Mug Shots (not happy about being on a box)

4 Males

Blue Ribbon Male "Rio"

Hi Cathy!
Rio hasn’t changed much. He is awesome. He would do anything for me, except for not circling things......
Thought you might like /enjoy. My daughter Meghan and Rio have been quite the sensation I took a photo of them in the Ipswich River to Stop the Pipeline which would have destroyed 3 miles of bank forever. They were a Facebook sensation. I made a life size poster and they went to all the meetings, people loved it. here is a link to the photo on the website
Now we may have another venue due to over pumping and the drought. Here they are in the dry river bed of Martins Brook in Wilmington. see attached.
He is a handsome boy!

Hello Cathy,
Thought you you might like these photos I took today of Rio. Took him to the Brooks Farm State Park in Carlisle for 2 1/2 hours. He loved it. We were wet and I had to carry him here or there but he did great. He has figured out how to get up and down my back stairs to the deck ( 6 and steep) already. I didn't help at all I just was ready to catch him..... but he didn't fall. He was so pleased with himself he did it again only faster only slipped off once when he got distracted with a pile of pine needles in the corner........ at 8 weeks? Impressive. He is a handful! Very smart! I might think about some classes for something, I think he will need a lot of challenging. Thank you!
Suzanne Sullivan

HI Cathy,
 Rio, Meghan and I are definitely planning on coming by for the social Sat. looking forward to it. I attached a couple of photos of Rio from june 16th and this past weekend at Boxford St forest after a little swim in the beaver pond. He changed so fast from the 16th to now, obviously bigger but also darker, he blew out lots of his puppy coat and is getting his big boy coat now.

Hi Cathy,
Hope all is well, looks like Dohate and Thelma produced a bunch of cuties again. Just wanted to share a a few photos of the sweet beast. One is at Lynn Beach about a month or so ago and the others are his 1st birthday photos. He just looks so cute. BUt don't let that look fool you! He is doing great. I think he is finally stopped growing, thank God. His only quirk - attacking the door when people come, why he has his leash on in the photo. He really is over the top when it comes to "protecting", he obvioulsy needs better training.  We miss puppy social and training! He still has that cute puppy look but of course he really isn't a puppy anymore.

Green Ribbon Male "Samuel"

Chief & Sam (right)--- 1yr old both doing great.

Brown Ribbon Male "Wyatt"

Hi Cathy,

Well, after six months without a shepherd I thought we were ready for another one. We are exhausted, and it hasn't even been two days since we picked up our little devil dog. Did he ever come out of his shell! I have never crated a dog before, so the first night we did not try it. He was like a little banshee running in and out of the dog door. He was having the time of his life, while we could barely function by morning. (And to think we were so amazed and proud of how smart he was to use it so quickly. By the morning it seemed as if he was taking us on a carnival ride all night.) We took him to the vet on Saturday morning just for a routine check up. He claimed that we had an excellent puppy. But of course we did not have to pay him to know that! While we were out we bought a crate for him. Thank you so much for the article on crate training in our info folder you gave us. If I did not read the part about how they will scream like a "raped ape" I would have caved in. That was a perfect analogy. Who knew something so little could scream like that! We all survived the night with one poop break at 4:00am. Barely a whimper out of him the second time. We are still learning ourselves along with him. I do not know what attributes I could tag him with that haven't already been said by others. He is all of them and more. WE LOVE HIM!!!

Daryl and ED

Hi Cathy, Here is a picture of Wyatt . (We call him many things, but so far Wyatt is probably his name) It has only been six days and look at the change in him. He has become quite the character--he is very determined to say the least. Daryl

 Hi Cathy, It is hard to believe Wyatt is only four and a half months old. He looks like a miniature shepherd instead of a puppy. Everything is in proportion so he doesn't have any of the gawkiness you expect with a puppy. Everyone is enamored with him. He is such a wonderful boy and so smart!

Hi Cathy, Well, Wyatt had pneumonia  in November. You would never know it to look at him. He weighed 83 lbs. at that visit on 11/24/12. I would imagine he weighs more now. He is unlike any shepherd I have ever seen or had. He has unlimited energy. He plays so hard and runs so fast it seems like he is flying. The first night we bought him home he was like a whirling tornado, and he has not changed since then. Everywhere we take him, people want to know where we got him from. I could fill a book with the countless compliments I have received for him. I know that everyone that has a puppy from you thinks that they have the best dog, but they are wrong. We do! Seriously, you should pat yourself on the back, because your hard work in breeding reflects in the pups you produced. Please keep me notified on the black females when one becomes available. Would you like me to send a deposit? Thanks, Daryl

Black Ribbon Male "Jackson"

Dear Cathy, I hope the holidays find you & your family well. As you can see from our Christmas card, Jackson has grown into a fine, strong, most handsome German shepherd. He has added so much happiness & love to our home/lives. He learned the basics very quickly with a string of puppy obedience classes he had the main things down pat. He LOVES the car/truck. Our longest trip with him was to Maine this summer. He needs to be in the front seat between us. Whenever I just look at him, I always think of his parents Thelma & Dohate. He has the look of both of them combined with his mother's tongue (haha) it's sooo long! His favorite thing in the worls is to play catch/retrieve with these rubber balls, he has every color and I swore he rounds them up and knows when one is missing. He will search until he finds it!

Jackson could not have come along at a better time, we lost my Mother this year. I got more comfort from talking and walking with him than anyone else could give me. I know you take great pride in breeding your dogs for temperament & intelligence, but in my opinion, you bred them with the ability to love, and for that I am eternally greatful.

He now weighs 102 lbs. He is a big boy, but has excvellent form. His face is just a big picture of happiness, with mischeif combined. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for enabling us to be the proud "surrugate parents" of our Jackson. We love him so very much!

Merry Christmas Cathy, Take care

Lori & Jason

5 Females

Pink Ribbon Female "Nova"

Red Ribbon Female "Naya" (right)

Naya, aside from the loss of Ollie, is doing great and still an absolute frisbee fiend!!

 Hi Cathy!! 

I've thoroughly enjoyed looking at all the puppy pics (so far) this summer!  You must be insanely busy!!!  Aunt Naya wanted to say hello to her niece(s) and nephew(s).

Naya is doing great and is a love. I am so grateful for having her!!  Here is a recent photo...

Can't wait to see more puppy pictures- especially from our family litter!  LOL

Kind regards,


Hi Cathy,

Naya is so amazing! She knows her name (although sometimes I wonder if she thinks it's "good Naya"!), sit, down, stand and come. She's walking great on leash and we've been doing lots of socialization. She is super smart and gets along so well with her big brother. I love her so much! Thank you!!!


Hi Cathy,

Here's a pic of Naya on her first birthday (21MAR13). She is such a love and and brings so much joy to our home. She is also a natural peacemaker too. Whenever she hears upset voices, even on the TV, she'll bring toys to make sure everyone is ok- a natural born emotional support dog!

Her favorite game is Frisbee. She not only knows the word but can pick it out in the middle of a sentence and now knows how it's spelled too!

Thank you for such a beautiful girl, inside and out!

Kindest regards,



Hi Cathy!  I wanted to send you a few update pictures for you to post of Kirsa. I sent the one that your son is working on drawing for me! I always like to thank you for being who you are and doing what you do!! Kirsa has been a joy to have and a great addition to the fur family. This girl is through and through a love! Kirsa is loyal to all, social, fun, playful, smart but LOVING and LOYAL is her strongest personality traits!. I have to say all the girls (Greta, Kirsa and Una) love everyone in the family ....Kirsa shows a more deeper connection to me! When I am home she is at my side everywhere I go. Well LOL the other girls are with me ...Kirsa has to be touching me ....we joke she is my fluffy slipper always at my feet! As I type this she is at my feet the other girls all around! I feel truly loved by all of them! When I am not home Kirsa is somewhere snuggles up with one of my sons!  Kirsa is not needy at all just a very loving passionate girl! Kirsa isn't only loving to us but is truly loving to the girls Greta and Una ...she is always snuggling, bathing, kissing and playing with them. 


Hi Cathy! Hope all is well with you. Think it's been 6-9 months since I sent any pictures of the girls (Greta Lrg lighter sable and Kirsa sm dark sable). I Love my girls to pieces. They are like Velcro!!  They both love to play fetch and play around in the yard with each other. They have new sisters...11 hens...I think the girls think they are chickens ....Some like running with the bulls girls like running with chickens! LOL! The girls have been great with them since the chicks came. My dad still can't believe that they don't try to eat them!  The girls love to eat the left over broccoli and cabbage in the garden with the chickens. Hope you enjoy the pictures! If I find anymore I will send them your way. 

The Frohnhoefer's

Hi, Cathy! All is well with Kirsa! Kirsa, Greta and my old dog Lucky have adjusted well. My old dog Lucky (10 years old) is glad to be able to slow down. Greta is happy to have a sister to play with. Kirsa and Greta think that life is just one big fun fest! Greta is quite the big sister.....she steals all of the toys on Kirsa. Greta mastered the chase me little sis game and Kirsa falls for it every time. Kirsa has also figured out how to take short cuts to get to Greta during the chase game. They are a lot of fun! They are always doing something to make us laugh. Training is going very well, she is very studious. Her 1st vet check went great, she weighed 20.2 lbs.

The Frohnhoefers

Hi, Cathy! I just wanted to give you a update on Kirsa. Things with Kirsa are going great..... she is loving her new home. Her big sister Greta loves having her little sister to play with. Kirsa and Greta have a great bond! Sometimes, I think Kirsa thinks Greta is her mom. Kirsa's training is moving right along quite nicely. It does help that she follows the lead of Greta and Lucky. Kirsa's last vet appointment (8/11/12) went wonderful and she weighed in at 47 pounds.... WOW! The vet said she looked great! I do have to say, I think she is going to be bigger than Greta! I hope all is well with you.

The Frohnhoefers

Wow! I have mentioned to my husband before your email how much Tikka and Kirsa look a like. I had him look at the picture of Tikka, he thought it was Kirsa! I find myself every day popping on your website to check and see whats going on with your breeding program. I wish we lived closer to you to take advantage of all you offer (training, boarding services and just to stop in to have you see the girls!) It is truly amazing how intelligent your lines are! I know you have put your heart and soul into your breeding program. Thanks for the hard work, love and dedication!!

Yellow Ribbon Female "Franka"

Hi Cathy

Today marks two weeks with Franka and she is AWESOME! She is getting bigger and bigger, she can sit (setzen) on command, she did great in her first puppy kindergarten class. She is a dream in the crate, and sleeps through most of the night. Very few "accidents" in the house, just pee...goes outside (and in many cases lets us know she needs to go outside) for everything else. We absolutely love, and I can't stress enough how much we LOVE her. Franka is shaping up to be a great dog a true testament to you and your dogs. We can't thank you enough! Here's a recent picture...
Have a great holiday!!

Gab and Darryl

Hi Cathy

Wanted to give you an update on our little...well not so little any more...Franka. She's doing great. Loving the city and the country. Sure she's mouthy, and a bit rambunctious, but she's also quite adorable. She's become quite the celebrity in our neighborhood, people marvel at how beautiful she is. Franka completed her puppy kindergarten with flying colors and is learning new stuff daily. We absolutely love her! Hope all is well with you and yours.

Darryl and Gabrielle.

Hi Cathy,

We wanted to send you a new picture and give you an update on Franka.

She is awesome!!!! Housebroken 2 months ago, learning new things everyday, loves other dogs, and loves people. In short, an absolute joy. She enjoys playing ball, is working with a K9 trainer, and is an incredible companion. She loves being with the pack (us!). Here's a picture of her on the beach a few weeks ago up in VT.

We are so happy she is in our lives and our family!!!

Thanks and have a great Holiday Season.

Gab and Darryl

Light Green Ribbon Female "Tikka"

Tikka is currently training for Service Dog work and Obedience with my son Michael. She is very intelligent and training is moving along quickly. She has excellent drive & temperament, great working dog as well as family companion. She is excellent with my 6 year old grandson and any situation you put her in. We are very happy with Tikka!

Thelma & Dohate pups were born March 21st, 2012.

These pups have gone to their new homes.

Thelma/Dohate & Frieda/Joseph pups 6 & 7 weeks old

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