Halle & Bob pups


Green ribbon male "Argus"


Hey Cathy!
I know you're following Argus's antics on his Facebook page, but I thought I'd send you an updated photo or to for the website!

Argus is definitely in his terrible 2's, but we can't complain too much - he's still so much better behaved than many dogs we know.  He loves being in the snow so much that he doesn't like to come in.  We think maybe he thought he'd never see snow again after last year.  It truly is his favorite thing.

He's finally hit 80lbs, and has become a complete musical of love.  Lots of those German Shepherd squeaks, and he loves to be with us as much as he can be.

We also have 2 ferrets in the house....sometimes he goes into his crate all by himself if the ferrets are awake so we'll let them out - he loves ferret TV!

We hope to maybe finally go north this spring or summer and meet up with his sister, and you too!  Thanks again for such a great pup!

~Renée Corine & Kurtis


Hi Cathy!
Even though I know you've liked Argus's page on Facebook I wanted to send over a quick note. 

At 7 months old Argus is weighing in at 70lbs. and we've made the decision to get him neutered next week. Although it would have been fun to wait and maybe breed him, we think it's probably better for our lifestyle to get it done.

His energy and smarts continue to grow.  We've had a fun winter with him, and he has mastered the art of catching snowballs.  We need to work on his patience a little though, as sometimes he wants the snowball so bad he just goes right to where you're picking up the snow.

Doggie daycare has been wonderful for him and he has a lot of fun playing with other dogs.  His timid phase is slowly turning into confidence. We just love him so much and Kurtis tells me we have it so easy with his upbringing.

I may have heard you occasionally have meet-ups at your kennel for the dogs you've bred - consider us interested come springtime!

Thanks so much, and I really enjoying seeing all the new puppies - I wish we had room for another one!

Renée & Kurtis

Hi Cathy!

We are having a blast with our little man Argus (formerly known as Halle and Bob Green), who isn't so little anymore!  He is such a love, and is so smart.  We're already 3 weeks into puppy class and he puts the other dogs to shame.  He loves being around people and kids, and is learning how to get along with our cat and ferrets.  So far the cat wishes he wasn't here and the ferrets taunt him in his crate.  We just keep working on it. 

I've attached some pictures of our growing boy.  He's nearly 4 months old and just shy of 40 lbs.  Kurtis still picks him up anyway, but he's getting too big for me!

We are so happy we found you and your pups!

Renée and Kurtis

Orange ribbon black & tan male "Luka" (right)

Luka is doing fabulous. He is a very healthy 100lb big baby, also can be very stubborn & non-stop (his not so favorite comand is "Luka settle") haha. He goes to lots of training classes & excels in rally, he also is super sociable, loves people / attention. He still thinks he's a puppy or a 20lb lapdog. I love him.

Hello Cathy

Luka is horse.  At 61/2 months, weighted in at 82 lbs.  I am scared!  We have had our challenges with him but he is doing well.


Blue ribbon black & tan male "Titus"

Titus has been a wonderful addition to our family! He's the best!


Navy ribbon black male "Newman"

We love our Newman!!

Brown ribbon black male


Pink ribbon female "Dita"

Dita at 18 months!

 Hi Cathy,
Just wanted to check in and say "hi" and give you a little update on Dita (8 and 1/2 months now)! She is perfect, such a good, sweet dog and very intelligent! We are so happy with her and can't wait to get another! She loves the snow and chasing snowballs and last week (on one of the warmer days) she couldn't resist running into the ocean when we were walking her at the park which has a small beach in it, even she is ready for spring! She's very curious, adventurous and so loving! Let me know if you are having any puppy socials this spring! We would love to bring her by to play with others!

Hillary and Noah

 Hi Cathy,
I wanted to share Dita's progress at 4 and a half months!  First of all, she is perfect! She is so beautiful, people literally stop us to tell her how beautiful she is (we make sure to mention your name)! We get compliments on her great behavior and calm demeanor all the time! We walk her often and take her to the beach to play with other dogs (she even likes to play in the ocean) she is socializing well with dogs of all sizes and learning so quickly! We work with her on obedience on a daily basis and test her skills every chance we get! She sleeps in her crate every night and goes to it as her safe place when she is tired after lots of exercise! She loves to cuddle especially with her "sister" Lola. We are so happy we have her and can not wait until we get a larger house to get another Shepherd from you! She is surpassing our expectations and making us proud puppy parents!

Thank you for such a wonderful dog!

Hillary and Noah

 Hi Cathy,

Just wanted to update you on Dita. She is a great dog and learning very quickly. I am impressed with how fast she is picking up housebreaking, she lets us know every time she needs to go out. The crate training is going well too. She does whine occasionally but hopefully that will go away once she becomes completely comfortable in it. Lola our small breed mix is doing well with Dita and Dita is respecting her space (for the most part). Also, Dita has played with Buddy, Noah's parents yellow lab pup (who is only a week older than Dita) she has done very well with him and enjoyed puppy play time and wrestling around with him. He is very high energy compared to Dita, who is living up to your word of being a medium energy dog which is great! She is very smart and very beautiful! I will keep you posted on her progress! Thanks Cathy!

Hillary and Noah

Purple ribbon black female "RJ"

Red ribbon black female "Hera"


Hi Cathy!

 This is Chris and Jason here, just writing to say hello and update you on Hera! We absolutely love this dog. She is bright, intelligent, highly energetic and always loving. She’s truly a wonderful dog to behold, greeting people on the sidewalks with grace now (she’s really nailed her manners lately!! Mostly with a harness, however). She loves to go on long hikes, absolutely LOVES sticks and branches to be honest, and has a particular lust for bursts of swimming haha.

Our cat, Athena, has taken to Hera so well. The first few months were challenging, however the two bonded (albeit slowly) and their bond remains very strong. Play is fun and engaging for them; they love to chase each other around the house! They also have taken to playing a form of “tag” it’s absolutely adorable. Also, the best thing that can happen is when the cat dupes the dog, then pounces from a corner. Hera is endearingly jumpy!

We wanted to thank you for allowing us the opportunity to own one of your wonderful dogs. She’s become a member of our family and we couldn’t imagine life without her now! Thank you again!


 Jason & Chris

Hera & Athena! WoofMeow!

Halle von NordOsten 100% East

Halle & Bob pups were born July 1st, 2013. These pups have gone to their new homes.

Halle & Bob pups 6 weeks old

3 females, 2 solid black & 1 black & tan. 5 males, 2 solid black & 3 black & tan.

Bob vom Parchimer Land 100% East

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