade Benny’s space.  Benny will let him know to get lost…..but King doesn’t always take note of Bennys cues.  It’s funny.

 I cannot believe he will be a year old in August – time just flies!!!  I’ll be sure to send a birthday pic!

 I hope things are great and I will of course chime in with you again real soon! 



Hi Cathy –

I have been meaning to write to you and send you pics after Veronica did not too long ago.  Things have been so busy I feel like I haven’t had 2 seconds.  J

 Kingston is just THE BEST!  He is doing so well and a HUGE love!  I have him at Day Care called Fenway Bark a few days a week.  He is definitely a fan favorite over there.  He loves the people and they just adore him.  He gets well socialized and has never once had a problem with any other dogs.  The caretakers say King’s best friends is this one huge Great Dane named Abe and this little Boston Terrier named Luke.  Couldn’t be more different in size – haha – but I think its super cute!

I also have him in training at The Compatible Dog in Brookline.  We go every other Thursday for an hour.  He is doing great – definitely shows off and is an A+ student during school then relaxes a bit when we work on skills at home!  (haha) But he is doing very well with obedience.

 He has had 2 flare ups of Panosteitis.  1st time was his left front leg (January) and the 2nd was his right front (last week).  I have him treated with Rimadyl and limit his activity and he is normal and not limping within 5 days.  He doesn’t act like he is in a lot of pain…still wants to run and jump, plays with all his toys, has no fever and eats the same and bowel movements are the same.  The dog trainer and vet say it’s rather common in large breeds and he should grow out of it.  J

 I get so many compliments on him all the time and throw out your name and Kennel.  There was another black shepherd at my dog training place last week.  A gentlemen there wanted to specifically know where I purchased King!  (Of course King was the most handsome and a much more calm, cool and collected temperament than the other) – I was flattered!  He truly is such a great dog with a great personality!!  - - and he has mighty big paws – EVERYONE comments on his BIG PAWS!!  I love it!

 Here are a few pics! 

I will definitely chime in with you again very soon!

(last weigh in about 2 weeks ago he was 67-68lbs) (The collar on him in the pic makes it look like its tight on him – it really isn’t  L I wish I took it off for these photos)

Cheers -


Hi Cathy –

I have been wanting to update you on Kingston!  I am so happy to have him!  He has been nothing but a joy to me!  And to think I was hesitant at first not knowing if I was ready!  Glad Todd and Veronica nudged me to give you a deposit that 1st visit.


King is great!  He is fully housebroken (YEAHHHH!!)  – gives a little bark/cry and sits in front of the door waiting for me to put on the leash when he needs to go out!  We are still in the teething era.  He likes to come up under the table when I am working from home and take a little chunk out of my foot.  Haha – we are working on it.  A lot of his adult teeth are coming in.  He knows ‘sit’, ‘give me paw’ and ‘stay’.  However, the ‘come’ can be a little challenging at times!  Haha

He will be 4 months on Monday and I just weighed him and he is ~44 lbs.  He looks great!


He loves to annoy my sisters 5 year old terrier mix Benson (Benny).  Benny tolerates him!  It’s really cute.

Both my sister and I live across from different parks so he loves to be off leash playing ball and chasing all his new friends. 


I remember asking when his ears would go up.  Well…….they most certainly did!  They are like large antenna’s on his head!  He is just so super adorable.


Veronica and Todd’s pup Roady came over the weekend after Thanksgiving.  King and Roady wrestled with each other and played forever!  They had a ton of fun!


Here are a few pics!

Will chime in with you again soon.

Have a very Merry Christmas!


Dawn and Kingston


Hi Cathy –

I decided to name him Kingston (aka KING).  King is doing fantastic!  I think he loves his new home and neighborhood.

We run around in the field and he follows and chases me.  He is such a little puffball!

 He and my sisters dog Benson get along great!   As far as potty training - he has been doing real well with going outside as I try to get him on a routine.  So far only 1 accident.  J 

Bedtime was tough as he cried for 10 min straight in his crate and it broke my heart.  He is in my room but just wanted no part of the crate.  Eventually he calmed down and fell right to sleep.  Slept the whole night – no accidents nor did he cry in the middle of the night.  J

 He loves to run around and play….then when he is tired – just goes to this one spot in my living room and passes out – it’s cute!

 Here are 2 pics  –

I’ll keep them coming!

 Thank you so much –

I just love him to pieces.


Blue ribbon black & tan male "Mica"

Mica @3yrs He's still very immature & playful .. Loves everyone & everyone loves him! Well traveled lots of praise! Have given your name too many. Renee

 Hi,  just wanted to tell you how happy we are with Mica. He's awesome lots of fun!  Denis thankfully got the week off and is enjoying his new baby...Everything we have introduced him to is no prob, very smart! Crating was piece of cake, first night in crate slept all night, not a peep! Riding in car in crate no prob, going down cape tomorrow. He slept on ride home day we picked him up. Hasn't pooped in house, peeing a little tougher but pretty good. Can go up & down stairs to go out.. got a good handle on house training already! Thanks so much for our boy!! Jester not so thrilled, taking work, jealous!  I'll keep in touch.

Georgia von NordOsten

Dohate vom Braun

 Dohate is a large strong male with solid nerves and excellent disposition. Good bone and head, black sable. 

Georgia & pups

2 weeks old

3 weeks old

3.5 weeks old

3.5 weeks old

5 weeks old

Georgia & Dohate pups 7 weeks old

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