Halle & Sam pups were born on 12/23/11. 3 males and 6 females, all black & tan.  

These pups have gone to their new homes.

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Mug Shots

3 males

Green ribbon male "Axel"

Hi Cathy,

I thought I would say hello and let you know how our wonderful boy is doing. I also attached some pics I took about a week ago. It is hard to get a good picture of him because his face is so dark. He is growing up right before our eyes.

Last night was his first puppy class. I have been training him to "come" using the "clicker" and he responds beautifully to it. Well in class the instructor wanted to introduce the clicker so she passed one out to everyone. All at once everyone was clicking their clickers. Because Axel already knew what the clicker meant, his ears went straight up and was like a kid in a candy store. He figured he could go to everyone to get a treat for "coming". It was so cute, so funny. He is very respectful when approaching other dogs. He is cautious but not afraid. He allows older dogs to smell his rear first. I am just so impressed with how well behaved he is. We take him everywhere and have been introducing him to everyone and we always get the best compliments on how well behaved he is. He has been playing with the neighbors children and he is awesome with them too! The best thing is that he only needs mild correction. He is not nearly as stubborn and tough as Simba was.

For the first time in my life I experienced food poisoning last week. Axel and Angel have been sleeping in a different room from ours (his "Fiona-like" yawn was waking us up all night. It was very cute but we weren't sleeping) Normally I get up each morning and let him out. He always runs to the door to go potty. Since I was sick David got up to let him out in the morning. Once David let Axel out of his crate he ran right into our bedroom, sat right next to my side of the bed to come and see me. I couldn't believe it. He normally only has two things on his mind in the morning: potty and breakfast. I would say that he loves me more than I love him but I don't think that is possible. He is so incredibly sweet and loving. Thank you (and Halle and Sam of course) for bringing him into our lives. He is truly special, just like our Simba was.

I will keep you updated and try to take some better pictures.

I hope all the dogs and puppies are doing well.

Take care,
Axel's proud mom

He reminds me of Scooby Doo! He is the best dog in the world!

Brown ribbon male "Brayden"

Blue ribbon male "Gunnar"

Cathy, just wanted to update you on Gunnar. He was absolutely fine on the way home. Housebreaking is going great with only three accidents in the house since he arrived. We are starting a puppy class next week. Vet check is later today. Creat training is going as well as expected. With the wake up calls at 0230 and 0530, to go out to the bathroom. He's eating fine and is a great addition to our family. Chris

Hello Cathy! Here's a recent photo of Gunnar. He's been a great addition to our family. 76 lbs and almost one year old. Also, he has an awesome temperament. He's very friendly and extremely smart. His a big hit everywhere we bring him. Thanks.

Chris Curley.

Mug Shots

6 females

Yellow ribbon female "Adi"

Purple ribbon female "Rieka"

 Hi Cathy, good to hear from you, attached are some pics of Rieka. She is tall and lean, loves to run and fetch. We go on 4 to 5 mile runs about 3 times a week.  She is so good to our 3 kids, and has been extremely healthy. Rieka has the greatest temperament of any dog I ever had, she's the best. Yes, please put me on your waiting list for a male pup.

Thanks, Joe 


Lt. Green ribbon female "Kandi"

hi cathy just wanted to send some pics of kandi and her brother kitti...they get along great
thanks for everything kathy!!!!!!

Red ribbon female "Sammy"

Hi Cathy-
I hope you had a wonderful holiday!
She has been wonderful and we love her so much. She is definitely a part of our family! I don't know how I lived without her! I attached two pics of her for you!
Thanks so much-

Pink ribbon female "Sasha"

Hi Cathy, just an update on Sasha (Halle & Sam). She has been absolutely awesome. Cried a bit the first two nights as expected but has grown extremely comfortable with her surroundings. She's maintained her high energetic drive and is very gentle with the small children at home. Shes a sweetheart and very smart. Knows most commands, including complicated ones like "inside" ( to go inside the house) and "place" ( to enter crate and laydown). We are very proud and happy to have her! Thanks so much! Jesse & Anh

(4/9/12) Hi Cathy,  just wanted to share a picture of Sasha!

Can't say enough about her. Fearless, energetic, very intelligent and just a treat to have around.


Hello Cathy! Just sending you some pictures of Sasha and an update. She's so athletic, runs like the wind and clears my 4ft fences. She has an awesome personality, always looking to please. Although we havnt taken any nose work classes yet we have been doing a lot of scavanging type games. Her favorite is hide and seek. She loves locating items we hide from her. Shes extremely smart and is very gentle with the small children at home, wonderful addition to the family. Cannot say enough about Sasha, perfect dog, perfect companion. Thank you again. We will continue to send updates!

Jesse & Anh

Magenta ribbon female "Bella"

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