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Blue ribbon male "Kona"

Hi Cathy,

I know I can not believe how long it has been.  Kona is doing great! I honestly could not ask for a better dog, recently more friends have gotten dogs and they are all jealous of him and how well behaved he is.  He is my best buddy and always by my side, rides in my truck with me, comes to work, he does it all.  He is obsessed with his Frisbee and the beach as we are constantly over at Crane beach playing with other dogs.  He is been one of the best things that I have ever had in my life!  I would love to stop by for you to see Kona.  I also have a feeling, I may be talking to you in the some what near future of possibly another buddy for Kona!
Thank you for the recommendations for boarding him.Merry Christmas to you and your family as well. 


Cathy thank you again so much for Kona, he is doing great! He is very curious, and sits and watches every thing going on around him. He takes long naps and has been very good on car rides. He has been a great puppy and getting attention from every one he passes. He has met the neighbors dogs and has many friends he plays with every day. I love him so much and when i have to leave him all i can think about is getting back to him. Hope to see you soon, and thank you again so much.


Green ribbon male "Wylee"

Hi Cathy,

We just wanted to give you an update on Wylee. He's doing great. As you can see from the picture he's growing fast and we're amazed at the rate his face is changing shape. Yesterday we met up with Robert and Ace. As soon as they saw each other Ace and Wylee went into full blown wrestle mania and kept it up for about an hour. We're not sure if they remembered each other or recognized that they were brothers, but we like to think they did! It'll be great to watch them both as they grow up and interact with one another.

Wylee's temperament is amazing. He's calm and loving around people and little kids, and is one of the fastest learning dogs I've ever been around. He already knows his basic commands, sit, down, come, crate, look, leave. At this point Crystal and I just need to keep thinking of things to teach him to keep up with the rate he soaks it up. He's so eager to please that when he smells kibble in your hand he gets excited and really quickly will do all the commands he knows; he'll come to you, sit down, run into his crate, come back, lay down, make eye contact. Thanks for breeding such a great puppy, hope to see you soon.

Andreas and Crystal

Brown ribbon male "Ace"

Cathy,  I must thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything that Ace has been and will continue to be in my life! He has been the absolute definition of a perfect puppy! We haven't had an accident in the house since Thursday, and he does so well with new people and other dogs we meet on our walks every day. He knows how to "sit" like a champ, and is anxious to continue learning new things. He is nipping a lot, but we have been working on convincing him that chew toys are better than hands. We met paramedics, fire fighters and police officers today while walking around the marathon. He did really well with the crowd, mostly because I think he loves all the attention from the umpteen amount of people who go on and on about how cute he is... He really is the cutest puppy I've ever seen, which might be a biased opinion but the popular notion more than supports his claim haha. Robert

Hi Cathy!

I'm sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you, we just moved and are all sorts of discombobulated trying to put our life back together. But I've actually been meaning to email you all summer and let you know how things are going. I even started an email a couple weeks ago which is below:
I'm so sorry I've been out of touch all summer, but Ace and I have been relentlessly busy since June. I've been hard pressed to find time to keep up with any non-essential correspondence, but I've wanted to send you a note about how we are doing with some pictures of my once little guy/now big guy.
Ace is doing great and has been the definition of a perfect canine companion! Like I said, we have been really busy all summer going back and forth between Upstate New York, New Hampshire, Maine and Boston. I've been working as an assistant director on three small budget independent films, two of which are destined for the festival circuit. Ace has been faithfully by my side the entire time and has built himself quite the reputation as an on-set dog making friends all along the way!
We have done well staying in touch with Andreas, Crystal and Wylee; meeting up with them as often as we can! We are actually getting ready to head over their way this evening!
As much as Ace has met every expectation I ever had for him, he has also surpassed my highest hopes! He goes off leash so well that other than when we are in Boston he rarely has one on him! He doesn't even chase after any vermin or birds when the opportunity arises!! It's funny because all my life I've had dogs that bolt away the second they know they're not on a leash and I've always been envious of people who had dog's that didn't. Now I have such a dog!!
Ace has had a bout with canine acne and a couple ear infections. Sometime back in July he discovered swimming and revels in it any chance he gets! Unfortunately coupled with air conditioning that can result in ear infections. I don't necessarily think he's had more than one, he just didn't completely get over it the first go-around. But I've taken to cleaning his ears out about twice a week and had to give him ear drops for a while, but he is doing much better with it these days!
I made it a point to ensure that he had as much exposure to things as possible when he was a smaller puppy and as a result he accepts everything as a learning experience and rarely, if ever, shows angst when experiencing something new! He rides the T like he's been doing it for years, he does long car rides (the longest so far being 8 hours) very very well, he greets all dogs no matter their size with great respect and has made many friends in both dogs and people!!

All in all I am most grateful for your service in providing me this wonderful dog, whom I have and expect to continue sharing my life with whole heartedly! We both treasure our time together and he has served as a great sense of stability in my otherwise chaotic life.
I promise I will try to be in touch more!! As the summer winds down and our travels become less regular, I will have time to let you know how things are going more often. Again, I'm sorry we've been so distant, it was never my intention to leave you out of the loop.
I've attached some pictures of my boy that demonstrate how he's grow so fast in such a short time. He is just as beautiful as ever and I believe his full nature will be the envy of dog lovers all over!

I hope you've had a great and equally successful summer and continue into the fall. If the option is still available, perhaps we will make a trip up your way to visit soon.

Take care,

Black ribbon male

Hi Cathy,  Here is a recent picture of Anja & Raven.  Raven is still like a Teddy Bear and of course Anja is still full of energy any prey drive.  We added a 3rd Dog to our family.  He is a Puggat  1 (Pug and Rat Terrier Mix) all 15 pounds full grown.  He has a Full Terrier Attitude.  He plays with the 2 of them without any fear.  He basically runs the House.  They love him.  His name is Chance because I took a chance on him with Anja & Raven.
I watch your website all the time for puppies due.  Someday we will be watching to add another Shepherd to our family but only from you.
Hope all is well with you and the family.  
Laura and Marc 

 Hi Cathy,

Raven was so good on the 3 hour ride home!! He was quiet the entire way, did his business on our second stop and went in the crate about 1/2 way home without any fuss. At home he basically crate trained himself. Whenever he wants to sleep he walks in the crate and settles in. Only fussed 2 times during the night and went back without any issues. He loves to snuggle and give lots of kisses. He enjoys playing outside and his favorite toy is the squeaky squirrel. NO problem with his appetite.

We have already fallen head over heels in love with him.
Laurie & Marc

Hi Cathy,
Sorry it has been so long. These are pictures of Raven (out of Danica/Dohate) at about 15 weeks old. He weighed 42 lbs at 17 weeks . Everyone one says what a handsome boy he is and how big is going to be when they see his paws. Our Vet asked us if we wanted to give up ownership because he wants him for himself. We told him Sorry of course. We love him so much. He is either so good or so fresh. His night time name is devil dog, he got that about 4 weeks after we brought him home. He loves people, rides in the car, his swimming pool, his puppy class and the big red jolly ball just like his mom.
Laurie and Marc

5 Females

Pink ribbon female "Kaia"

Hi Cathy!
We wanted to wish you a happy holiday season and send you an update on Kaia (Danica and Dohate pup.) She became a big sister (again) back in September to another baby girl. She is the best family dog and she loves her sisters so much.  She has even started following commands from our 2 year old!  I can't believe Kaia will be 4 in February 2016.  Here are some photos...
Take care,

Hi Cathy,
I have been meaning to e-mail you since Kaia's 3rd birthday. She's had another great year. She's such an amazing girl and we love her so much! She is such a great family dog. Our daughter adores her, every night before bed she has to have Kaia come in her room and give her kisses.
 We have a new baby coming in September, Kaia seems to love babies, so I am sure she'll be thrilled when the new addition arrives.  We had some vacations to North Conway, and the cabin on a lake in Maine. Kaia has turned into quite the water dog. And just some snuggles with the girls. Hope you are doing well!
- Cheri


Hi Cathy,

We caught a good picture of our girls, which is hard to do, so we wanted to share it with you and wish you a very happy 4th!!

 We wish you a Merry Christmas and a  Happy New Year!!
-Kaia and Family
(Kaia pictured at 22 months) 

Hi Cathy,

We wanted to send you an update on Kaia. She is the sweetest puppy! She is very lovable and playful, and is adapting well to her new home and her new kitty companion. She is doing great with crate training and hasn’t had any accidents since Wednesday morning, which was the first day we started. She doesn’t make a peep during the night and loves resting in her crate. We brought her for a quick trip to the vet today and she was on her best behavior. She loves rides in the car. We took her to the beach this afternoon where she met lots of new friends and played like a champ! Everyone stops us and compliments her cuteness and wonderful temperament. She is a very smart puppy, and we love watching her learn, play, and explore. We look forward to seeing you at class! Thank you so much for everything, we can’t picture our home without Kaia in it. We love her so much!

-Cheri & Brian

Kaia's 1st Christmas. Happy Holidays! Love, Kaia

Yellow ribbon female "Charlotte"

Well Charlie didn't make a single peep the whole ride home, Remi is being pretty good with her, he's just a little rough trying to paw her to play. She is passed out in her crate right now and were starting crate and house breaking today. Hope Dohate likes his new crate! Aimee

Hey Cathy,
A little update on Charlie, She is growing like a weed, very smart and feisty like her mother. She is getting along well with Remi although I have a feeling she is going to be the boss of that relationship!
She's been on a couple of outings with us and everyone thinks she is adorable and comments on how well behaved she is as she 'acts' very refined when out in public, if only she could channel that at home lol
She is very sweet and loving with all of us. Once again you've given us a wonderful addition to our family and I think it's safe to say I'm a Shepherdaholic now!!

Purple ribbon female "Gretchen"

Hi Cathy, I just wanted to give you an update on "purple puppy" whom still doesn't have a name! Her personality is changing so much that I find myself changing my mind. She is doing very well. She has a big house that she shares with two house cats that are as mellow as she is...she can finally be the boss! The yard is all hers and it is funny to watch her run, she looks like a little bear cub. She has no fear and will explore anything. Crate training is going very well. She never yelped, not even the first night! She settles right down in all night. She will meet her new vet on Thursday. Ellen

Hi Cathy, I wanted to let you know "purple sable" puppy from Dohante and Danica is now Gretchen..and she is wonderful!

Hi Cathy, I just wanted to let you know how well Gretchen is doing. She has the best nature of any puppy. She is very sweet! And she is getting very big she is almost 20 pounds. Still looking like her dad I think. I can't go for a walk without being stopped by everyone walking by to see her, I don't blame them she is that pretty! Thank you so much for my beautiful friend! She is very loved by a whole family! Ellen

Hi Cathy, I wanted to let you know Gretchen is doing very well. She goes to daycare a couple days a week and is starting training. I have never had such a smart and strong GSD. She has no fear. I should of known when she was scaling baby gates the first day I had her. I found out today she is able to jump the 4 foot fence to get to her Black Lab friend in the next yard. I just couldn't believe what I was seeing. Right up from a sitting position! I am in love with this girl. I hope you like the pics, and also everything is going well. Ellen

Red ribbon female "Ruby"

Hi Cathy
Just wanted to give you an update on Ruby. She is so perfect! She is in love with Bella, though I think Bella is still in denial that Ruby is a permanent addition to the family! Ruby has mastered the sit, is almost totally housebroken and is working on new tricks every day. She is so smart! She loves the farm life, is still trying to figure out what exactly horses are.. she has gone swimming, gone to the beach, to the lake, park and trips to the store every day. She even had her first boat trip yesterday. I can't believe how well she takes to new environments! She loves experiencing new things and having a big "sister" to show her the ropes is great for her. She has a great appetite, is working on figuring out what personal space and appropriate chew toys are. All in all she is a busy girl! We love her. There is nothing better than coming home and being greeted by a puppy! Thanks so much Cathy, I tell everyone who asks about her what a wonderful breeder you are. Can't wait to see you at the puppy social class in May!

Hi Cathy, 
I wanted to send a few pictures from this weekend, Ruby was AMAZING! (there is also one from a few weeks ago) I cannot believe how adaptable she is. She did get seasick at one point but I was starting to turn green myself when it got really choppy. We spent almost all of our time anchored off the backside of Cranes which Ruby loved!! She loves the sand and all the salt march hay and is really starting to like the water!! I am totally in love with this puppy! She is just as happy getting exercise and playing as she is hanging out at home. My dog walker takes a small group (4-5) dogs out for an hour long hike/run and keeps asking when Ruby will be old enough to join, when do you think it will be appropriate? Should I wait until she is over a year? Thanks again Cathy!! Keep me on the list for a Georgia pup!

Magenta ribbon female "Danni"

Hi Cathy,
I'm so sorry I haven't been in touch. I've been meaning to but keep forgeting because we've had so much going on. Danni is doing awesome. We've been doing a puppy class on Thursday nights because Steve's been working alot and the kids are home from school now so she's loving that. They are really great with her! I will send you a picture tonight from Carly's computer so you can see her and will try to be better about keeping in touch. We are so happy and can't thank you enough. We just love her! (and get compliments on her everywhere we go:)  She likes Monty's bed :)
Take care,

Danica & Dohate Pups.

These pups were born on February 17th, 2012.  All these pups have gone to their new homes.

Outside at 4.5 weeks old

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