Halle & Dohate pup were born Christmas day 2012. 4 males and 1 female, all solid black. These pups have gone to their new homes.

The Female

Pink collar female "Madchen"

Hi Cathy,
I know it's been a while, but I wanted you to see what a beautiful dog she turned out to be!. And she's SO good natured.  She's my four legged baby.  We just love her so much. Almost 3 years old!
Best regards,
Ann R.

 Hi Cathy,
Madchen is doing great!!  She is not only BEAUTIFUL, she's smart, loving and becoming well trained.  She's in her third obedience class, and though she can be defiant, she is really doing well!!  We just love her and enjoy her so much!  If you saw her, you'd love her, too!!  We are so grateful that she came into our lives.  Our family is so blessed to have her.  Thank you again for such a wonderful dog!
Ann & Dave Robinson

Hi Cathy.
Thought I'd let you know how well Madchen is doing. She's in training right now, and she has an awesome attention span, which makes it a lot easier to train her. She is a very vocal girl, and boy oh boy, is she just a complete love!! She's five months old today and she weighs 41.4 lbs. Vet said she's going to be a big girl! It's so true that you breed for temperament, Cathy. I can't imagine not having Madchen. Thank you!!!
Ann R.

The Males 

Orange collar male "Argus"

Hi Cathy,
Argus is doing very well and growing very large. The brace lasted an hour so that fell through. His paw just never developed the muscles to make it straight since it was in the cast for so long. Anyway, I'm not suprised by that and when the time comes, I'll have him operated on, just needs to finish growing. He's outside alot and his muscles in that foot are starting to strenghten, but the foot will never be straight without the operation. He is a wonderful loving dog and very active. I've started puppy bootcamp here with him because he needs it, can't have an unrully german shepherd here. He is off leash when I'm outside with him and listens very well, but he is a jumper so we have to work on that. My daughter has the phone with the camera on it so I'll get her to take some pictures. I plan on giving Portsmouth a call to see when we can arrange for them to see him again and plan on the operation, but I'm sure it won't be before next spring. I'll keep you posted, sorry for the lack of communication, but life sometimes takes strange and unplanned turns. He is well loved, part of the family, healthy and happy .... maybe too happy, the little jumper.

 Orange ribbon male  injured his paw at birth and may need surgery later on to correct it. Already had x-rays taken at 3 weeks and could not see anything concerning at that time. 2nd x-ray taken at 5.5 weeks and was seen by an Ortho surgeon. He observed a slight fracture and felt a cast was the way to go for now. He may not need surgery, but still too early to be certain. Must be able to provide what ever is needed for this boy. He is in excellent health, happy and playful, gets along on his feet just fine.   Update: On 2/11/13, he was seen by his ortho vet for a check up and recast. The vet was very happy with what he saw today, said Argus was doing very well.

Hi Cathy, Argus is doing great. Had his shots yesterday and he played in the snow with the other dogs . Things are going well. He should get his new brace Monday, but he doesn't have to wear it all the time. Dr. Hillman is very pleased with his progress.

Navy collar male "Scout"

Hi Cathy,

Sorry it took a little while to write you back, we have been really busy. Scout is doing great! He has been hiking, walking, and running almost everyday. We started taking puppy classes two weeks ago and he is doing very well with his commands! We have gotten a great deal of compliments and have recommended you to many people. He is 14 weeks old today and between 25-26 pounds. Hope everything is going great! I have attached a couple pictures of him and will definitely send you more in a couple weeks.

Talk to you soon,
Joe, Sarah, and Scout

Blue collar male "Diesel"

Hi Cathy,
We named him Diesel!!! He doesn't know it yet, he answers to anything!! He is doing well, had a vet appointment today and he weights 26 pounds, and he is having a bath on Saturday. He likes to bite so we are trying to stop that ASAP but other than that he has adjusted well. Thanks.

Green collar male "Asa"

 Hi Cathy, sorry it's been a while, we've been a little busy down here on the cape this summer. Just thought we would let you know how Asa's doing. So far he's completed puppy kindergarten and basic manners. We just started our first obedience class last week.  He's been a great pup. Incredibly smart, although a little stubborn at times, more so recently, most likely due to his age.  He is very social, good with people and other dogs. We are still working on proper greetings, he can be a little mouthy but he will get there in time. He simply adores our 6 and 8 year old girls.  Wherever they go, he goes.  He really does have a lot of drive and needs to stay busy.  We have been on more walks than I can count. Not only does he walk but he continuously fetches the tennis ball the entire time, anything to tire him out lol.  He loves to swim and visits the flats on the bay side or one of the ponds at least once a day. Loves to ride on the paddle board. Sending you a couple of pictures of him at 6 months. He is absolutely beautiful, people comment on him wherever we go. Enjoy the summer, talk to you in the fall. 
Lloyd and Barbara

Cathy, he is simply amazing. Smartest pup I have ever had. Doing great with sit and come, not a peep from him during the night. I have three crates,Barbara's my house and in my SUV , and he loves going in and out on his own. Couple of questions; are you sending in his registration paper work and what's the prospect of a pup from The dohate and lita? Pref a female , they would of course both be fixed, no worries. We were just thinking it would be nice to have them close in age , what are your thoughts ? Cathy thanks again , he is such a sweet boy, I look forward to all the things we'll be doing together. Lloyd

Halle von NordOsten

Dohate von Braun

Halle & Dohate pups 4 weeks

Halle & Dohate pups 4 weeks old

Halle & Dohate pups 19 days old

Halle & Dohate pups 3 days old

Halle von NordOsten 100% East

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