Calliope & Leonidas pups born 9/1/12------Thaliea & Leonidas pups born 9/17/12. These pups have been SOLD. These are NOT NordOsten Kennel pups/dogs.

Calliope & Leonidas Males

Blue collar male "Rex" SOLD

Hi Cathy,
I spent yesterday at my parents house and had to tell you Rex is doing great in his new home. Jet, the male, looks after him attentively and is a loving older brother while Darby is a little hesitant but will come around (updated this morning that she let's Rex climb all over her and lick her ears). My mom absolutely adores him. I must thank you for placing the two of them together because she is so happy and grateful to have him.

My mom tells me that you are having a litter this Christmas with pups ready to go in February. I would like to adopt one of these dogs and want to put a deposit in so I can get one with Rex's temperament. He seems to be a good companion dog that is not always on high alert. I hope we can work something out!

Thanks again for helping my mom,


Dear Cathy,
HAppy Happy New Year..
A quik note to tell you that our Rex is the Most Beloved Little Angel who is so wonderful and fills our home and hearts with love and joy.. He is being(raised) by 2 adoring "Giant" newfoundlands who shelter, protect. teach and guide him. He snuggles up with both and the 3 are inseparable. Each day we all go to the barn together and he scoots up on a bale of hay while I tend to my horses, or they attentively watch him frolic when they are in their upper paddocks by the house... He stayed with my vet and their staff who adore him, when Lindsay took me into The Nutcracker, so Rex would not be unattended all day. He charmed them and filled their hearts as well.
I hope you all have a very happy New Year. I know Chris is so thrilled to have his own puppy in the Spring and when he is with Rex, its beautiful to see how happy they both are..
Thank you again for such a precious joy that he is.

Green collar male "Bruno" SOLD

Teal collar male "Gunther" SOLD

Black collar male "Cosmo" SOLD



Hi Cathy,Just wanted to send a quick note with an update…Krieger is doing great, he’s adjusting extremely well. His first day, Saturday afternoon, Scot took him to Petco to pick out a couple of new toys. Of course he became a little chick magnet for Scot. Everyone was all over him. And some woman commented on the size of his head and it took all of Scot’s power not to lay into her….. Too funny, he’s very protective of his dogs. Krieger totally hooked on to Scot, follows him everywhere. It’s very nice to see. We had our first Britt “blend” and Shepherd at the puppy stage and Scot had a true connection with them, the two rescues we have now were older, and although Scot does love them, there’s not that same connection. He says I’m crazy, but I see it. So hopefully Krieger will become his new “connection” .We all went for a walk yesterday and he walked great as long as he had the leash in his mouth. He’s had a couple of baths, and you can probably figure out why and they don’t seem to bother him at all. Scot already has him doing the few steps up to the deck from the back yard and he is doing a great job on the one step down from the house to the deck. I told my son, I’m pretty sure we will all be going to work with little holes in the hems of our pants, he loves to tug on them like you said. Loves the nylabones too….. It’s been crazy, but once we get down a routine we will be just fine. And as soon as the little princess, Lexis, realizes he’s not going anywhere we will be fine too…. Maggie is not quite sure still, she wants to play but it just hasn’t evolved yet. Hopefully with time all will be well….

Thanks for everything and I will definitely keep you posted on how he is doing…..


Calliope & Leonidas Females

Pink collar female "Kaiser" SOLD

The best of holidays to you too Cathy,

Kaiser, or how she's now called, Kaiz, is doing real well. Just yesterday picked up the extra large crate for her to grow into - the medium size crate you provided was really appreciated, thank you.

She and I get out for hour walks every morning - which is great for both of us.

A few accidents persist, but not such a big deal.

In short, she's a sweetie and a bright student who has mastered a short list of commands like sit, lay down and paw.
Roll over and speak are lessons she'll be working on for a while.

Purple collar female "Kona" SOLD

  Thaliea & Leonidas Males

Orange collar male "Stoli" SOLD

Thaliea & Leo Teal collar male "Colt" SOLD

Thaliea & Leo Green collar male "Dantes" SOLD

Thaliea Falkekamm von Spartan

Calliope Falkekamm von Spartan

Leonidas Falkekamm von Spartan

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