Zima & Dohate pups.

Zima & Dohate females

Pink collar female "Kona"

Hi Cathy,Kona is doing wonderfully. The kids absolutely adore her and the pugs are starting to come around. We started clicker training last week and she is taking to it very well. She can sit, stay, lay down and come. She also took well to the crate and was sleeping through the night on day 3! While she still isn’t quite housebroken, she is asking to go out (most of the time). All in all, we are very happy and Kona is very happy. I’ve attached some pictures for you. We’ll keep you posted on her development.

Cal O'Gorman

Yellow collar female "Josephine"

Hi Cathy!
I was looking for information on upcoming litters if you have any planned. We have a beautiful girl of yours who just turned 8, and are looking for a younger brother or sister for her! This is Josephine, daughter of Zima and Dohate. She has been the absolute best girl, and I can't even begin to describe the compliments we have gotten on her temperament and beauty! Please let me know if you have any litters coming up!
Thank you!

Hi Cathy,

Josie did great on the ride home, she stopped crying before I hit the end of your street! I even stopped by the fire station on the way home so she could meet the guys!

Thanks again!

Dave, Monique, and Josephine!

Hi Cathy,

Josie is doing great! She's great on a leash, getting along with the Chihuahua, eating great, gets along with the dogs in the neighborhood, doing great with housebreaking. We had a little bit of trouble with her and the crate, but she got used to it with a little work. We have her sleeping in the bedroom in a crate, which seems to be working out. Bringing her to the vet on Monday for her first checkup and second shots! I'll let you know how she does, I think she's getting visibly bigger by the day!


Red collar black female "Freya"

Freya pictured at 1 year old. Excellent temperament and great with the kids!

Purple collar female "Elektra"

Hi Cathy,

We had a great first day and night with Elektra. She let us know at 1230am and 6am that she needed to go out and she slept soundly the rest of the night! Koda and her are getting along great - she follows him everywhere and he always is keeping an eye on her. Yesterday, they played until it got dark and then she napped on my lap while we BBQ'd. Here are two pictures from yesterday.

Hi Cathy,

I just wanted to let you know that Elektra is doing great and is 8 months old now. She was spayed over a week ago and has been recovering great. She was gone for 24 hours and I've never seen Koda so upset before - I thought he might be happy to have things to himself for a little while but he just lay down by her crate the whole time, and when she came home the two of them were so happy again. They are quite a pair. Here are three pictures - please let me know if you can't see/open them. You can see her fur is trying to grow back at her IV site and her favorite toy is bikini chicken lol.

- Annemarie

Zima & Dohate males 

Green collar male "Xerxes"

Xerxes is now 10 months old. Well loved, great to take anywhere, good with everyone and other dogs.

Xerxes is doing very well, he has learned paw, sit, lay down and stay. He's very friendly with the dogs and very friendly with other people. He's a great dog and thank you so much!

Blue collar male "Earnie"

Earnie is doing great! Mastered the crate, house breaking is going very well and has been out on adventures.

Here's Earnie (right) with Sidra at 5 months old. He and Sidra get along great!

Zima & Dohate pups were born on 7/21/12,  2 males and 4 females. These pups have gone to their new homes.

Zima von Barren Berg

Dohate von Braun

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