Kasch & Sam pups born 9/30/11 

Kasch von Barren Berg CGC, TDI 99% East

 Kasch & Sam's pups arrived on 9/30/11! 

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Samson vom Birken Wald CGC, 100% East

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Kasch's pups have been vet checked and 1st shots on 11/18/11.

Kasch & Sam pups have gone to their new homes.

Blue ribbon male "Floyd"


Yes, we are very happy with Floyd.
So we named him after my dad's alter ego, Floyd Z.
My dad was very straight laced but on our road trips he loosened up

Floyd reminded Kate of my dad because of his gentle demeanor and kind
eyes, hence the name.
While at the vet today, I scanned his records and noticed his birthday
is the same as my fathers.
Eerie but appropriate.
He feels like destiny for us and we all love the hell out of him.

I will be sure to bring him up for visits this summer.
I'm sure, like with Chica, your house is his happy place.

talk to you soon,


Orange ribbon male "Comet"

Hi Cathy-

Just wanted to send you a quick update about Comet's first week! He is doing great! We definitely had a lot to be thankful for on Thanksgiving. He is doing super with housetraining; with each passing day, there are fewer and fewer accidents if any at all. He's doing great on the leash as well and we go on little walks in the morning and afternoon. He loves it!! Comet's a big sleeper and loves to snuggle as you can see in some of the pics below. Food transition went well and we ordered some of the vitamins today. We weighed him yesterday and he is now 17 pounds. That's it for now, will send another update soon! Have a good weekend.
Julie and Joe

Hi Cathy,I thought you may want to see how big Comet is now. 45 pounds at 18 weeks! Comet is doing great. Just about fully house trained. #1 accidents are far and few between. (usually our fault) Comet had his first day of puppy school this week and as you can guess, he was the star pupil. He is very close to learning to serve himself ice cubes through the ice cube dispenser on the fridge. Sometimes he pushes the wrong button and splashes himself with water instead. He loves his walks at various state parks and is learning fetch the tennis ball as opposed to just charging and pouncing on it. He also loves riding in the car and loves the beach. He is great with people and so far great with other dogs. He is now bigger than all the adult neighborhood dogs. Everyone tells us he looks like a bear.

That’s it for now,  Joe and Julie

Hi Cathy,

As we are 2 weeks from comet's birthday, I thought I would give you a quick
update. The attached picture was taken by our walker at about 10 months.
What a shot!

Anyway, comet is doing wonderful. Healthy and happy. He has occasional bouts
of Pano, but very mild- only for a couple of days and half tablet of Rymadyl
does the trick. He has really leveled off as far as his growth, but still a
big boy at 81 pounds. We met one of your dogs at a dog park in Acton named
Marvin, he was 3 years old and Comet dwarfed him....

Comet's behavior is great. Loves people and other dogs, super social. His
mouthiness is no more since we last updated you, he really is perfect.

He still loves his walks and hikes, but I think his true passion is
swimming! My gosh, we can't get him out of the water.

We'll see you in about a month when we board him, we're going to miss him so
much, but we're glad he'll be with you.

Joe & Julie

Brown ribbon male "Remington"

Remi is doing alot better, His big ol' ears are starting to work and we're making a lot behavioral progress. The crate has become his new best friend (thank god), He's using it as a den and hoarding all his toys he finds from around the house which are generally socks lol. He knows Up (upstairs) Down (downstairs) In (inside and crate) and Out (out of wherever he's causing mischief) and NO!!. I could live without the 7am "bark" up but he has important business to attend to first thing -waking ~L~ up for school which they both enjoy, giggles and barking in the morning is truly a glorious sound. I attached some pictures of our vet visit and a couple others including my bed which was neatly made until he made his mark on it for nap time haha.
We'll see you Saturday.

Pink ribbon female "Ruby"

Thought you might like to see how big she's getting. She's a handful but we have been having a great time. She is getting along great with Koda, though I caught him trying to get on top of the back of the couch the other day to get away from those sharp teeth! Thanks again, she's perfect. Mike

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