Mug Shots


Black ribbon sable male "Graziano"

Hi Cathy,
could i possibly be any more in love with this puppy? i think not! and as you can see, he is fond of Dolce. she is very good with him, some times just a hair too rough, but she stops immediately when reminded. i never leave them together unless i am there too. she sleeps by his crate and comes running if i accidentally step on his tail or paw. he does like to stay very close, one might say underfoot! if i am at the sink washing dishes or in my studio in one spot for any duration of time, he curls up with his head resting on one of my feet. i've taken to going barefoot most of the time. what a great little personality! i can't wait to travel this training process with him. thanks for such a great puppy. i'll keep you in the loop with his progress. j.j.

p.s. olive (the basset hound) is not as enthusiastic, but is fine with him. he however tries to start it up with her. what spunk in such a little body! it's been so long since we've had a puppy.

hi cathy,
as you wish! i'm happy to share photos of our glorious little boy. he's now just over 4 months and weighs 42 pounds. here he is sharing his pool with the neighbor girls. i haven't gotten him to a real body of water yet, but my money's on him being a swimmer, especially if i'm in the water. we couldn't be any happier with a dog, and i see another from you in our future. thanks again. maybe some day we will attend one of your socials just so he could see some of his litter mates and friends from the kennel. take care . j.j.

Blue ribbon male "Max"

Green ribbon sable male "Bishop"

Hi Cathy, sorry we haven't been in touch for a while. It was a busy busy summer. Bishop has been a wonderful addition to the family and everyone who meets him just falls in love. He's a sweetheart and has completely calmed Bronson down. They are inseparable. Crate training him was very easy- house breaking has been on going work but he's smart and getting better all the time! He loves to cuddle up around my pillow and watch tv. But he can't leave Bronson-it's adorable. A picture is coming in the next email-you'll see how much he's grown :) thanks for the sweetest boy! Nuria (Bishop is pictured on the right)


Yellow ribbon sable female "Xena"

Hi Cathy,

Well I wanted to give you an update on how Xena and I are doing. She is happy, healthy, and growing so quickly!
She is friendly with everyone she meets. Our neighbors come over to visit with her almost every day. She met our veterinarian, has started puppy kindergarten, and is going to be joining a social group in a couple of weeks.
She's very smart, she's already able to sit, lay down, and answer to her name. She's surprisingly comfortable being on-leash, too. Our trainer is a great fit. As it turns out, she's also working with a male that was from one of your previous litters...small world!
She has already gotten comfortable in her crate at home and in the car.
Her favorite toy is currently the nylabone puppy key ring. Well, it's actually a tie between that and munching on a bully stick.
She loves carrots and ice cubes, both of which she spends more time chasing than actually eating!
We are both very happy and Xena is currently taking one of her many daily puppy naps.
I will update you again soon.

Michelle & Xena

Pink ribbon sable female "Josephine"

Hi Cathy,
Just wanted to share some pictures of Josie. The puppy next to her is a puggle that she babysits on occasion. His name is Connor. She is just amazing. Gentle and patient with all his puppy antics and will calmly correct him when he gets too boisterous. She is the sweetest dog I've ever had. You have a great talent for breeding wonderful shepherds. As i have said before we can't thank you enough for such a beautiful, smart, and loving dog.
Bruce and Susan

Hi Cathy,
We can't begin to tell you how wonderful Josie is. We brought her to my son's baseball game Saturday and you wouldn't believe how many people complemented her. She was fantastic with meeting new people, no fear and extremely gentle. Sunday she paid a visit to Bethanny Health Care Center and once again left quite an impression. She's adjusting well to her crate and has also begun to walk on a leash (just a light nylon rope attached to her collar). No appetite issues at all, it's easy to see why she wound up as the biggest of the bunch. She is so eager to please I expect that housebreaking will go quite quickly. We are so fortunate to have gotten one of your pups and we wanted to thank you for letting us have Josie. She is an absolute joy!
Again thank you for such a wonderful dog,
Bruce and Susan

Hi Cathy,
Sorry we haven't been in touch lately but we've been beyond busy. I have to tell you that Josie is probably the best dog I've ever owned. She has a fantastic temperament, is extremely pack oriented and is incredibly smart
I've had to modify the latches on her crate because she's figured out how to open it from the inside by herself. At first we thought we might not have latched it correctly but after the second time I watched her in the crate flipping the latches with her nose and paws. She hasn't been able to circumvent the new latches yet but I wouldn't be surprised if she eventually does.
One of the reasons that we decided to get a dog was for my youngest son Evan. Last summer he was attacked and severely bitten by a malamute with absolutely no provocation. He wound up in the emergency room with multiple puncture wounds on his arm. Fortunately there were no lasting injuries and he has completely healed physically. The mental aspect of it is another story.
Because of Josie however, he has the chance to experience a good relationship with a dog. They truly love each other. I can't thank you enough for such a wonderful dog.

Red ribbon sable female "Elsa"


Elsa all ready knows how to sit, lie down, and high five. She is a very smart girl. She is already making it through the night only getting let out once. She is getting along with everyone and she loves her new sister (a jack russel). Thanks for a great pet. Noah

Frieda & Joseph pups were born March 28, 2012. 3 males, 1 solid black, 2 dark sable & 3 females, all dark sable. 

 Pups will be vet checked and 1st shots on May 18th. These pups have gone to their new homes.

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