Raina & Dohate pups were born 12/6/12. 4 males and 4 females. These pups have gone to their new homes.

The Males 

Blue collar male "Chief"

Chief is pictured at 2 yrs.old

Hi Cathy! There are 3 pictures attached for you/the site of Chiefy at 8 months.

I wanted to thank you for recommending me to the k-9 top performance so I can start protection classes. Yesterday was the 3rd class and Chief absolutely killed it. Steve and the people that work him there were so satisfied with how Chief keeps improving every class. You also wouldn't believe how strong he is, it amazes me every time. Ever since i started to feed him to proper amount not less like i was when he was really young, he started to grow and bulk up as you can see in the pictures. He gets plenty of exercise and with receiving all the vitamins and healthy food its definitely benefiting him :) He is definitely going to be a beast! On a side note he finished a bag of food today, so I have 1 left. So in like a month maybe less I'm going to need 3 more bags if its ok; but we'll talk about that when time comes.

Thanks once again for breeding such a fantastic dog, you are the best GSD breeder!


Hi Cathy here is a recent update of how Chief looks! Those two pictures were taken when he was like a week over 5 months. He gets NON STOP attention from people that pass and are all amazed with how handsome and well tempered he is. I pass down your information all the time! And he weighs about 46 pounds now :) I absolutely love him and don't know what I would do if I didn't have him.

I'll keep you posted.

Thanks Cathy!


Just wanted to let you know how much i and my family loves Chief! He is a great puppy who is slowely learning to pee outside which is very quick considering we just picked him up couple days ago. He loves playing and bitting alot :) but its okay we are trying to gradually get him out of the biting stage. Chief and i are def bonding VERY well, he is great. We all love him so much.

We will def keep you posted as well.


Chief is doing great. Weighs about 16 pounds. Knows his name, pretty much how to sit and come on comand. No accidents in the house, he sits by the front door when he needs to go out. Loves the snow! He is also SO active with his nose i feel like he can be one of those dogs that sniff out bombs or something. He loves to bite too, cant wait till he will loosen up cause it hurts! Haha. But i love him very much and he loves me too. He is a great dog, thanks Cathy!

Navy collar male "Arrow"

Hi Cathy,
Long time no speak. Hope all is well. My son is about to turn one on Sept 11th. Can't believe the time. And Arrow is enduring a toddler wonderfully. He got a good nose pull last night and his only reaction was to yelp and jump onto my lap... he's a bit of a drama queen. I will send you a recent picture tomorrow from our camping trip.

Thank you


Hi Cathy,
Just wanted to send you a couple of pics of Arrow. He has new brother... Grey David born 9-11-2013. Arrow is a wonderful baby dog. He's very careful not to bump into the baby. He likes to lick his toes and smell him all the time. He doesn't even mind the baby crying... wish we were all so immune. Of course he still tries to crawl into my lap for a cuddle every chance he gets but he's a bit too big :)
Take care,

Hi Cathy,
Here's a couple of pics of Arrow, now 5 months old. Sorry but he was a bit wet. He weighed in last week at 50lbs but he's long and lean.
Take care,

Hello my name is Arrow. I'm the proud owner of two humans, Julie and Gavin. I'm currently running an experiment called sleep deprivation. I scream for long periods of time in my crate and snicker as they discuss various ways to make the crate my "new friend". I've also invented a new game called "Catch Me Peeing If You Can"... I feel a little bad because they're old and can't move with my 8 week old speed. Recently they told me I could only bite my toys and any intruders that break into the house. So I thought I'd practice by biting them repeatedly especially on the inner thigh. They don't seem to appreciate my efforts. I do love to cuddle but I'd appreciate a little less morning breath from my humans. All in all I like them but let's keep it a secret for now.

Hello All,
I've been bad about keeping up with pictures of Arrow. People still think he's a black lab and it's driving me nuts. I don't think he looks like a lab at all but go figure. So I've been asking him to put his ears up in an attempt to look less lab-like. True to form (check out the pics) he met me half way.... He's about 14 wks give or take and 21 lbs.
Take care,
P.S. This dog loves car rides YEAH!!!!!!

Green collar male "Major"

Hi Cathy,

The only way I could get a picture to download was to send it from my phone to my work e-mail. I wanted to update you on Major since he has been home. What a smart boy! He is doing very well with his going outside to use the facilities; very few accidents. He loves the snow and gallops through like he is full-grown. He is learning about the special place where he should go in the yard, but he likes his privacy!

Also, that nose! He finds things under the snow and digs down pretty deep to get at them; seems to like pine cones and we are trying to break him of that habit. He also has figured a way around every barrier that we have placed in the house (when we have him out with us during the day), and it only took him one night to warm-up to his new kennel. My nieces and nephews have all met him, and brought him many new toys..loves all of them and did very well with the little ones! He has also met Nana and Papa and my sisters. Jimmys family lives further, but they cannot wait until the snow goes away, so they can come meet him. Major has nerves of steel just lays there when I vacuum and watches!

I am attaching a picture, because Matthew seems to think he has grown a few inches since last week. I measured him at ~ 21 inches snout to tail (with his moving a little) and he is approximately 16 pounds, while standing on the scale with Momma! We will be going to the Vets soon for a check-up and next shots, and will keep you posted on the growth and his progress.

My family and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts for sending us such a wonderful addition to our family. He will never replace our other dog, Menno, but boy he already occupies a HUGE place in our hearts!

Thank you so much once again,


Dear Cathy, I thought you might like to see an updated photo of Major, who is growing like a weed! We went to his veterinarian on March 8th and he had gained 10 pounds!!! I have been trying to get you a nice picture to send, but she tells me he is going to be a BIG BOY! In this picture, he is sitting in “Momma’s” seat (fresh boy), but he moves when he is told and doing very well with early training and socialization. We will keep you posted….hope all is well.


Orange collar male "Beau" Sold


My apologies on not writing more frequently, life certainly gets busy.

My best friend Beau has been doing great, such a wonderful boy. He is so laid back and never lets me go anywhere without him being right with me. We just purchased a house outside of Nashua  and he is loving the 450' of privacy fence that I put up, in addition to the river access and walking areas we have close by now.

Thanks again for bringing us together, I couldn't imagine my life without my Beau.

Terry and Beau


Just wanted to send you a quick update on Beau. We have just completed the advanced training at Granite State Dog Training and Beau continues to impress. We will be starting the AKC CGC training soon and Beau will undoubtedly earn his certification. We have started going to training sessions with a working dog group, and Beau seems to love that active lifestyle. I really feel that there is no limit to his potential, which says a lot about your breeding program. He is such a spoiled baby, I can't imagine not having his love in my life. Thank you so much for holding him for me when you did, I know it took some faith on your side as he was a special little guy that needed help.

I am attaching a couple of pictures that I think are cute.

Terry, Kerstin and Beau


Wanted to give you a quick update on our son Beau. He is growing each minute it seems. He is now 42lbs and seems to add a pound every 2 days.... He is doing great in the training classes at Granite State, he is the quickest learner in the class. Beau loves our routine of walking everyday and going to the dogpark to see all his buddies, I think part of that is that when we get back home he gets to eat....

He has really settled into our lives, couldn't imagine not having him here.

Everyone we meet is always so impressed with his demeanor and appearance. I always give credit to you and pass your information along.

Terry, Kerstin, Beau and Angel (Beau's sister)


Beau did wonderful on the drive home. He is so curious about all of the sights and sounds. The meeting with our Golden girls went excellent, they are already showing him how to use the bathroom outside (only 2 accidents so far). He is definitely going to be spoiled, he has to be in the middle of everything. He loves to snuggle up to us on the couch, and of course we love that too! He is the perfect addition to our family!

We picked up some goats milk, still searching for fresh though. He had the runs his first bowel movement here, think the stress of the trip and change may have made his tummy upset. He really didn't want to eat much when we got home, guess the new environment was too distracting for him. He ate like a champ tonight though, just need to make sure he keeps that up. Thanks again for bringing us together with our little Beau! We will keep you updated as we go along.

I have taken several photos, though he moves so much they are all a blur, haha. Here is one with him snuggling on our grandson's baby blanket, all tuckered out.
Terry and Kerstin

And Beau of course!


Beau is doing great, such an awesome little guy. He is house broken, goes to the door when he wants to go out. He is 20lbs now and is growing like a weed. I am kind of curious how his weight compares to his siblings at this point, as it seems to me that he is outgrowing the term "runt" quick.

He sits, shakes and lays down on command. We are going to enroll him in the Granite State classes as soon as he turns 14 weeks. This should be a good time for him as he loves to interact with other people and other dogs.

Thanks again for our son Beau!

The Females 

Pink collar female "Ada"

Jeffrey and I just wanted to let you know how much we absolutely LOVE this puppy! We named her Ada and she is just perfect! She cuddled up to me for the 3+ hour ride home (even piddled outside on the leash when we stopped no accidents!) when we got home she wanted to play with my other dogs, but I'm holding off until she gets her shots. Right now she's playing tug with Jeffrey growling like a wild woman lol she has an excellent full mouth bite too :) Obviously at this age she's 'winning' very easily and quickly, but its adorable to see her get all excited on the tug.

We couldn't be happier with Ada and we are so happy we waited for her. I will continue to email you updates and pictures.

we will definitely come up for that seminar you spoke of. We do a lot of training down here, but we love the opportunity to grow and learn more.

Best Regards,


 Ada is doing very well and is picking up all of her commands eagerly. Her coat has gotten a bit lighter and she is growing like a weed. Her ears are mostly up at this point. The very tips are still soft and look pretty funny because they like to tip backwards. I'm hopeful they will stay up this time (went up and down a few times, like most pups) but she has yet to start teething.

Here are a few photos from tonight's training. Ada really focuses (especially when treats are involved ) she has just about mastered sit pretty (I admit, I'm a sucker for cute tricks) in a about a day! I need to make a video of her in the snow for you. She pounces, then growls at the snow when it crunches under her feet its just adorable.

Thanks for the information on the session in April. We will definitely do our best to attend. I haven't checked our schedule, but that's not a hard time of year to get time off.
Hope you and yours are doing well. I will keep sending you photos of Miss Ada (LORD knows. I take enough!) and hopefully we will see you in April
I included a photo of her relaxing with Jeffrey after some training. We couldn't be happier with our little Ada. She was absolutely worth the wait!


Purple collar female "Zoey"

Thank you again for helping us get the perfect addition to our family. Zoey is loving her new home and family.
She is already bonding with Sierra quite a bit. She had a good first night and just loves to cuddle. We will keep
you updated on her.
Here is an updated pic of Zoey. She is 17 lbs now and 11 weeks old. She is getting so big.
Here is another updated picture of zoey. She has been doing great. She is learning to search right now. She loves finding sticks. She is getting really big. She keeps changing colors she was dark then tan now he is dark again.

Yellow collar female "Katie"

Lt. Green collar female "Bianka"

Bianka is pictured at 18 moths old.

Raina von Barren Berg

Dohate vom Braun

Raina & Dohate pups 5 weeks old

4 weeks old

First Meal at 2 1/2 weeks

2 weeks old

Raina von Barren Berg and pups

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