Thelma & Dohate pups born March 6th, 2013. 2 females and 3 males. These pups have gone to their new homes.


Pink ribbon female "Bailey"

 She's a sweetie pie - getting bigger and stronger by the minute!!

Hi Cathy- hope all is well with you. Bailey and I have been getting to know each other this week! She's quite a handful for someone who has never had a puppy, but we're doing well! Thanks, Mary

Red ribbon female "Anja"

Hi Cathy, Anja weighed in at 23.8 lbs at 10+ weeks and received a clean bill of health. She sits and lays down on command, we are working on stay will good results so far. Her and Raven get along great except for getting over zealous sometimes. Crate training went good and house breaking still in progress with good results. She starts her Puppy classes May 30th. You can tell she is a female by her mouth and attitude.
Laurie and Marc

Hi Cathy,
Anja is doing great, she is very vocal, feisty and stubborn. Raven and her have been best of friends from the first moment we took her out of the truck. They play hard and I have no doubt that she will be BOSS when she gets bigger (she is growing like a weed). She lets us know in no uncertain terms that she doesn't like being told No. Housebreaking is definitely a challenge with her but we are making some progress and crate training is on the right track. She does pretty good with the sit and down commands.
Laurie and Marc


Green ribbon male "Cruiser"


Here's a couple pics of our boy. We just love him. He's so much fun and just wonderful. Everyone who meets him says he's such a beautiful, good dog. 
He started training last Tuesday with both of his brothers, Jet and Ziggy. Already stays and sits most of the time (hard if there is too much going on around him).
Ed and I just had engagement photos done and we brought Cruiser. The photographer loved working with him. I can't wait to see the pics. We'll send those along too. 
Thanks so much for our wonderful pup. We couldn't be happier. 
Danielle and Ed

Navy ribbon male "Ziggy"

Brotherly Love! Jet below, Ziggy above. There getting so big and there personalities are awesome! We cant tell you how many compliments we get on these guys. You breed some amazing dogs! Its so fun to watch them grow up together. Thanks again for some awesome pups!

Heres Ziggy! He did the paws for a cure walk , walked 3.5 miles no problem and was a huge hit! he's a great little pup, so fiesty, exactly what i was looking for. He even did his first protection class last week. Danielle

Orange ribbon male "Jet"

Jet is doing great and growing into an amazing dog and companion. At 11 weeks old he is already getting really good at "sit" "down" and "stay". Just to watch him work and start to figure things out, is awesome. Thank you for breeding such an exceptional pup.
I'm also interested in attending your puppy social this weekend if if possible. Let me know the any details.
Thanks again,

Jet is amazing! What a smart and wonderful pup he is! I'll keep you updated. Nick



Lunch time
6 weeks old

Thelma & Dohate pups 4 weeks old

Thelma & Dohate pups 3 weeks old

2 weeks old

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