Mug shots

Mesa & Sam pups born 6/4/2011. 4 black & tan females and 5 males, 3 black & tan and 2 sables. 

Mesa's pups have gone to their new homes.


Hello and good to hear from you. Kaiser is doing just great. Every where we take him he steals the show. He is such a HAM and loves the attention. Just came from the vet this weekend and he is a healthy 32lbs. The first comment we hear every time someone looks at him they comment on the size of his paws and his ears. Take a look!  Ron

Blue collar sable male "Thor"

Hi Cathy,

I just wanted to give you a quick update on Thor (blue collar out of Sam and Mesa). He's a great dog! We love having him so much. We're amazed at what a smart and good dog he naturally is. He picked up on training and housebreaking very quickly. Thor also socializes great with other dogs and people. I work at a high school and we decided to try to bring him to one of the football games to see how he would do. He was awesome! He didn't make a peep the entire time and let everyone pet him, and was very polite and respectful of all the people and animals who approached him. We got compliments on his behavior and how handsome he is all night. We couldn't have asked for a better dog.
Thank you so much!
- Lisa & Andy

Black collar male "King"

Hello Cathy. Just wanted to give you an update on King and also check in on the nose work classes. Joy and I were actually just looking at these classes on your home page. We are interested in bringing King to these classes as we would like to further him along any way possible. King has been a great dog for us. He loves his walks in the woods around Gloucester as you can tell from the attached picture. We found a bunch of rocks with words engraved on them. Thought this one was very fitting for how King is with us. He loves learning and we try and teach him as many different words as possible. He is unbelievably smart and loves to learn new things. As you can tell from the picture, one of his favorite things to do is climb up on boulders. He gets up there and then looks for our approval which we love to praise him for. King is just a great overall dog that we have loved raising. Thanks for breeding such great dogs. Look forward to hearing more and learning about the nose work classes.Thanks,Chris, Joy & King

Green collar male "Gunner"

Hi Cathy,
Here are a few pics of Gunner having fun on vacation in North Carolina. He was excellent on the ride down. He's been spending the week with a Great Dane and a Terrier mix and he's been a perfect gentleman. He gets along well with all dogs, and also cats. Everywhere he goes, people complement him on his calm demeanor, good behavior, and handsome looks. I can't thank you enough for the work that you do to produce such wonderful dogs. We look forward to continuing his training and hope to see you soon!
The Portalla Family

Grey collar male "Yano"


Thank you so much for breeding such wonderful dogs. We are so pleased with Yano. He is very sweet and loves people and other dogs. He loves to pick things up and carry them around like his Mom. We are working with a trainer and Yano is doing well, although he still likes to jump when he is excited, so working on that.

Lois & Paul

Mesa & Sam pups


Purple collar female "Mia"

Hi, Cathy -
Here's a nice shot of our sweet Mia at 4 yrs old.
95 lbs of love, power, speed and smarts. We're doing great, and hope things are going well with you also. 

Hi Cathy - Hope all is well with you. Mia is a blast, and is learning and growing every quickly. We're keeping her on the lean side, but still she's about 34 pounds.

One thing for sure, she doesn't sit still for photo!

Stu Argus

Hi Cathy,

Just a note to tell you how well Mia is doing. She can swim and loves it. She is best friends with a male yellow lab, and a female golden retriever. They rough and tumble like crazy. She plays with her kitty brothers and one cat bosses her around. She looks EXACTLY like the picture of Sam and Britches on your site. It is unbelievable. She sticks right with us and is very obedient. She can be a little over exuberant when greeting, but not an aggressive bone in her body. (Except starting to really bark when someone comes to the house.) We believe she is the Best dog in the world.
We hope to get to see you soon, and see if she really does look like Sam's twin. She is darker than we remember him, but that pic sure looks like it is Mia.
Take care Cathy.

Red collar female "Ziva"

Hi Cathy,
Ziva is doing just great! She is very very smart, first of all. She knows her toys names already, things of that sort.
She socializes well so far. She is not afraid- cautious but not afraid.
Walks on a leash quite well and has from the start.
And what a nose on this girl!!! Ziva misses nothing! I am going to see about books or DVDs on teaching her how to find people, not just "stuff". I would be grateful for any suggestions that you may have.
And of course she is just a real beauty. People stop us everywhere to ask about where she came from and all. Funny, many have remarked that she has a smart face!
Ziva makes her needs known - if she wants something and you won't give it she tells you alllll about it. She will make you understand , more water or give me that toy! Barks and yips and will grab you with a wrap around paw. My son and I have a good laugh. She is just great! Puppy zooms and all.
She is a snorkeler and loves to be at the beach and in the water. We are having a great time.
She is wonderful with the little children as well, which is hugely important.
Thank you for your note and keeping in touch.
I have attached a photo from 2 days ago. She is just beautiful!!
yours, Pam

Yellow collar female

Sophie is now six years old. We love her. She is so well behaved and smart!  

Sophie's 2nd Christmas picture.

Hi Cathy. We took our cats for a well visit tonight. We had Sophie with us so we put her on the scale. She weighed in at 69.1. Can you believe in July she was just 8 lbs? She is doing fabulous and is such a great mannered dog. Everyone loves her. She never barks. Very comfortable. Thank you!

Pink collar female "Georgia"

Georgia was held back for my breed program. She has an excellent temperament with a sweet disposition like her dad, Sam. She has nice bone with good substance. She is pictured at 8 months old.

Zima & Jacson pups born 6/12/2011. 2 females and 3 males, all solid black.

 Zima's pups have gone to their new homes.

Orange collar male "Diesel"

Hi Cathy.We’re having a blast with Diesel. We’ve played a lot of catch and he’s quite a good soccer player.Thank you so much!


Blue collar male "Diezel"

Green collar male "Ruger"

Hi Cathy,
Sorry for taking so long to get back to you, we wanted to have some nice pictures to share. Ruger is doing incredibly well. He loves his brother and his two sisters. He
plays with them all the time, in fact, we think he believes he is a human! We take him to the dog park every day and he has made many friends of all breeds. He loves
going for walks in the woods, car rides, visiting the dog park, sneaking naps on the couch, and even going on our playscape. He is able to go up the ladder and down the
slide! He is incredibly smart and will be attending obedience classes soon. He is everything we expected and more! Thank you so much for our furry member of the
family. We will send more pictures soon.
Mike, Lisa, Gabriella, Jason and Ava Ofcarcik

Pink collar female "Buffy"

Hi Cathy!

Things are going pretty well here, Buffy is fitting in nicely. We are definitely in full-on house-training mode. She hasn't pooped in the house in over a week, but will still get a sneaky pee in now and again (she can turn it on and off on a dime lol.) It took her 2 nights to stop crying in her kennel, and she generally makes it through the night without needing to go out. She can "come" consistently inside (outside is tougher with all the distractions as usual) and she sits very nicely on command. Her sit-stay is up to about 10 seconds inside. We are beginning to work on "down". She was very mouthy the first week here, but has mostly learned at this point what things are for chewing on and what aren't (i.e. not the babies feet lol.)

She is getting well socialized with humans and our livestock, but not so much with other dogs. I have been looking for a puppy kindergarten around here and haven't found one yet, but she needs it. A friend of ours brought her enthusiastic 3 year old yellow lab to the farm and Buffy wanted nothing to do with her. The lab was just a little to energetic and big and scary. As long as Buffy was right at my feet she was fine, but she was pretty nervous otherwise. On top of that, we had a gigantic, barking german shepherd jump out of the window of a moving car (going around 30 mph) to come and "play" with us (as the owner put it). Buffy was a little freaked out, but not too badly. These two experiences happened in the first week that she was here. She has settled in more since then and become a lot more confident. I am guessing that future interactions will be more positive than these two, but I definitely need to get her out socializing. Do you have any connections up this way for a puppy class or something?

Anyway, we are happy and Buffy seems happy with her new home. I hope things are going well with you all!


Red collar female "Jae-Lo"

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